Kernel 1 v 1: Franco kernel vs Elemental X

Franco.Kernel vs ElementalX Kernel

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Liam Neeson

Apr 6, 2015
Truly depends on what u are looking for. Elemental has a cool name, and on top of that its got more features like wake gestures. Franco just works well out of the box. And its made by someone related to james franco. Tough choice.

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    I wish we could get some @ktoonsez love. It was/is a solid kernel as well.
    I've tried both kernels on multiple phones and roms. Personally I like franco, but I've supported both devs by purchasing their apps. Without these guys we wouldn't be able to be crack flashers.

    on multiple phones it wouldnt matter, they arent nexus 6 . and yes, they are very good developers. and yes, there are even more of them here on xda :)
    Try lean kernel.
    All the cool kids are running Hydra now. I am on Vindicater.

    Sent from my Benzo'd Google N6 on VZ
    @simms22 I used to love OC but what is the point now? I mean what are you doing in your phone that makes it necessary?

    necessary its not, but it does let me enjoy the phone that much more. plus it doesnt really affect my battery life, since i see from 5.5-6.5 hours sot every day at 3033mhz/300mhz. its just a keeping me happy sort of thing, thats all :)
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