Junsun V1 Pro 8+128gb Siri CarPlay problem

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Mar 14, 2022

i don't know if someone of you might be able to help me (i hope someone know), but 99% of the time when I am using CarPlay it works perfectly except for one thing : when Siri talk / read a message or a notification the audio quality of Siri voice is really bad (and it's the same when i call someone, the voice from the one that i talk to is really bad in term of audio quality.

I don’t know why, especially that the music in the background is still played with a good audio quality :/

Maybe someone has a software update for my Junsun V1 Pro 8+128gb using a Mediatek MT6768 SoC ?

(I've tried with IOS 15, 15.2 and 15.4 and it does the same problem)

Thanks in advance :/


Jan 8, 2022
I have the same unit as yours. What car is yours installed in? Mine plays excellent audio with music but no sound at all when in phone calls. Wired CarPlay, Wireless CarPlay, Bluetooth phone calls, all use the microphone perfectly, but when it comes to hearing the other person, I can't hear anything. And yes, I've turned the volume up all the way.