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Oct 1, 2011
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I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead sd cards, explosions, nuclear wars, alarm applications getting failed, please read the first 3 posts (features, faq, settings) carefully before flashing this kernel to make sure everything goes well with your installation.

This kernel will focus on quality over quantity, I will add only those features which don't cause instability and really improve performance or battery life of our device. I like to test my changes properly before release and keep stability the topmost priority, I don't guarantee weekly or nightly builds, updates will be given whenever required.

Some Kernel Features-

Cpu Improvements -
  • Balanced, Battery and Gaming modes available for interactive governor
  • Mild undervolt for our cpu, reduces heat, helps battery backup
  • All basic governors and relaxed governors available, default is interactive
  • Toggles for wakeup boost, hotplug boost, touch boost
IO & Memory Improvements -
  • Added fiops, bfq, zen, maple, sio io schedulers
  • Disabled io crc check for more performance
  • Zram with lz4 & lz0 compression support available
  • NTFS, exFAT, F2FS, EXT filesystems support
Gpu/Display Improvements -
  • Fixed wrong gpu frequency reflected in sysfs
  • Optional enhanced color profile, choose while flashing
  • Adreno idler and adreno boost are available, off by default
  • Savoca's kcal color control, full control over colors
  • Wake gestures, dt2w, s2s and s2w for all panels
Charging/Battery Improvements -
  • Option to select 2000mA or 2400mA charging rates
  • Tuned interactive governor for better battery backup
  • Mild stable undervolt for both cpu and gpu
  • Optimizations for better load and power management
Other Improvements -
  • Sound control for speaker, earphones, mic etc
  • Option to select selinux mode while installing
  • Compiled with aosp 4.9.4 aarch64 toolchain
  • Fsync toggle available, enabled by default
  • Custom vibration intensity control available
Confirmed working or not working on -
  • Works on all lineage and aosp based nougat roms
  • Works on all lineage and aosp based marshmallow roms
  • Works on all MIUI 8+ marshmallow roms
Flashing Instructions -
  • Prefer flashing over your rom's stock kernel for best results
  • Read post #2 for some frequently asked questions
  • Download correct version of Radon kernel
  • Make backup of system, boot in twrp
  • Now, wipe dalvik cache and cache
  • Flash the kernel zip and reboot
Note - In case the kernel doesn't boot for you, restore your system and boot partition from twrp and you will not lose any data.

Stable build downloads -
Radon V6.3 Stable Builds ( Android 8.1.0, 7.1.2 & 6.0.1 )

Kernel control app -
Radon kernel control

If you like my work, consider donating -

XDA:DevDB Information
Radon Kernel For Kenzo, Kernel for the Xiaomi Redmi Note 3

Umang96, TheStrix, Balika011, ktomov, abhishek987
GuneetAtwal, MOVZX, franciscofranco, flar2
alex9yust, billchen1977
These are not in any specific order, please pm me If I missed anyone :)

Version Information
Source: Github
Status: Stable
Current Stable Version: V6.1
Created 2016-07-09
Last Updated 2017-12-10
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Oct 1, 2011
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Frequently Asked Questions -

Q ) I like this kernel, can I be a part and contribute to this project ?
It takes many hours to maintain this kernel, If you are a user then donations are appreciated. If you want to contribute to development then you can create your pull requests on my github or pm me with your patch.
Q ) I flashed this kernel, what next ? How and where do I configure kernel related settings ?
Recommended app is Radon kernel control, it offers very easy to use custom profile based tweaking, you may check post #3 for some tuning tips if you like to tune kernel settings yourself.
Q ) Read mode in miui is not working after flashing this kernel ?
Xiaomi hasn't provided the opensource code for this feature, so read mode is not going to work on custom kernels, but you can try going into display tab of radon kernel control app and make a custom profile with R,G,B(254,234,195) and saturation 40 for very similar experience to miui read mode.
Q ) My fingerprint doesn't work, what to do ?
Kenzo comes with two different sensors, fpc and goodix, all nougat roms have fixed support for both sensors, but if you use miui rom and you have goodix sensor then you might need to flash the patch from post #6196.
Q ) I flashed this kernel, but I want to return to my stock kernel, how to do that ?
If you read flashing instructions in first post, you will see that I asked you to make backup of boot and system partitions before flashing my kernel, now you can restore that backup and you will have your stock kernel back. In case you didn't take a backup, just dirty flash your rom zip without wiping data and that will restore stock kernel and modules.
Q ) How much battery backup does this kernel give ? Will it give me x hours of SOT ?
The battery backup depends a lot on your usage, like screen brightness, wifi, 3g/4g data. Changing your kernel or rom will not make battery backup double. If you are just wifi user, your device can give 9+ hrs screen on time. Heavy 3G, 4G, Bluetooth users shouldn't expect huge battery backup. Regarding battery consumption when display is off, I normally lose 2% battery for about 8-9 hours of standby, but if you you keep wifi and data off in night, then you should get 0-1% drain per night.
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Oct 1, 2011
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Kernel tuning tips -

Cpu -
  • Governor: Interactive for all kind of users, select battery/balanced/gaming mode while installing according to your need, balanced and gaming modes are totally smooth but battery mode might have little lags.
  • Users who wish to further push battery backup can try using relaxed cpu governor on small cluster, reducing max frequency of small cluster will also improve battery backup.
  • By default, I use these min cpu frequencies 691Mhz (small cluster) and 883Mhz(big cluster), there is also 400Mhz option but I don't recommend using that since it saves negligible battery.
  • Input boost and touch boost should be kept on by balanced/gaming users, battery biased users can consider turning them off.
Memory -
  • Adaptive lmk should be enabled by all users
  • Z-RAM 512MB with at least 40 swappiness
  • Z-RAM will increase battery consumption a little bit
  • Keep Z-RAM off if you need extra battery backup
IO Scheduler -
  • FIOPS for good performance and battery
  • Read ahead at least 512 KB on both internal and external
Screen -
  • Adjust this yourself, I don't know what you like.
Gpu -
  • Adreno idler - only battery biased users should keep this on.
  • Adreno boost - gamers or performance biased users should keep this on.
Misc -
  • Fsync -Enabled for more stability, disabled for more performance.
  • Vibration intensity - I use 60, select whatever you like here.
Note - All settings are compatible with Radon kernel control.
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Jul 15, 2015
Please consider adding color control and Intel gov and if possible Westwood TCP algorithm, since data is not stable in bsnl sim and radio of our device is also not perfect it would be useful.

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