K [WWE] July 4|.¸¸.·´¯`·.¸¸.Energy.¸¸.·´¯ 6.5|21916 / 6.5.X|29022 * Sense 2021

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Jul 5, 2009
where can I get only the data controler? because I want the reference ROM but with data controler, could'nt find the same as yours :/

EDIT: found one but not the same =/

ps: using july 5 reference 21916 keyboard has issues when typing, [] + letter,
exemple: a gives " 1 " instead of "!" (gives "!" correctly when press and hold [] + "a")
and other blue numbers 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0, give %[email protected] etc. instead of numbers
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Jun 5, 2006
I hope not, I've been trying other roms and I still like this one (older titanium 6.5), problem is this last one has a few bugs (Wacky keyboard mapping)... Not the best one to leave on. Guess I could go back a few versions when the keyboard was working properly.

I can't find any other comparable titanium 6.5 roms (Start button on top) as I use Wisbar & SPB Shell in place of manilla. Any suggestions?


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Mar 16, 2009
End of Development?????

Hope development hasn't ended :(

Issues with ROM - keyboard not mapped correctly; names not autocompleting in SMS or email - have to search for names.
Please can these fixed before development finishes????


Oct 1, 2009
Nokia Lumia 920
Uhm, for the next version can I suggest a switch (like on SPB Shell) to rotate the screen without open the phisical keyboard? Would be usefull when I use Garmin/TomTom or some software that works better in landscape. :)



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Apr 2, 2009
I hope new ROM will fix the keyboard issue(GTX, 29022 here). It's nearly impossible to write anything on it. Other than that, ROM seems quite nice and smooth(visually).


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Dec 26, 2008
Hi Guys, I wish i could have come here earlier, there was a tweet from NRGZ last month which indicated "End of development for WinMo", Below is the tweet that i searched so that it would end your confusion about this ROM development.

NRGZ28 Energy
@ckwood3 no.. all the winmo roms are final.
17 Aug

I am also sad as his ROMs always gave new life to my X1. And i still use it as my secondary phone. As i bought a new phone "HTC Sensation" and guess what after getting it I saw NRGZ developing ROMs for it, He is very active in that sensation thread. So i guess its "The End" for winmo ROMs.


Jan 25, 2009
...wanted to flash my x1 for the last time - after having used one of NRG's titanium roms for 1,5 years now...
hoping the few bugs were fixed and without having read the last posts here - i got disappointed a little bit... ---> EVERYTHING IS FINE - EXCEPT HW-KEYBOARD-MAPPING...

Please, NRG - fix it for final - don't leave your faithful devotees that way! ;)


May 3, 2009
I have been playing with different Energy ROMs for the X1 for the past year. Each time my phone has experienced lock ups despite trying to apply every possible fix I could find on XDA and elsewhere. I finally tried the Titanium ROM this past August and was very pleased to see how stable it was on my phone. While I miss having the Sense interface, I will take functionality over flash in a second. (NRGZ28, if you're reading this thank you!)

The only thing making this ROM less than perfect for me is the keyboard mapping issue. Using the blue function key on the h/w keyboard does not produce the correct output for numbers or special characters.

If development has stopped, is there any reason we can't find a way to fix this on our own? In an attempt to try to 'fix' the keyboard mapping issue, I came across this thread. It references the registry key "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\HARDWARE\DEVICEMAP\KEYBD". Is it possible that adjusting the settings here may correct the problem? Are there any current Xperia X1 users that have a working h/w keyboard setup that can share their registry settings here? Not sure if the fix lies in a registry edit or system file fix.

If anyone has good info to share on this issue, it would be appreciated.


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    Welcome to the EnergyROM thread !

    This development thread is for my "Energy" custom firmware series for the Sony Xperia (X1) device.

    For easier updates you can always check the website for energyroms at http://www.energyroms.com

    The current build numbers and date can be seen in the title of this thread. I usually update the ROMs about twice a week, as new builds come down the pipe or as new software/updates are available.

    I build my ROMs with four main goals.

    • Eye candy ( I want my ROM to look great and for it to all flow together nicely)
    • Speed !!!
    • Smoothness, consistency and good aesthetics
    • Stability through private beta testing before public release

    I pre-configure a lot of things in my ROM, because when I flash it on my phone, I want it ready to go. So, expect the backlight to be set at the maximum brightness, the ringtone, sms/email and other notifications to already be set. Doing it this way, makes for a nice ROM that's ready out of the box.

    I recommend learning to backup your settings with either Sashimi or UC (User Customization). Backing up with SPB Backup or similar products, is NOT recommended, as they tend to backup the previous release's registry/file bugs as well!

    Looking at the download folder you will find two core versions of my ROM.

    • A 21916 Build which is the most reliable and bug free release. It has the Start menu button at the top left corner. This build uses the same stock system that came with your device. This is usually the fastest and most stable build, but it's also the least fancy

    • A 29022 Build that's the latest in Microsoft's development with the Start menu button at the bottom left corner and big softkeys, making it all very "finger friendly". These builds reflect the latest cutting edge technology from Microsoft. Most people choose this build... Why else would you install a custom ROM ?

    You can stay up to date on the status of my ROM development by "following" me on Twitter.

    It's definitely the fastest way to get in touch with me and please don't be afraid to tweet me if you see major issues with the ROMs.
    I generally do not answer "support" questions on Twitter, as it's really not the proper medium for that. Service packs and quick fixes will always be released as links in my tweets and that's definitely the fastest way to get a fix for a ROM.

    To follow me on twitter, click here!

    k|WWE|Oct 8|.¸¸.·´¯`·.¸¸. Energy .¸¸.·´¯ 6.5|21916 / 6.5.X|21681 * Sense 2018




    This post features all the Cookie Hometab based ROMs I make.

    The original ROM is the "energy" version and that's a good starting point. All the rest, are themes applied to that ROM.
    They all come in two versions,
    Cookie 1.8.5 and Cookie 2.0 (the ROM filename will be labeled "Cookie" and "Cookie.2.0, plus the name of the theme)

    You can see more screenshots of these ROMs a couple of posts down.

    The two Cookie versions look pretty similar, but Cookie 2.0 has multiple sliding homescreens/freely moveable widgets (similar to Android) and
    quite a few more features and speed.

    My own 'Energy' style

    • This is the best ROM version and the way Sense should have been designed by HTC
    • Offers the biggest customization ability out of all versions. You can add/remove bars or items on the homescreen, arrange items any way you like, plus lots of extra features
    • Three built in lockscreens. "HD Mini" style, Manila style or Windows style
    • 3 pages of quicklinks with a configurable amount of shortcuts displayed
    • 3 Homescreen layouts to choose from, as seen in the above screenshots, all completely customizable !
    • Link to the original thread for this mod is here > Click <
    Dinik's "Anastasia"
    • This ROM series is skinned with Dinik's great "Anastasia" theme applied on everything.
    • Everything has been skinned, including Sense, the start menu items, the soft keyboard, parts of the dialer... etc
    _LeCiel_'s ".sencity"

    • This ROM is themed with the .sencity theme released by _LeCiel_ who is a very talented artist ! Please support his work if possible.
    • .sencity is not %100 complete yet, but _LeCiel_ is working hard on finishing his work to completely skin the entire ROM.
    • Link to the original thread for this mod is here > Click <
    DJC & Bobsbbq's "Touch Of Glass"
    • This ROM series is skinned with DJC's "Touch of Glass" theme throughout Sense and the Start Menu
    • More will be skinned as DJC continues his work on the theme in the future...
    • Link to the original thread for this mod is here > Click <
    ElCondor's "GTX"

    • This ROM has the white GTX theme applied
    • Android styled taskbar, matching dialer, matching start menu background and Action screen background
    • GTX is a total reskin of the operating system, so expect a very different (white) experience
    • Link to the original thread for this mod is here > Click <

    k|WWE|Oct 8|.¸¸.·´¯`·.¸¸. Energy .¸¸.·´¯ 6.5|21916 / 6.5.X|21681 * Sense 2018


    'Standard' ROMs that have no addons installed on the homescreen. Stock Sense 2.5 !


    • This series retains the stock functionality of the Sense UI. The files have been compressed by "CFC" compression. making the UI lighter and faster
    • This ROM still retains my theme and style, plus all the regular apps you find in my ROMs.
    • There are no homescreen addon-ons in this ROM. The best speed and the most stock functionality.

    • This ROM is mostly for people that want a close to stock ROM with the stock visual style. It's also perfect for doing your own customizations.
    • A lot of the cooked in apps are removed in this ROM, the Start menu back to the stock 3 row style
    • Sense and everything else is back to the default HTC green.


    ROMs mostly created for enthusiasts...

    MaxSense UI (android style homescreen)

    • This is a complete rewrite of the Sense homescreen, by maxycy.
    • It features a 3 screen, Android style, homescreen with widgets! The widgets can be placed ANYWHERE on the three screens.
    • 75 Quicklink accessible on all tabs
    • You should really visit the original thread for this mod shown on the next line to see all the features!
    • Link to the original thread for this mod is here > Click <.
    Titanium (ROMs for raw speed!)

    • This is a minimal ROM version without Sense in it. It's used primarily for people that like to customize the default 6.5 homescreen (Titanium)
    • You can use it to install alternate homescreen interfaces like SPB Mobile Shell, etc
    • Very low memory footprint and good battery life, but very simple and lacks a lot of features that you would otherwise have available in Sense...

    Click the following link for addons, XDA_UC help and various cabs specific to this ROM series

    can't wait for the newer build!