Junsun V1 Pro MTK8259 4GB + 64GB Android 10 headunit

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Jun 1, 2023
Okay i have the same MCU version but not VHD, its only HD
I'm not sure if that matter or not unfortunately.

But the way I got it, I annoyed the customer support of the Junsun france store for about two weeks, then I opened a dispute, after that they started to take me seriously and contacted an engineer, I told them what was wrong, and how should they fix it and they did. Took them 2 day and they sent me apperently custom mcu update for me which fixed my issue. So maybe you should contact them too, tell them about how they handled it with me and they will hoppefully help you too.


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Jun 10, 2023
Hi, how to disable this window? it appears when an error pops up on the dashboard there is no way to disable it other than deleting the error


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Apr 8, 2023
Hello!I have such a question, is it possible to adjust the sleep duration of the device?I didn't find it in the settings, maybe there is some kind of application?


Apr 8, 2023
I am also interested in this question!How to set the duration of sleep??!I wrote to the support service, we will wait for an answer.


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Nov 30, 2022
ezt le kell tölteni

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this must be downloaded
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Jul 9, 2016
Hello!I have after updating the MCU, it goes to sleep normally.The maximum that I could check was 13 hours of sleep.
Also after updating mcu it goes to sleep and the maximum till now is 16 hours

After the last firmware update i did a month ago when unit turns on,google maps open.how can i disable it?


Apr 8, 2023
Support Service Response-Dear Customer
, thank you for your response.
The car radio does not support the standby time setting, and its default standby time is 1 hour.
have a nice day


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Jun 10, 2023
Bonjour à tous j'ai un Junsun V1 plus 2x32 go avec les réseaux 4G après avoir installé le firmware V81 tout fonctionne mais j'ai perdu l'application COLOR.apk pour changer les couleurs des boutons tactiles quelqu'un a l'apk de couleur je suis sous Android 12 Merci les Amis


Apr 3, 2017
Hola. Soy bastante nuevo con la unidad Junsun v1 Pro. ¿Es posible cambiar de alguna manera la aplicación de música predeterminada (not radio FM) a Powerpro, por ejemplo?


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Feb 20, 2021
Realme GT 2 Pro
Hello again. Could you tell me where I can download the .zip for launchers?

There is one post with the launcher zip file. But the first post may be interesting for you, too.



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Aug 21, 2021

Is normal after update this 8259P_军灿UI02v1280x720-国外_v81_20230427.zip i have 2022 version on it? No error while update or something

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    @TorstenH I know you app very well :) Nevertheless after the restart I found the installed apps, so all is fine. With v94 also Android auto works well. Only issue is, I have to find, how to keep the settings (display brightness etc.) also after reboot of the unit. But I'm pretty sure, I'll find the answer in the forum. It's 5 year since my last unit installation :)
    Anyone got any idea how to use an existing DAB antenna with this unit? I have been recommended a 'USB DAB adaptor' that comes with it's own little antenna.
    You can connect those USB DAB receivers also with an existing antenna. You just need an adaptor to connect your existing antenna.
    Here one example for a popular DAB receiver with a MCX connector:
    Sure, the other side of the connector need to fit to your car.

    Here for your reference:
    Post in thread 'Junsun V1 MTK8259 - the adapter battle (Kia Ceed Jd) / OEM camera usage / reference thread' https://forum.xda-developers.com/t/...-usage-reference-thread.4236281/post-84574977
    HI Alternativ,

    can you explain me which step you did to change the appearance of the aircon screen?

    Thanks in advance
    In the factory menu, in my HU 8878, there is an option to enable the appearence of the AC topic on the regular settings menu like the image on tis post:
    You have to choose enabled an save on exit from the 8878 menu
    In my HU I press Settings Menu, then I press "Infotainment Car" (photo1) then it opens a new page and in Video Section see (photo2) there is an option Ar Condicionado (Air Conditioned) "Fora" means OFF, that is what you need. Hope it helps!
    Thanks @Alfarroba

    I was able to get rid of this annoying air screen following your instructions!
    Ok, Thanks! So I have to ask for a device replacement with the correct...
    V1 Pro is now V1 Plus they changed the name
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    Hello I recently bought a Junsun 4g + 64gb version, and I'm having some trouble.

    On my unit sleep mode doesn't work how it's supposed to, after about 30minutes when I try to start the radio it will long boot I would like to set it to 3day like I had it on my other junsun unit but there is no option like that, only on and off. I checked the wiring and red and yellow cables are connected right.

    Also I was wondering how did you guys make the settings menu in dark mode, i tried to force it through developer mode but that did not do nothing.

    I received a MCU update from Junsun to fix my sleep issue if anyone is interested
    MCU before : MCU: TS-G5.201021(VHD)
    After : MCU: SS-G5.230529(VHD)

    Untested but may work:

    Put the logo on the root folder of an USB drive by naming it

    Enter factory code 5678 and plug in the USB drive.
    Thank you. Succeeded, I copied the image to the USB Drive root folder. The correct size is 1280x720 and can be .BMP or .PNG format, the file name can be anything.
    But maybe you're interested in my new free app:
    Are there any other codes except 8888,8878,8877 to try?
    Use at your own risk !!!!

    8888 - restricted settings menu
    8878 - full settings menu. Mostly what you're looking for.
    Additional info can be found here: https://forum.xda-developers.com/t/junsun-v1-factory-settings.4282295/
    1111 - load monitoring
    0 - update (mcuupdate_num)
    1 - some menu (csudy_num)
    2 - barcode
    3 - another barcode 8938003992756585897
    4 - reboot
    5 - color setting
    6 - set a new random Bluetooth name
    7 -
    8 - gis whitelist reset
    9 - system notification: device activated (in Chinese)
    0129 - CAN DATA
    5555 - save settings
    1912 - factory setup
    1812 - shop setup
    12345678 - update_apk update MainUI
    3699 - update_apk2
    5699 - update_apk3
    7788 - atc_log (engineering menu of the 4G modem)
    8877 - atc_factory
    Menu for changing the cutoff (filter) frequencies for the sub and line outputs (relevant for those who use external amplification):
    Code 8877 ---> Audio ---> Scroll to Sound Effect ---> Bass (or Alto (Middle), Treble).
    And also there is a setting and the ability to completely disable Loudness.
    USB mode can be changed here if required, too.
    7758258 - obligatory mode !! do not enter !!! Complete crap going on
    5678 - changing the menu code logo
    3234 - apk_install_pwd
    Alternatively (untested!) restore the engineering menu settings to the factory settings.
    2134 - appinfo_id_num
    6666 - install_id_num
    7777 - install2_id_num
    1616 - display_id_num brightness
    2064 - testmode_id_num
    1414 - reboot_id_num
    9191 - destroy_id_root_num
    9090 - destroy_id_num
    1313 - radio_reset_num
    1101 - screenshot_num
    4321 - filedelete_num
    1234 - filecopy_num
    Firmware installed in meantime?
    Today I applied the Firmware Stock update procedure. The procedure was successful and the tablet works ok. It remains to put it back in the car and see how it behaves in tests. This was possible for the two users who thank them once again: djborsi and TorstenH. I removed the tablet from the car and made the connections to be able to work with a + 12V DC / 220v power supply. For those who want to power it separately from the car, I put some pictures after the procedure and a wiring diagram. I made a video with the FW update procedure. Because I noticed that the tablet heats up a lot, I mounted a 12V / DC fan, It has the size 70X70mm. and thickness 15 mm. It was from an old CPU cooler. It is fastened at the back with 4 screws as seen in the photo. I put a 40 Ohm series resistor. to reduce speed and noise. I hope that what I posted here will bring a little help to those interested.