[KERNEL] (013) KK442 GSM(3.4+ Hybrid/OC/Intelliplug/active/FauxSound)[08-02-2014]

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Dec 16, 2010
West Los Angeles
Moto G Hybrid Kernel

What is a Hybrid?

Hybrid kernel means the core although still has the 3.4.0 kernel label, it has incorporated many advanced features available only on Linux 3.8+ and beyond. I have backported many of those advanced features for Linux 3.4, hence the name hybrid!

Here's the flashable zip file

m - mainline with stock CPU/GPU frequencies

Stable Release:

KK 4.4.2 http://faux.romhost.me/falcon_umts/kk44/
JB 4.3 http://faux.romhost.me/falcon_umts/jb43/

Beta Release:


Change Log:

KK 4.4.2 http://faux.romhost.me/falcon_umts/kk44/changelog.txt
JB 4.3 http://faux.romhost.me/falcon_umts/jb43/changelog.txt

Source here:


JB http://faux.romhost.me/falcon_umts/private_moto_g-jb43_exp.zip

Flash via Fastboot instructions:

1. Connect device to PC via USB
2. extract xxx.zip and go to extracted folder
3. adb push xxx.zip /sdcard/.
4. adb reboot bootloader
5. fastboot flash boot boot.img
6. fastboot reboot
7. use root explorer or ES explorer /w root, extract xxx.zip
8. copy modules/ folder to /system/lib/modules/

Join my Kernel G+ Community for latest greatest betas here:

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Dec 16, 2010
West Los Angeles
It's compatible for KitKat? Because we don't have a backup boot.img for KitKat rom...

No, I've asked Moto already and they said they are in Xmas shutdown and the source for KK won't be available until next year. You can back up your boot.img and give it a shot, if not then restore.


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Nov 11, 2010
The way I see it, this device is dev friendly with the cheap price tag. Its a "might as well" device. Unlockable boot loader on a moto device is where its at. I've had many moto devices and the hardware is always well put together.

Moto Gee :-¢
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