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Jul 28, 2010
I thought we had color control built in? Im using kernel auditor and don't see it

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Jul 22, 2015
Mesa, AZ


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Jul 28, 2010
I get random lag when trying to open up with the finger print scanner

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Sep 6, 2013
New Delhi
So i just installed eas v60, what are tge recommend settings? I mean which governor for which cluster?

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u sure? flar2 stated the opposite some time ago.
Ah crap, my bad bro. I was thinking input boost. I'm running AK 66-2 Linario version myself, and touchboost doesn't even show up on the EXKM app. But, like you, I remember flar2 saying that it was disabled by default on some of the kernels we use.

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Jul 22, 2015
Mesa, AZ
hey man. is touchboost enabled by default in your version (or generally in ak?) because i cant find the option in ex kernel manager app. thanks.
As @Badger50 said, ak nuked touch boost a long time ago. Input boost is enabled at 1344 on the little cluster for 40ms. I lower this to 768 but that's about the only tweak I do because the kernel is so optimized out of the box.


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Dec 11, 2010
As @Badger50 said, ak nuked touch boost a long time ago. Input boost is enabled at 1344 on the little cluster for 40ms. I lower this to 768 but that's about the only tweak I do because the kernel is so optimized out of the box.

I also set input boost at 768 but raised the interval to 60ms to avoid any lag due to the lower boost value.


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Jul 22, 2015
Mesa, AZ
I also set input boost at 768 but raised the interval to 60ms to avoid any lag due to the lower boost value.
Yeah I haven't noticed any lag yet but raising it a smidge is not a bad idea.

What kind of difference between the 3 types of kernel is available?
Normal one is standard kernel, EAS had Energy Aware Scheduling (look it up if you want to know more), and the other has Kali Nethunter support.
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    I am not responsible for any damage to your phone.
    Read before downloading or posting in the thread.
    Proceed with caution if you have no experience.


    Official Site: ak.hiddenbytes.org
    Full Changelog: Github Link

    A kernel for Nexus 6P:
    Install/Uninstall: Link
    Kernel Control: Synapse
    Kernel Updater: Donwload v1.4
    Kernel Profiles thread: Link
    Extreme Battery Life thread: Link
    Downloading: AK.063.ANGLER
    Experimental: AK.063.ANGLER.EAS
    Experimental: AK.063.ANGLER.NH

    AOSP & CM13 Compatible
    Ramdisk Anykernel Format (We can flash over any Roms)
    Merged latest Android Patches
    Latest security Patches Inside
    Linux 3.10.101
    Google 3.10 Common branch merged
    Multirom Support (Link)
    Kali Net-Hunter Support (Link)
    Mouse and KeyBoard support
    Optimized RCU
    Thermald Engine Optimized
    F2FS Support (Latest Patches from Stable Main Branch)
    A53: Min 302Mhz, Max 1708Mhz
    A57: Min 302Mhz, Max 2054Mhz
    Zen tune from Manjaro Kernel
    Enabled power_efficient workqueues
    Optimized Memcopy/String Libs
    Compiled with Latest Uber Toolchain 64bit - Version 5.3
    Makefile flags Optimizations
    Schedulers: Deadline, Noop, Row, Cfq, Fiops, Bfq, Sioplus, Zen, Tripndroid
    Software CRC Control
    Memory Card clock control
    Laptop Mode Control
    Governors: Interactive, Conservative, Ondemand, Powersave, Performance, Impulse, ElementalX, ZZmoove
    CPU Boost
    MSM Perfromance Driver Control
    GPU Boost control for Gaming Performance
    KCAL Control with Profile Support
    Gestures Control: DoubleTap2Wake, Sweep2Wake, Sweep2Sleep
    Vibrator Light/Strong Control
    TCP Congestion Control (Default Westwood)
    Low Memory Killer Control
    SE Linux Control
    State Notifier
    WakeLock Control (wifi, proximity, modem, Bluetooth)
    Headphone sound boost control
    Enhanced cpu boost drivers
    Drive droid support (mount cdrom)
    Backlight Dimmer
    High Perfomance Audio Processing
    High Brightness Mode
    Optimized lib sort
    Optimized memset/memcpy
    Optimized Rwsem
    Disabled Gentle Fair Sleepers
    Enabled Hrtick


    Thanks a lot to These developers, filled with great humanity and courage:
    @TeamExodus, @CallMeAldy

    And also:
    @Sultanxda, @Robbiel811, @Dorimanx, @xboxfanj, @apb_axel, @faux123, @myfluxi, @showp1984, @imoseyon, @savoca, @poondog , @DespairFactor, @v7, @mamba720027, @Stylo King

    And also:
    @andreilux, @flar2, @CL3Kener, @DerRomtester, @renderbroken, @Alucard24, @stratosk, @hellsgod, @yank555-lu, @kingbabasula, @osmosis, @gianton

    Do you like my work?

    Hit 'thanks' and/or rate this thread with 5 stars.
    Consider a small donation.

    XDA:DevDB Information
    AK Kernel Nexus 6P, Kernel for the Huawei Nexus 6P

    Source Code: https://github.com/anarkia1976

    Kernel Special Features:

    Version Information
    Status: Stable

    Created 2015-12-03
    Last Updated 2016-04-07
    AK Kernel Changelogs

    The AK server is down for now so enjoy ext download for the new kernel release:

    Download Link

    [ AK KERNEL - v. 060 ]


    merged google changes
    optimized defconfig
    latest f2fs patches
    ecc ecc

    Project name: AK KERNEL
    anarkia1976 - Kernel Version: AK.063.ANGLER
    Patrick Tjin - net: wireless: bcmdhd: Do not print out device name on invalid length
    Evisceration - msm: mdss: remove more logging spam
    ktoonsez - debug: remove: remove some dmesg logspam from Linux mainline 3.4 fs
    Jukka Rissanen - BACKPORT: nl80211: Stop scheduled scan if netlink client disappears
    Johannes Berg - BACKPORT: cfg80211: allow userspace to take ownership of interfaces
    Skylar Chang - msm: ipa: fix the mux_channel buffer overflow
    Ashwin - net: wireless: bcmdhd: Verify SSID length
    Kirill Tkhai - ext4 crypto: fix memleak in ext4_readdir()
    Mark Salyzyn - pstore: pmsg: return -ENOMEM on vmalloc failure
    Will Deacon - UPSTREAM: arm64: cpu hotplug: ensure we mask out CPU_TASKS_FROZEN in notifiers
    anarkia1976 - Kernel Version: AK.062.ANGLER
    Linus Torvalds - f2fs/crypto: fix xts_tweak initialization
    Jaegeuk Kim - f2fs: submit node page write bios when really required
    Arnd Bergmann - f2fs: add missing argument to f2fs_setxattr stub
    Chao Yu - f2fs: fix to avoid unneeded unlock_new_inode
    Chao Yu - f2fs: clean up opened code with f2fs_update_dentry
    Jaegeuk Kim - f2fs: declare static functions
    Keith Mok - f2fs: use cryptoapi crc32 functions
    Fan Li - f2fs: modify the readahead method in ra_node_page()
    Jaegeuk Kim - f2fs crypto: sync ext4_lookup and ext4_file_open
    Jaegeuk Kim - f2fs: define not-set fallocate flags
    Jaegeuk Kim - fs crypto: move per-file encryption from f2fs tree to fs/crypto
    Yang Shi - f2fs: mutex can't be used by down_write_nest_lock()
    anarkia1976 - Kernel Version: AK.061.ANGLER
    anarkia1976 - ak_angler_defconfig: disable USB_BAM
    anarkia1976 - ak_angler_defconfig: disable MSM_DDR_HEALTH
    anarkia1976 - ak_angler_defconfig: disable MSM_OCMEM_DEBUG
    anarkia1976 - ak_angler_defconfig: disable MSM_COMMON_LOG
    anarkia1976 - ak_angler_defconfig: disable QCOM_NPA_DUMP
    anarkia1976 - ak_angler_defconfig: disable IOMMU_VBIF_CHECK
    anarkia1976 - ak_angler_defconfig: disable XFRM_STATISTICS
    anarkia1976 - ak_angler_defconfig: remove BZIP2 and LZMA for RD
    anarkia1976 - ak_angler_defconfig: disable ZRAM
    AK Kernel How-to


    If you don't have used AK before:
    Step 1
    Fresh Install "your base kernel ROM " or "dirty reflash your ROM" from recovery

    Step 2

    Install the latest "AK kernel zip (UKM is integrated into kernel)" from recovery

    Download: Link

    tep 3

    Step 4
    Install "Synapse" app from Market

    Download: Link
    Thread: Link
    Thanks & Donations: @AndreiLux

    Install "Ak kernel Updater v1.2" from this link

    Download: Link

    Thanks & Donations: @CallMeAldy & @themike10452

    Step 6
    Press the " Thanks Button" and " Rate the thread"

    If you have used AK before:

    Step 1
    Follow the AK thread and check with "Ak kernel Updater" possible news
    Follow the AK official website for find new releases: " http://ak.hiddenbytes.org/ "

    Follow my AK twitter account: Link

    Step 2
    Press the "Thanks Button" and "Rate the thread"


    This thread is for people to post their profiles with each other: Link
    Thanks a lot
    Stylo King

    You can set these settings with synapse.
    Infos: Link
    thanks a lot @savoca

    Cool Amoled Style:
    Colors: 236,248,256
    Min: 35
    Contrast: 258
    Hue: 0
    Saturation: 275
    Value: 251
    thanks a lot @abhi086387

    Warm Amoled Style:
    Colors: 253,246,243
    Min: 35
    Contrast: 258
    Hue: 0
    Saturation: 275
    Value: 251
    thanks a lot @abhi086387

    Extreme Amoled Style:
    Colors: 256,256,256
    Min: 35
    Contrast: 264
    Hue: 0
    Saturation: 290
    Value: 242
    thanks a lot @abhi086387

    Deep Natural Style:
    Colors: 250,250,255
    Min: 35
    Contrast: 264
    Hue: 0
    Saturation: 285
    Value: 245

    thanks a lot @abhi086387

    Kcal sysfs reference:
    /sys/devices/platform/kcal_ctrl.0/kcal - (0-256 0-256 0-256) - Controls R/G/B Multipliers
    /sys/devices/platform/kcal_ctrl.0/kcal_min - (0-256) - Controls minimum RGB Multiplier value
    /sys/devices/platform/kcal_ctrl.0/kcal_enable - (0-1) - Enables/Disables RGB Multiplier Control
    /sys/devices/platform/kcal_ctrl.0/kcal_invert - (0-1) - Enables/Disables Display Inversion Mode
    /sys/devices/platform/kcal_ctrl.0/kcal_sat - (224-383 or 128) - Controls saturation intensity - use 128 for grayscale mode
    /sys/devices/platform/kcal_ctrl.0/kcal_hue - (0-1536) - Controls display hue
    /sys/devices/platform/kcal_ctrl.0/kcal_val - (128-383) - Controls display value
    /sys/devices/platform/kcal_ctrl.0/kcal_cont - (128 - 383) - Controls display contrast


    Thanks a lot to @MMWolverine for this fantastic guide: Link
    You can find all you need and all infos for your 1+1.

    Thanks a lot to @gsstudios for this fantastic guide: Link


    What my kernel does is:
    # Rename mpdecsion binary
    mv $ bindir / mpdecision $ bindir / mpdecision-rm

    if you want you can return by renaming "mpdecision", and than reboot the phone.

    It was enough to report it in my thread.

    however, I have created a zip for revert after seeing this exchange:
    new kernel online

    [ AK KERNEL - v. 045 ]

    Download: AK.045.ANGLER
    Download: AK.045.EAS.ANGLER
    Download: AK.045.ANGLER.NET-HUNTER

    updated eas energy model to new 8994 soc
    reverted all mm & dm patches (no more drain, CM compatibility)
    merged stuffs from common branch
    ecc ecc

    Please: press thanks button.

    Project name: AK KERNEL
    anarkia1976 - Kernel Version: AK.045.ANGLER
    Tim Murray - ANDROID: mmc: move to a SCHED_FIFO thread
    liping.zhang - net: tcp: fix rtable leak in tcp_is_local[6]
    Mike Snitzer - UPSTREAM: math64: New separate div64_u64_rem helper
    Rasmus Villemoes - UPSTREAM: lib/string.c: introduce strreplace()
    David Howells - UPSTREAM: KEYS: Separate the kernel signature checking keyring from module signing
    David Howells - UPSTREAM: KEYS: Have make canonicalise the paths of the X.509 certs better to deduplicate
    David Howells - UPSTREAM: KEYS: Load*.x509 files into kernel keyring
    anarkia1976 - Kernel Version: AK.044.ANGLER
    anarkia1976 - ak_angler_defconfig: fix typo related to last merge
    anarkia1976 - gcc-wrapper: hard code python for arch linux support
    anarkia1976 - ak-angler-build: switch to local toolchain
    How to compile AK Kernel for yourself

    In order to give a bit of life to this thread in @ak's absence, I have constructed a guide to help you compile AK updates yourself. So you're sitting there like "when is this going to update?" (since ak is busy with real life things and stuff). What fun is being on a developer website if you have to wait for updates? Well let's get to building!

    Pre-requisites: An established Linux build environment (use this website or this guide's step 1)

    NOTE: Anything in front of a $ sign is a terminal command; don't include the $ or the space after it. Additionally, do not include any of the italicized text.

    1. Make a working directory
    I have a directory named Kernels in my home directory, that is what I will be assuming you are doing as well but feel free to change it up at your discretion; make sure you know this folder location as it will be important for the rest of the guide.
    $ mkdir ~/Kernels
    $ cd ~/Kernels

    2. Clone the kernel, AnyKernel, and UBER 5.3 repos
    $ git clone https://github.com/anarkia1976/AK-Angler.git
    $ git clone https://github.com/anarkia1976/AK-Angler-AnyKernel2.git
    $ git clone https://bitbucket.org/UBERTC/aarch64-linux-android-5.3-kernel.git

    3. Make sure that you are on the right branch in each repo
    $ cd AK-Angler-AnyKernel2
    $ git checkout ak-angler-anykernel
    $ cd ../AK-Angler
    $ git checkout ak-mm-staging
    On the last line, you can also use ak-mm-staging-nh (for the Nethunter version) or ak-mm-staging-eas (for the EAS version)

    4. Edit the build script and add it to PATH
    Within the AK-Angler folder, there is a file called ak-angler-build.sh. I copied this script to the parent directory and named it a little differently so I can edit it without being overwritten.
    $ cp ak-angler-build.sh ../ak-build.sh
    $ cd ..
    After that, either open that file in a text editor or the nano editor from terminal and edit the following lines (original in red, new in green). I included the explanation in italics.
    NOTE: These are the essential edits but the whole script is pretty robust. If you are experienced in shell scripting, you should understand fairly well what is going on and feel free to edit it as you see fit.
    • Line 16: The directory that holds your AK source
      • KERNEL_DIR=`pwd`
      • KERNEL_DIR=~/Kernels/AK-Angler
    • Line 19: The directory that holds the AnyKernel directory (RESOURCE_DIR is the parent directory to the KERNEL_DIR; in this example, ~/Kernels)
      • TOOLCHAIN_DIR="/home/ak/android"
    • Line 28: Change the name of the toolchain folder
      • export CROSS_COMPILE="$TOOLCHAIN_DIR/AK-uber64-5.3/bin/aarch64-linux-android-"
      • export CROSS_COMPILE="$TOOLCHAIN_DIR/aarch64-linux-android-5.3-kernel/bin/aarch64-linux-android-"
    • Line 38: The folder that will hold your AK releases
      • ZIP_MOVE="$RESOURCE_DIR/AK-releases"
      • ZIP_MOVE=~/
    After this, save the file and then add the folder that this script is in to your PATH variable:
    $ nano ~/.bashrc
    Add the following to the end of that file, save it by hitting ctrl-X, Y, and Enter, and restart your terminal:
    export PATH=$PATH:~/Kernels [i]or whatever folder that file is located in[/i]

    5. Compile the kernel!
    Run this command, follow the commands, and your completed zip will be in the ZIP_MOVE folder from earlier.
    $ . ak-build.sh

    What now?
    If you want to build in the future, you will just follow step 5; however, you will want to update to ak's latest sources via the following commands:
    $ cd ~/Kernels/AK-Angler [i]or wherever your git folder is[/i]
    $ git pull
    You will also want to edit line 23, the variable VER, manually whenever you see there is a new version here because your script will not stay in sync with ak's if you copied it out of the repo.

    If you have any issues with this, I'd prefer you PM me in order to keep the thread clean.