Junsun V1 PRO / 4 GB + 64 GB / Problem with Android Auto and CarPlay

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I recently purchased an Android Head-Unit from Aliexpress, the Junsun V1 PRO. My car is a Peugeot 208 from 2013.

I have a problem that is driving me mad, and I'm wondering if any of you came across it.
The problem is about Zlink / Tlink. The app worked once for me, and I was able to use CarPlay and Android Auto wirelessly.
But weirdly enough, it stopped working after the first attempt. I tried everything, from connecting, disconnecting, using wifi-hotspots, until I decided to factory reset.

The Tlink5 app disappeared. Do you know a way to get it back ?
Or, another solution to get CarPlay and Android Auto ? I found out about Headunit Reloaded which allow for Android Auto, but how about CarPlay ?

Thanks in advance.