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Junsun V1 pro headunit.

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New member
Jun 13, 2021

I am new here, as wel as new to headunits or tech in general.

I purchased a junsun V1 pro 2+32 gb (and 4g) head unit from AliExpress. I also purchased the dashcam that would work with it etc.

The instal worked, everything is connected (took way to long. Plug and play my ass)

But now i am wondering if it would be possible to adjust the firmware? Make it look more attractive? Or Maybe even ad the coyote app to it ?

Any advice is welcome but keep it simple. Im not tech savy


Jan 22, 2022
Hey all, I need help with my junsun v1 pro 4gb +64gb-mtk8259- I just had it installed and everything works except Bluetooth. I can make calls from unit and or my cell phone. Apparently the people I call can hear me but I can't hear them. On occasion as it dialing I hear the ringing for a second then it cuts out. Is this a hardware issue, install issue, or something I need to change in secret menu?? I've reached out to junsun with no luck. I fixed the issue with the swc thanks to this forum!! Hoping someone can help me. Car is chrysler 300c and phone is samsung galaxy note 20.