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Kaiser graphics accel, possible solution (got manila running on kaiser)

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Dec 9, 2006
I've been playing about for a couple of days now with this graphics acceleration problem.

Yesterday i was trying out different DLL's and editing the registry, and i had put "libGLES_cm.dll" and "libGLES_cm.lib" into my windows folder. Today i was trying to install manila as many people have not been able to get it to work, it installed fine and then I clicked the "tap to start HTC home" on the homescreen and it asked me to allow "libGLES_cm.dll" and it is running.
However, it's a bit disproportioned and very very slow (0.75FPS).
I think it may be needing some more missing DLL's and the registry might need tweaking.
Also without libGLES_cm.dll (as the device is shipped) Manila fails to initialise. so HTC must have some sort of OGL drivers that they are using, but not supplying for Kaiser.

I used Vincent 3D libGLES: http://downloads.sourceforge.net/ogl...1&big_mirror=0

and Heres a link for Manila: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=G5X13UZF

Heres a screenshot of the homescreen (Very Very Buggy, and slow, still cycling through the days up to 31st even as i'm uploading screenshots and posting :/)



I'll try work on this more see what i get.
Any help would be appreciated

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