[Kangvip] EMUI 8.0 P10 and P10 plus

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Feb 9, 2011
Lac St Jean Quebec
HI...Im still on it and,its goin well after removing bloatware......
i kinda like the ''advance Settings'' and wonder what is the VIP version... someone have a clue / flashed it (after paying 20$ ):silly::eek::rolleyes:

someone played with the Tune CPU/GPU settings ?

someone tried different kernels ?

Ive tried the face unlock app...with magisk... Install went well but got a message from camera app... Closing camera app for security reasons...
Ive searched in settings,nounerous places for that face unlock settings with no success....
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May 5, 2012
Hello. Somebody have full ROOT access with Magisk?

I'm trying to uninstall system apps wit ROOT UNINSTALLER PRO, but every there i got message that system is read-only, no R/W.


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Dec 10, 2010
Removed bloatware on my P10 VTR-L09

Accidently removed the DocumentsUI
Does anyone have the apk file for it and how to reinstall


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    Hi friends
    Today i want to introduce my Rom
    This Rom is based on Honor V10 Rom and Kangvip project.

    Pre rooted by Supersu
    Huawei Launcher Rotation
    Easily share none system apps by dragging
    Gloves mode enabled
    Support all Gapps except play store
    AND some of K settings features:
    Call strobe
    Automatic Call answering
    Change battery style
    Change clock place
    Customizing status bar
    Customizing Navigation bar
    Customizing Huawei Launcher
    Tune gpu and cpu for game,power save etc.
    Changing dpi
    Showing intered passwords of wifi
    Global immersion mode
    Great reboot menu like reboot to recovery,bootloader etc.
    Block ads feature
    and so on........

    You should be on oreo before installing this rom

    1. Download the Rom from next post

    2. Extract the zip and go to fastboot.

    3. you will see system.img and ramdisk.img flash them by fastboot one by one.
    fastboot flash system system.img
    fastboot flash ramdisk ramdisk.img

    4. now reboot system.

    Enjoy now you have installed one of the best Custom Roms.

    pay attention:
    as you know there is no bugless twrp for this phone and if you wipe data with that your phone may not boot.
    so just by stock recovery do a factory reset till this rom works very well.

    Please don't forget to hit thanks button;)
    I downloaded the rom directly from KangVip, Mega sucks with their download size restriction.
    So far, everything is working fine, battery is better than stock (I haven't installed Hyperplus kernel, but I will), root works (Magisk and Su, busybox too), the performance is great.
    This is what I did (if someone has doubts about installing the rom)
    1. I installed my stock firmware (Vtr-l69c432B365) using the update method from here https://forum.xda-developers.com/p10/how-to/guide-manual-updgrade-to-update-oreo-t3758286 (the most easy way to restore stock rom, thanks to @Jannomag for his work!)
    2. After that I booted into bootloader and run the run.bat (you'll see a green screen with weird characters), press enter, then write 1 and enter. After that the script will flash the boot and the system.
    3. Make a factory reset and reboot.
    4. Enjoy the Rom :)
    That's all, the only annoying thing, is the bloatware, but you can easily remove it with root.
    Thank you for posting the rom, I don't know which version was uploaded to Mega, I downloaded this https://fex.net/226281679415/296319740/296319744?fileId=403640220

    Update: Google (market) is working without problems, I just deleted the Gapps and installed Nanodroid (microG), just Gmscore from microG, google service framework and google account manager, that's all you need to make it work :)