Karbonn Smart Tab 8 & 10 ROM's ,Root, Recovery,etc.

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Dec 8, 2014
Any sign of TWRP for ST10 v2?


Is there any update on TWRP for ST10 v2? I also made the mistake of flashing TWRP ST10 v1 and I don't really know how to flash back to stock recovery. Unfortunately, the tablet doesn't have a dedicated bootloader so the fastboot method was out of the question. To make matters worse, the device is not rooted, so I cannot use the flash_image method either. I don't mind losing all data in the tablet as there isn't really anything important to begin with. Anyway, I read that someone rooted their tablet with some sort of Chinese software. If a link could be provided to that software, it would be much appreciated.

Thank you very much to all the developers for your continued dedication and commitment to this project. :)


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Jan 7, 2015
Isse with Karbonn Smart Tab 8 version 2 stock firmware

Is there any fully working ZIP for ST8 V2 yet? Because Karbonn_ST8_v2_Stock_Firmware.zip

Karbonn_ST8_v2_Stock_Firmware.zip----it doest work show error on stock recovery and error 6 in twrp

is there any SDCARD file which can really fix the soft brick yet?

Is your issue solved.
I also getting the same issue. I have a Karbonn Smart Tab 8 version 2. It is bricked. I try the above said stock firmwire and get same output. Please help . please give some working firmware for Karbonn Smart Tab 8 version 2


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Aug 15, 2012
Karbonn smart tab 8 v2 unbrick

I have managed to unbrick my karboon smart tab 8 v2........... will share the method if anyone needs it

EDIT: didnt have a lot of time to do a detailed manual but the last part from the end of THIS post should be enough
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Utsav Gupta

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Dec 13, 2014
Please help me :( How to Flash Firmware in Karbonn ST8 velox

91% Failed
Current step is 22
‪#‎after_show‬ Karbonn ST8 (H:)
how to handle situation... help me
How to Fix ??
[ _USB-Burning-Tool ] I install ‪#‎Firmware‬ but Fail. 91% I try many time, but always Fail 91%
How to complete 100% :(

---------- Post added at 02:59 PM ---------- Previous post was at 02:48 PM ----------

How to complete 100% :confused:


Feb 8, 2012
sir i have a st8 tab version 1, last month it dropped from my hands and its touch was broken and from then i am trying to find a new touch for it but it is not available anywhere not in service center or in open market so i tried to attach usb mouse with it but it did not show any cursor instead it showed the startup screen of karbonn and it was moving with the mouse and i was not able to click on anything, i thought that may be because of the modifications i did like replacing the build.prop with the one from fuser invent to make the layout like a tablet so i replaced it again but attaching a usb keyboard which worked fine but when i restarted the tab it got stuck on karbonn logo now, i have installed twrp recovery from sd card also downloaded the rom from fuser invent but as the touch is not working also the internal memory is swapped by vold.fstab i dont see the rom which i copied in the sd card also cant use any button in twrp recovery as touch is not working so can you please tell me any other way to install the rom like odin etc. or to fix the build.prop of my tablet so i can use it with mouse and keyboard atleast..


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Mar 15, 2015
help me pls ....

I have a rooted karbonn st 10 ... I messed with some file and now everytime i boot it it self factory reset ...
I tried to flash a custom ROM but im unable to do this with TWRP it show error cannot verify file signature .. cannot mount ubifs ,.... etc .. pls help :crying::crying::crying::crying:


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Dec 8, 2014
Please Help!

I'm unable to get back Stock Recovery on my Karbonn ST10. I had flashed TWRP recovery. The GUI and touch functionality works. But it doesn't do anything! Everytime I try to do anything like install a .zip or factory reset, it says 'Unable to mount...'. If you want I can post the logs from TWRP. Do reply ASAP. I don't have recovery. I don't have root either. Please help. :(


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Nov 6, 2015
Didn't find any custom rom for Swipe MTV slash 2x

can i Install into my swipe mtv slash 2x
if not please tell me suitable custom rom for mtv slash 2x
i want to uptae my device into android 4.4 or 5.0


Jul 18, 2011
Moto G5S Plus
No, It will not work

can i Install into my swipe mtv slash 2x
if not please tell me suitable custom rom for mtv slash 2x
i want to uptae my device into android 4.4 or 5.0

NO, do not try this on your Swipe MTV Slash 2X. It will not work on the Swipe MTV Slash 2X and you will inadvertently brick (kill) your device.

Search the respective XDA Forum for your device (Swipe MTV Slash 2X), if there is one and you may find answers there. If there is not, then it is likely that there has not been a community developed ROM for your device. If you are able and savvy enough, you yourself can develop your own ROM for your device by reading the tutorials on the XDA Forums.
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[email protected]!$h

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May 16, 2014
91% Failed
Current step is 22
‪#‎after_show‬ Karbonn ST8 (H:)
how to handle situation... help me
How to Fix ??
[ _USB-Burning-Tool ] I install ‪#‎Firmware‬ but Fail. 91% I try many time, but always Fail 91%
How to complete 100% :(

---------- Post added at 02:59 PM ---------- Previous post was at 02:48 PM ----------

How to complete 100% :confused:
@fuser-invent please tell us what to do....we're stuck here.....
Please help us.!!!


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Nov 17, 2012
@fuser-invent please tell us what to do....we're stuck here.....
Please help us.!!!
I've provided all the information I have in as detailed a way as I can. I no longer have any working tablets with this SoC to do any further testing with. The last updated unbricking thread is here. If manufacturers don't provide flash files, u-boots or firmware there isn't much I can do, its possible for you to experiment with the info I gave but if I don't have your specific tablet to experiment with it is literally impossible for me to do anything else.

[email protected]!$h

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May 16, 2014
I've provided all the information I have in as detailed a way as I can. I no longer have any working tablets with this SoC to do any further testing with. The last updated unbricking thread is here. If manufacturers don't provide flash files, u-boots or firmware there isn't much I can do, its possible for you to experiment with the info I gave but if I don't have your specific tablet to experiment with it is literally impossible for me to do anything else.
sir, thank u so much for the help...............now i've brought my tab from deep to soft brick.
Now i can't get past the karbonn splash screen & can't access recovery....
but before it has accessed recovery & karbonn boot anim twice but now it just stuck at splash screen..............
hope u help me @fuser-invent ....pl

Edit: my tab is back to deep brick when turned on...No display but pc detects it as world cup (not every time) but after 5-6 secs it goes away.....my pc settings all correct..........even hardware hack is not working...pl help me @fuser-invent
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Nov 19, 2015
I looking for 1a.factoryromresets.zip file
Multiupload is down, and it is nowhere in the net. Please help.


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Mar 24, 2017
i need karbonn st8 rom backup by twrp for v.2 teblet

Friend my karbonn smart teb 8 tuch is not working after flashing twrp and now i solve this problem but my official rom is gone now i don' t have pc but im trying to find custum rom and thear is no custom rom so pllzz give me the karbonn st8 v2 rom backup by twrp
Pllzz give the shearing link

---------- Post added at 10:52 AM ---------- Previous post was at 10:36 AM ----------

Friend i flash twrp in my karbonn st8 but tuch is note working now i solve this problem bute my stock rom is formated
Friend give me the file share link pllzz i have no pc but i have twrp recover thats why im tell you pllzz help:highfive:pllzz help :fingers-crossed:


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Nov 19, 2015
So you wanna TWRP backup of partitions, perhaps omiting this with personal data, to at least not giving you dirty ROM, maybe after restoring to default. You better find some PC and stock ROM on vendor's site
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Mar 24, 2017
Pllzz give me the flashing process for karbonn st8

I trying to flash amlogic cpu bassed firmwer in my st8 but i don't wnow what the Right process to flash this firmwer on tablet pllzz give the step by step process
Sorry for spelling mistakes
Because im indian and my English little week


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Sep 3, 2017
Karbonn smart tab 9

Can I use this rom and recovery for k Karbonn smart tab 9. Because there is no custom ROM available for it. If yes which version St 8 it St 10

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     * Your warranty might get void if you root.
     * I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards,
     * thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed. YOU are choosing to make these modifications, and if
     * you point the finger at me for messing up your device, I will laugh at you.

    Mod Warning: Please do not use this on the newly released version 2 devices....it may brick your device.​


    Please read through all the pages of this thread. Do NOT ask questions which has been asked or answered earlier. Wait for a while for the answer before reposting the same thing. Do NOT quote the First Post.

    Do NOT Private Message me(ankitdaruler) or Fuser-Invent. Ask your question in the thread so that the solutions can help other people fix similar issues.

    If you cannot follow the guidelines mentioned above this thread will be closed and hence there won't be any progress in the development for these devices.

    Official Karbonn Smart Tab 8 Thread

    Official Karbonn Smart Tab 10 Thread

    Karbonn Smart Tab 8 & 10 Stock Plus Rom V1.2 & Karbonn Custom v 1.0.1 Rom by Fuser Invent

    To install:-

    Stock Plus ROM

    •Copy the zip to your SD Card.
    •Boot into Stock Recovery
    •Factory Reset the tab
    •Apply update through Ext
    •Select the Karbonn Stock Plus zip
    •After completion Reboot system now.

    Karbonn Custom ROM v 1.0.1

    •Install TWRP recovery
    •Boot into TWRP
    •Copy the .zip over to your SD card
    •Factory reset your tablet
    •Flash the zip
    •If you want to switch SD with Internal, flash crystal_clear_v1.5_sd_switch.zip
    •Reboot System Now

    Features are listed in the particular thread.

    Stock ROM v 1.2 for ST8 & ST10

    Custom ROM v 1.0.1 for ST8 and ST10

    Karbonn Stock ROM Plus v1.1 by Fuser-Invent for Smart Tab 10

    It has been mainly made for people who have bricked their Smart Tab 10's(can save you from sending the tab to the Service Centre) but others can also use it as it will enhance the usability and speed of the device.


    i)It's the Modified Stock ROM which is flashable through Stock Recvoery.
    ii)Bloatware Removed.
    iii)Init.d Tweaks enabled.
    iv)Governor Tweaks added.
    v)Touch Screen Tweaks added.
    vi)Much faster than the Stock ROM. More Internal Memory and RAM available.
    vii)Runs HD Games much smoother.
    ix)Internal External Memory Swapped.
    x)Much efficient in Battery handling.

    To install:

    i)Copy the zip to your SD Card.
    ii)Factory Reset the tab
    iii)Apply update through Ext
    iv)Select the Karbonn Stock Plus zip
    v)After completion Reboot system now.


    TWRP for Smart Tab 8 & 10 by Ozadroid

    TWRP or TeamWin Recovery Project is a Custom Built Recovery similar to ClockworkMod but with touch functionalities.



    Download the Crystal_Root.zip from here and copy it to a microSD card (do NOT extract it)
    Charge up the battery in your Crystal, Power Off and remove the charger cable.
    Insert the microSD card into your Crystal
    Get into Recovery mode.
    In the recovery you can move with the Volume- button, you can select with Power or Volume+
    Select the apply update from EXT option
    Select the Crystal_Root.zip, this will install the package
    Wait for the update to finish
    Select reboot system now

    This is a tried and tested method and has worked for everyone till now.

    Swapping External to Internal Memory

    The fact that our devices have only 1.51 GB of Internal Storage limits the capabilities of our devices. Especially with HD Games. But after swapping this won't be a problem anymore.

    Download the file Vold.rar from here.
    Extract the file vold.fstab and paste it to your SD Card.
    Now with ES Explorer Mount RW as writable and tick up to root(You have to root and have to know how to move into root).
    You should now be able to access the root.
    Copy the vold.fstab from Sd card.
    Press back and paste it in system\etc.
    It will ask you to overwrite. Allow it to do so.
    I myself have tried it and it worked wonderfully.
    That's it. Enjoy HD games now.

    Lag-free Tweak

    Install SetCPU app
    Download the file Setcpu.txt from here
    Paste it into the root of your SD Card
    Open SetCPU, first change the governor from "conservative" to "performance2"(This is the most important thing)
    Click on options button(three dots) and then click Device Selection
    Select Custom Frequencies
    Now Set Min frequency to 48 MHz and Max frequency to anything according to your preference(Now you'll have the choice of setting the frequency upto 1.5 GHz)
    When you wan't to conserve more battery lower the Max Frequency(while browsing or listening to music maybe) and when playing HD games up the Max Frequency(Most games will run perfectly with even 1200 MHz)

    Note:-48MHz of Min frequency will give more battery in in standby mode.
    And now you call play games like Dead Trigger on Ultra High graphics settings without lag on 1.4 or 1.5 GHz.
    Try not to Clock the CPU above 1.2 GHz for a long time as it could cause heat issues. The governor itself should speedup everything for you.


    Working/ Not Working HD Games List
    EDIT: There are multiple versions of these tablets now and the Custom and Stock Plus ROM's only work for Version 1. Flashing them to a Version 2 or newer tablet will brick the device. - To find out which version you have, download this app, go to the System tab and choose Mounting Points. If you have an EXT4 formatted tablet then you have a version 2, if you have a UBIFS formatted tablet then you have a version 1. There are no custom ROM's for version 2 and you can not root with the "crystal root" zip or flash any recovery that doesn't specifically say it is for a version 2 tablet..


    Here we go! The ST10 ROM's are tested and working. The ST8 ROM's I'm 95% sure will work. They are identical to the ST10 ROM's but using the ST8 ROM dump that was posted.

    Karbonn Stock Plus ROM v1.2

    To be flashed in stock recovery. Now has to stock vold.fstab which determines how your SD card is mounted. So if you want to swap "internal <-> external" then you'll have to change the vold.fstab using the method in the original post.


    Karbonn Custom ROM v1.0

    To be flashed in TWRP recovery. The "internal <-> external" SD card zips are from Crystal Clear and should work for your ROM. Maybe ankitdaruler will be willing to test them out first and also verify that the switch vold.fstab looks correct. If it's not then let me know.



    There is also an additional apps package which includes the following:


    Amazon Appstore
    AnTuTu Benchmark
    BetterBatteryStats - XDA Edition
    Humble Indie Bundle
    CPU Stats

    I'm sure that ankitdaruler will add this info to the original post but here is a general list of what's in this ROM:


    • TabletUI enabled
    • Most Google Apps Installed (except a few that decrease tablet performance)
    • Deodoxed Apps and Framework
    • Replaced stock launcher with Nova Launcher
    • Improved Touch Sensitivity and Response
    • Nexus 7 Fingerprint
    • Improved Market Compatibility
    • Removed Bloatware
    • Rooted with SuperSU
    • Init.d Support
    • Data/app folder support
    • Network Improvement Tweaks
    • Dalvik VM, Kernel and CPU Tweaks
    • Improved battery life
    • Improved temperature control (less overheating)
    • Lag reduction
    • Force close and freezing fixes
    • Increased Microphone input volume
    • Performance2 Governor Tweaks
    • SD card speed tweaks
    • Video and Image quality improvements
    • Default United States, EST Time Zone and English
    • Hide Android Debug Icon and ADB Enabled by default
    • ZipAlign and Database Defrag on boot
    • Custom Boot Animation


    Segmentation fault (freezing) when in settings/apps. This happens in almost every custom ROM. Use an app like Titanium backup instead.

    What's Next?

    This will take me a bit longer since I'm working on several ROM's right now:

    • Gameloft License check loop/crash fix
    • Battery percentage mod
    • Default settings for System App
    • Additional Locales/Languages

    Enjoy! If you like it please consider a donation. See my signature for the link.
    Karbonn Custom ST8 & ST10 - v1.4 by fuser-invent
    --- ROM Based on firmware DUMP of the Official Stock Firmware ---

    Change Log

    Karbonn Custom v1.4

    • Added Extended Power Menu
    • Possible VPN fix
    • Possible better Wifi
    • Defaulted back to 3G / Ethernet / Data enabled
    • Removed 3G / Ethernet / Data enabler zip
    • CPU wake/sleep scripts are back in system/etc/virtuous_oc
    • Updated Additional Apps package
    • Added new TWRP package


    As usual this is untested because I don't own the tablet, so have a TWRP backup ready or flash the older version if it doesn't work. Report back so I and others can know.

    • The "bootloader" option in the extended power menu just reboots the tablet since these tablets don't have the kind of bootloader you can boot into.
    • If you want to edit the wake/sleep min/max frequencies you can do so in the virtuous_oc folder. If you change the wake governor to something other than performance2 then you won't benifit from the the 02cpu script in the init.d folder. Be careful with frequencies because they can cause problems if you don't set them correctly. Also, don't try to overclock your device, it won't work and will cause problems.
    • The TWRP packages are flashable from TWRP and are the newest released by ozadroid. I've fixed them so that you can place the uImage_recovery file inside the zip on your external SD card and boot into TWRP that way. This does not overwrite the stock recovery but just allows you to use TWRP, if you delete the uImage_recovery file from the external SD card you will still have the stock recovery. If you want to be able to reboot into TWRP from the extended power menu then you need to flash TWRP. Just put the uImage_recovery file on your external SD card, boot into TWRP and then flash the TWRP zip.
    • The additional apps package now has two new apps. One is called Market Helper which is an app to temporarily change/fake your tablet to appear as if it was another device so that you can download non-compatible apps from the app market. The other app is called LMT Launcher and among other things, it has the cool PIE launcher that you may have seen in the new Paranoid Android ROM's. You do need to set it up manually though. If you like these apps, consider donating to the developers because they are useful and really cool.

    All the ROM files and the TWRP recovery can be found in the main Karbonn Custom folder and the additional apps package can be downloaded directly from this link.
    CM10.1 Built Successfull for ST8! ;)

    Will flash n see if its working or not :p
    Hey everyone. So the new versions of Karbonn Custom ST8 and ST10 v1.5 are in your tablets folder on my MediaFire. As usual these should be considered Beta until some people test them since I don't have the tablets to actually flash them myself. Make sure you have an older version of Karbonn Custom on your SD card in case they don't work so you can flash back and make a backup of your device with TWRP just to be safe. Chances are they will work just fine but you never know.

    I'm not going to write up a fancy changelog because I'm super busy but there is a new bootanimation and default wallpaper. The power menu fix is now built into the ROM so you don't need that anymore. I fixed some things that were causing transfers of large files to fail between the device and the computer as well as the external and internal sd card. I tweaked a few things for better overall performance. I'm not sure if I posted this yet but there is a v1.6 of the additional apps zip file in this folder, it includes an app called LMT that has the PIE interface from PA3+ and CM10.1 which I personally like a lot. It also has a new app called Market Helper which allows you to temporarily spoof your tablet to appear to google play like it is another popular tablet or spoof your tablet to appear as if it from a different region so you can download apps that you normally can't download.

    I also attempted to fix some of the module support. At the moment I can't compile my own modules specifically for your tablet so they may or may not work. You can use 'adb shell lsmod' to see which ones are loaded and if anyone checks it out please post the results here so I know which ones work and which don't. They are compiled for tablets with your device specs and modded for your kernel so I'm hopping they will load. So you might or might not get vpn, some game controller support and various other things. Please let me know if you test things and they work. Lastly, I have a feeling that the build in mouse fix isn't working properly, so if you do use a mouse with your tablet you will probably still have to flash the mouse fix zip but let me know if you find it does work without the mouse fix zip.

    On another note, I understand from talking to some people that most the Karbonn owners live in India and don't have access to make donation by paypal but if any of you do, please consider a donation. My external hard drive went down and I lost a great deal of my firmware development stuff, among a lot of other backups. Luckily I had the most recent stuff on my laptops hard drive but I have very little space on here and I'm going to have to purchase a new drive soon. I also think the wifi chip on my 10" tablet died, I've spent a good 20 hours trying to find a work around to fix it with no luck and I was doing a good deal of actual development on that and then transferring it over to other devices.

    So, providing this release work for all your guys and gals, this is going to be the last major update for a while. I think I've taken the stock ROM's pretty far into better performance and stability with my work and it's time to re-focus on learning to build from source and attempt to compile JB 4.2.2. I'm leaning towards a modified CM10.1 at the moment and have already set up a dev environment to start learning how to build it. It looks like I'll need to upgrade the primary solid state drive in my laptop though and possibly the secondary storage drive as well since it takes a good deal of space to get things done. Once I get the new hardware and start compiling I will attempt to bring CM10.1 to your tablet but I'm starting from zero knowledge and it may take a while. However, I only started developing custom firmware in December and am completely self taught, so I have faith that I will be able to learn this as well. I will drop by this thread from time to time to check in, especially in the next week or two to make sure the new version of Karbonn Custom are working correctly. I wish you all well and hope you enjoy your tablets!