Junsun V1 PRO 4GB + 64GB - Android 10 CANbus settings issue

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    You need to set your CAN Type in the special setup menu. See this video in German, but you should understand by viewing what he did.

    Use the code 8878

    Hey all, I need help with my junsun v1 pro 4gb +64gb-mtk8259- I just had it installed and everything works except Bluetooth. I can make calls from unit and or my cell phone. Apparently the people I call can hear me but I can't hear them. On occasion as it dialing I hear the ringing for a second then it cuts out. Is this a hardware issue, install issue, or something I need to change in secret menu?? I've reached out to junsun with no luck. I fixed the issue with the swc thanks to this forum!! Hoping someone can help me. Car is chrysler 300c and phone is samsung galaxy note 20.
    Issue resolved. Speaker inputs needed to be reversed. Thanks for the help!!
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    First of all restart the unit, probably all activated by setting the notification bar to test mode.

    If you still get the camera, you have to deactivate it from Settings -> Car infotainment -> About device. Then in the key you enter the code 8878

    CANBUS and deactivate the camera

    I hope it helps

    En primer lugar reinicia la unidad, seguramente todo activado por poner en modo prueba la barra de notificaciones.

    Si aún así te sigue saliendo la cámara, tienes que desactivarlo desde Configuración -> Información y entretenimiento del automóvil -> Acerca del dispositivo. Luego en la llave pones el código 8878

    CANBUS y desactivas la cámara

    Espero que te sirva
    Hello bro! I have the same problem with my Mini Cooper

    I have problem to set the Can Type N 65, how can i solve please? Is impossible to set the right CANbus, and when set another Mini Canbus protocol, dosen't work! Please how can help me?

    Thank's to all!
    Hello, they have sent me this version from Support: 8259P_军灿UI02v1280x720-国外_v31_20220225
    is it more current? your link is v30 and mine is v31 but your date is more current.
    I don't know which one to flash, greetings
    As I am aware:
    Android 10 versions are V20 - V31 - most current
    Android 11 versions are V1 - V3 - which is most current

    it has something to do with installed API level more than with actual Android version, I highly doubt any of those firmwares are 10 or 11 based on the settings UI it is more like 8.1....

    You can safely install any of the firmware marked as 8259 as this describes your porcesor...