Question July Update?

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Apr 9, 2010
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Anyone know when the July Update is coming (for P6P)?

I have issues with dropping signal, so was kinda hoping there might be a fix there.
Updates always release on the 1st Monday of each month. If that Monday falls on a holiday like it has this year -- the update will be out the following Monday.


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Jan 8, 2011
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There are 3 links for July on the usual web page:
But all 3 giving a 404 error for the time being ... I guess they are being uploaded as we speak ...

12.1.0 (SQ3A.220705.001.B1, Jul 2022, EMEA/APAC carriers)FlashLink07f684fc95dc5415c596a503aec6f111feabcb267c075ea91a091f56b90be426
12.1.0 (SQ3A.220705.003, Jul 2022)FlashLink1c48ad3e8799f6040172e2d0c72e02f59af44502228e85beb0b5ba568bb2d272
12.1.0 (SQ3A.220705.003.A1, Jul 2022, Verizon, Verizon MVNOs)FlashLink152f6a658ae314583a46a7ed6d1f4befe927d5d0616549f90e163102dd4fea3b


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Downloading the update now. If you started to have cell problems with the June update then I suggest a FULL wipe for the July update. The full wipe for June solved my cell problems. I have not seen an "!" in over a week!

Has anyone seen the release notes for the July update?
I flashed the global fw on my unlocked P6P (purchased in Europe). Didn't brick so I guess I'm good lol. It's confusing though.

Nah you won't brick anything with switching between Global/EMEA.

But it might cause some troubles. E.g. I always imagined the ppl with network connectivity issues might just be on the wrong build. But I have no idea so far.

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