Just got notice for Android 1.5 update, currently have 1.5 UK update

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May 21, 2009
Is there anyway for me to tell which update my G1 just downloaded and put in the "System Updates" section?

I manually installed Android 1.5 (UK) version a few days ago (i live in the us, just couldn't wait). Was there a patch for the UK version today or yesterday? If it is not a UK update, how can I tell if it is the US update? Would like to provide the archive for other people to install 1.5 US if that is what it actually is.

(i have not applied the patch yet its just sitting in the System Updates section, waiting.)
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Nov 15, 2008
You probably got some EU version security update. This was already covered in a post in the dev forum. If you want to check, just open your terminal and look in /cache.