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Keeping Windows Mobile 10 alive...

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Jun 3, 2019
Hey everyone,

There is so much work on windows mobile 10 from all the users of XDA, and all the people we don't know about... does anyone have any idea's as to the following, or new ideas, to get a few more years out of windows mobile or even the possibility to revive it?:

Possible petition ideas:
a) a petition from x number of people to make Project Astoria available to all phones/select phone builds in the current windows phone 10 so that we can use Android apps (at least get continued app updates for a while longer using android apk's)
b) a petition from x number of people to make windows 10 updates for set devices through a product key purchase... we pay $$-$$$ for windows 10, 8, 7 licences... why not get a key for wm10 and then wm11 when it comes out and so on? if microsoft supports all the current phones hardware and manufacture a few new models... maybe this way we could revive it?
c) a petition from x number of people to continue updates for x time frame so that we can at least get a bit more out of it, maybe enough time to get some app developers to launch a single update or two for applications we really want using another petition from us.

[edit] One other idea I have thought of is maybe microsoft could release the code for astoria and windows 10 mobile... maybe for open source?
would be nice if the incredible people out there wanting to keep this alive had the tools to do so... could we petition this or approach them another way? [/edit]

Maybe a combination of all ideas into a petition and see what they decide to do. I personally have little money but if we all pledged $30+ to an update, had 1000 people willing to do it, I think microsoft would consider $30000 as an incentive?

Microsoft dropped this because of only having a tiny % of the market and the costs involved on maintaining it, so is there a way we can increase the percentage of devices if we get this working?

As I said above, if we could buy product keys for our phones to enable continued support, and also if we used a petition or other method to encourage and get results from Microsoft, then we could probably get other app developers of our choosing to follow suit (like Whatsapp, Waze, Viber, etc).

A petition is the only thing I can think of right now that just needs names and details, but we may have a legal stand point with newer devices getting continued support based on how long the expected support is for other devices from microsoft (what is the newest windows phone released with wm10?), google, apple etc... all ideas welcome

Example: in Australia all devices are warranted for a year, if sold here or manufactured and sold here... and that year is extended and often because someone will argue it to a tribunal (part of the fair trading route to take up matters with a manufacturer or seller) and say something along the lines of "TV sets used to last 10-15 years, my $2000 TV broke after the 2nd year, and the manufacturer/shop wont replace it" usually I get replacements after the 1 year warranty and I hear about entire Cars etc getting replaced entirely... Maybe if hardware has to work for an expected time, does software (that cannot be changed) that comes with a device? what about 3rd party applications for that software?
Any lawyers in the US, UK, Australia or another country reading this?.. Could you get us a few years continued updates with a similar clause?

Any route that works may even lead to reviving Windows Mobile :)

I would love some serious feedback guys, but please, don't just comment "No, why would Microsoft bother" or "I see no reason to try and revive"
What I hope to see is ideas, us working together... let's see if we can do this, anyone who wants to try or contribute please just say "yes" if you have little time

[edit] By the way for people needing instagram, pandora/spotify, facebook etc, I have a list of applications and links to .appx's that run (not always without a crash) currently (24th June 2019) and cost nothing. [/edit]
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Oct 14, 2012
I read your post and this can be a fantastic idea, but i didnt see soo much interest from the guys here in WM10.
Im still with the doubt about Whatsapp working beyond 31-12-2019 and nobody answer anything about that in my post. So i think, if people dont get "moved" about the posibility of having phones without whatsapp since 1-1-2020.... i really think that people just doesnt care about this OS.

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    I wouldn't mind this. Still use a Lumia 640. I guess were it to fail, there's always trying to put WoA on Android phones...