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Aug 6, 2013
Is there any way that I can tell if my watch broke or its just the battery ? It stop even trying to charge .. power button wont even light up the screen for a sec and wont do a thing when I start charging :S
Cant find any service that fixes those watches and I feel like I trow 85euro into the trash , cuz I used it one month b4 it broke :\ ok ok b4 I broke it lol

I came to this forum to ask the same thing. Mine just stopped working overnight. I disassembled it to see if anything was wrong. Not sure if it's the battery or the watch itself. Would like to troubleshoot this somehow.


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Dec 12, 2017
K8 smartwatch Bluetooth not pair

I'm so tired about Bluetooth pair k8 smartwatch with my smartphone. Always show network access points service unavailable. I'm tired, please help me :(


Jan 12, 2019
Samsung Galaxy Note 9
hi all
can you help me please I have bricked my k8 smartwatch w801(mtk6572 apple design) I have searching for stock or custom rom sp tool for 2 week but all link on xda and pda russian are dead please can you help me please ?
thank you

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    Launcher I used Trebuchet or Google launcher(heavier) , for phone connectivity notify with headsup program that you prefer... for watch with weather use chronus... everything working smooth battery consumption is fine.

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    I made port of AOSP MOD from Fly IQ4404 to our device battery life is good now so you can test, and compare with stock rom, replaced some of the drivers and kernel, there are some programs that need to be adopted to our resolution or ported from stock rom, I used 160 dpi.
    Be aware that you Imei can be lost so don't flash it if you don't have full backup that is done through Flashtool, NOT TWRP !!! because I made TWRP more for Rom installation. after install wipe dalvik/cache don't do any advanced wipe or you can loose your Imei. I warned!
    Link: https://mega.nz/#!nU82iaYK!7eZN6BtrpMqWL7bzQ6XcsBzCdnM-dbxKPQqa8YMol7I
    First things that need to be done is to adjust some apps like dealer, I don't use watch as phone but you can do this, and also fix camera resolution now maximum I think is 1.3M I done earlier the fix but lost is somewhere maybe do it later, when rom is installed first of all activate xposed and gravitybox(they are installed by default) and turn on pie control after that you can start adjusting the rom.
    As I told it's earlier beta port but it can be adjusted very easier only meters of time, everything is working in it. I'm using it on daily basics.
    And I forgot to tell that languages are English, Russian and Ukraine.
    So as usually USE IT AT YOUR OWN RISK.
    Put your progress on the wiki

    Since it's always a major pain in the ass to try to sift through countless thread pages I started collecting info here on the xda wiki.

    Please contribute!
    TWRP Recovery for watch https://mega.nz/#!CV8TGQiA!pM8HnOXUj3-woF8-4ylLiiIUlPA_sEHeWcQI6OXCwko used default kernel so no selinux support, may have bugs.
    As usually I'm not responsible for any damage it can cause only tor testing purposes, don't forget to backup your nvram, your IMEI can be lost.
    I installed wit MTKDroid tools.(didn't loose my Imei but I was on custom firmware...)
    later maybe I will upload custom firmware if I'll get everything working, now battery consumption is to high...
    K8 (and Google Play based watches) apps guide

    Here's my contribution with apps and knowledge I have acquired so far (sorry if something is not clear, my native language is portuguese and I mainly read in english. I wish I could speak and write more often).
    In the first month I was trying to use the watch as a total substitute for my Lumia phone. Android has thousands of great options that Windows Phone doesn't have, so I thought it would be easy. But the lack of micro SD support turns to be a challenge. After some research I found Link2SD to be the best option for me, cause it allows to transfer some app data to the virtual SD card, so I could install almost all apps I wanted - and they are a lot! I've downloaded and tested many apps, and successfully solved some lack of functions, but after two months of intense use, I gave it up because of battery consumption and now I'm using it more like a high tech fitness gadget and phone companion. Maybe in the future, with new battery technologies, we will use an watch instead of a phone (for those who wants this). A nice advice I give is to buy this Bluetooth phone (http://pt.aliexpress.com/store/prod...one-Headset-Headfree/1470051_32370632037.html) because talking to your wrist is still socially funny and some people are not ready for this... Lol
    Today I am using Apex Launcher but there are many good options as Nova Launcher or Action Launcher. So without further talk, these are some of my apps:

    To replace system and default launcher lacks of features:
    All in One Gestures - I use it to access recent apps, switch apps with Alt + Tab, quickly access Voice Search, volume bar and Scroll to top functions.
    App Hider - hide some not so used apps' icons like Health and Barometer.
    AudioManager - access to audio profiles and manage different types of audio functions (like alarm, media, voice call).
    Avast Battery Saver - provides user profiles and creates a list of installed heavy apps in terms of battery usage.
    Big Font and Big Font Widget - rapidly adjusts system's font size for better reading.
    Bluelight Filter (with Night Mode addition) - apply a filter on the screen to help avoid eye strain when there's lower ambient light.
    CCleaner - I use it often to clear unwanted files that takes many mb of watch's memory.
    Commander for Google Now - custom commands for "Ok Google" (needs Google app installed).
    Daydream Launcher - access to this nice function of Android. I normally use this when charging.
    Float Clock - adds a little digital clock on top of any screen - really useful.
    Float Battery - same as Float Clock, but this is for battery status.
    Full Battery & Theft Alarm - rings an alarm when battery is charged.
    GeoLog - turns on and off device location based on your status (driving, walking, etc).
    Glovebox - for me one of the most important. I can swype from edge to have a bar full of shortcuts (can launch apps, folders with apps, apps and system's shortcuts, quick toggles and floating widgets - for this last, one could use AirWidgets too). This one is really useful! A similar app but simpler is Sidebar.
    Heads-up Notifications - similar to iOS banner notifications.
    Link2SD - the best toolbox for managing apps (move, freeze, uninstall, etc).
    Open Mic+ - for launching Google search via "OK Google" within any screen, much like on Android Wear.
    Power Schedule - great for scheduling automatic shutdown when you go to sleep.
    Resolution Changer - I used this just for testing purposes, but could be useful for someone.
    Root Booster - along with Greenify (which I uninstalled) and Avast Battery, I was trying to achieve more battery time as possible.
    Screen On - some apps don't have this option, so I use this.
    Settings Search - unfortunately this watch doesn't allow us to access all settings. So this app does.
    Shake Unlocker Screen - it doesn't work very well unlocking watch, but it's better than nothing.
    Smart Wifi Toggler - many options for configuring WiFi use.
    Timely Chimer - hourly beeps helps me to know the actual time without waking watch.
    WiFi Automatic - solved my connectivity problem (watch was shutting down WiFi).

    Useful utilities:
    Auto Finder - help me to find where I have parked my car.
    Car dashdroid - great app aimed for when you are driving. It gives nice infos and easy access for contacts and navigation.
    Clip Stack - makes a list of all words I have copied to clipboard.
    Mobizen - similar to AirDroid, it allows remote controlling and screen recording.
    Move it! - sedentary warnings.
    Out Loud - reads out and loud notifications. This is good when driving.
    Quick Favorites - quick and visual access for my favorites contacts.
    Screen Flashlight - great design and functions for having flashlight with screen brightness.
    Tasker - one of the best Android apps. Automate almost anything.
    The Black Screen - this one I use as a background for Glovebox floating widgets. It's a bit useless. Lol
    Timed Toggles - if you want to automate some tasks based on time triggers.
    Transparent Pattern Lock - trying to look as Android Wear lock screen.
    Type Machine - records everything you write. For me it's a must have.

    Apps I still have to test (seems to be useful on watch):
    9Cards Launcher
    Battery Calibration
    Better Open With
    Call PopOut
    City Timelapse
    Control Panel
    CPU Tuner
    Desktop Notifications
    Deep Sleep Battery Saver
    Draw on Screen
    Finger Gesture Launcher
    Floating Dialer
    Floating Shortcuts
    Hibernation Manager
    Kernel Adiutor
    Morning Kit
    One Power Guard
    Phone Mode
    Pocket Time
    Remote Shot Live Preview
    SF Launcher 2
    Smart Settings
    Smart Voice Assistant
    Speaking Clock
    SpeedUp Swap
    Swype Status Bar
    Tasker Now
    Touchless Chat
    Voice Keyboard
    Voice Reading
    utter! Voice Commands
    Wiser Launcher

    Some important notes:
    - As far as I know, there's no way to add widgets to default launcher, as it's home page (the one with watchfaces) is a kind of system app or function embedded on launcher, and maybe only developer has full access to it.
    - I achieved root with KingRoot and everything works well.
    - Under developer mode (which can be accessed by tapping many times on "Build number" in settings) I leave "Show Touches" on, so I can precisely see what I've touched.
    - Still under this mode, I mark Large Text. On Display Screen setting, I use extra large fonts. But this options sometimes leaves to misplaced characters on apps.
    -Avast Battery Saver shows me heavy battery usage of default launcher.
    - Apex Launcher allows me to turn screen off and return to same screen when turned it on. Default launcher sadly always gets back to watch face.
    - Apex also allows to use widgets on home screen, so I can install different watch widgets and use them as watch faces.
    - I am really afraid of bricking this watch, so maybe will never mess around with another roms. Someone could write a great review and show us battery usage on xXx rom.

    K8 design decisions and maybe upgrades for next versions:
    - This watch could have an easier way to access battery and SIM card. This screws doesn't help at all.
    - Battery should be easily interchangeable.
    - AMOLED screen would be a nice welcome to save battery.
    -MicroUSB should not be on the dock for charging, but on watch's side. So we don't have to carry a dock everywhere we go.
    -Bluetooth should be 4.0 LE.

    Need some help:
    -If someone wants to help me find a working Live Wallpaper Picker .apk, it would be great! I've tried to install some I've found online without success.
    -Does someone knows an Xposed module that helps to redesign screen elements so everything seems to be projected for this watch? Is Xposed safe to install? Any brick risks involved?
    -Battery Notifications at 20% and 10% still bother me from time to time. I've uninstalled apk with Link2SD but it still works.
    -Is there some kind of third party Notifications Panel? I found no access to notifications in different launchers.

    Any doubts just ask me. Let's try to build a community around this nice watch. =)
    I wasn't aware we were being judged on how many screenshots we posted :p

    Anyway, here are some screenshots of xXx's custom rom with GravityBox, Nova Launcher and some Apps using App Settings. You can also see some how some apps look. As I've mentioned, this rom improves performance, usefulness, and battery life. I also use DS battery saver to save battery a lot. I've been playing with some CPU tuners as well, but I haven't found the performance trade off for them to be useful... yet.