K8/Zeaplus K18 Round watch Firmware Found !

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Jan 12, 2014
K18 watch phone help

Hi is there anyway to install wear faces on this watch? If so please explain.... Thanks!!


Nov 6, 2008
Dear All
Do you recommend any application to install on Android mobile phone for synchronize


Oct 21, 2009
Widgets on the original K18

Hi, I've a question about the K18 in combination with the original rom and no root. Is it possible to run widgets like the CircleBatteryWidget? If i download and run it, it allways take the following error place: "Can not config, no witget found, try to insert one via menue/add widget"...
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Ps.: Scout for navigation seems to be a usefull app.... Scout
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Aug 28, 2011
flashed wrong preloader.bin

It's in this thread.
If anyone has the original firmware please let me know.
I need to start developing this rom as soon as possible.

Thanks to @pogodancer here is the stock rooted rom for the watch https://mega.nz/#!QM9DiDZS!3hgN-e_IRSgolCLvMDf6HzC5pl93PZHYMNAHwt4uJt0


i accidentally flashed preloader.bin ... and i cant find a firmware that has it .... can you help me please? i cant flash any firmware now :((( thanks


Aug 28, 2011
Thank you pablo! How do i flash it from sp tool without scatter file? Or do i flash it directly from twrp? Thanks a lot again


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Jun 23, 2007
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That is a mini version of the k8. That's why it soft brick your watch.
You have a K18/K8 round watch. Completely different...

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    Scatter file attached
    Ok, I'll get it uploaded soon - done

    Here you go. Make sure you read up thoroughly before you attempt to use this.

    Be sure to get the correct tools needed - I was given this file and I've checked it over. It seems fine but I haven't tested it yet.

    this one should be flash-able as is - unzip and select the files with flash-tool https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/68912738/!Files_to_FlashTool.zip

    This is a backup dump https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/68912738/W806_150901_backup_151018-125932.zip

    Search XDA for the latest flash tool - you will need it
    Wow. Didn't you read the title of this thread before you flashed a firmware on your device???

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    I played around with the K18 Round I got from GearBest.

    Short review:
    + very nice
    + good quality
    + not as heavy as iMacwear M7
    + touchscreen works fine (no dead areas like on M7)
    + nice UI
    + fast charging in less than 1 hour from zero
    + hardware buttons can be used while charging

    - no Playstore. I had many tries, but logging into my Google account isn't successful.
    - Android system and apps are not designed for round displays. So mostly you miss some important buttons like OK, Next or Menu. IMHO this watch is not for beginners who want to use more than the pre-installed apps.

    I agree with you.

    I have contacted the manufacturer to see if they want to fix the Google apps issue - I'm happy to work with them on it.
    After all, Gearbest advertised the watch as having google play store.
    @ pablo
    About playstore:

    It is strange because I could add all necessary apk to the firmware and I didn't get any errors when starting the watch. But after logging in with account and password I got the message that they don't match.

    Never had something like that before. Seems that Google sees that the watch is not compatible.

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    I installed 4 or 5 apk like services, framework, playstore / vending / provision, gas or so. As I said there were no forced closes.

    I didn't find anything in the build.prop. And I tried using the complete etc/permissions from M7.

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