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[Kernel] [10] [A5070/FN] Quantum Kernel v1.50 for A50s


New member
Jan 2, 2020

This kernel works only on A507FN, A5070 . I'm not responsible for any damage if you flash on other devices.
- I am not responsible about any damage of any kind that this kernel may cause.
- You are allowed to use this kernel in your project with proper credits and links to the thread or source code.
- Bugs can be reported in XDA or via my Telegram Group. Make sure you provide detailed info when reporting bugs (device variant and logcat).
- If you like my work please hit the "Thanks" button and feel free to donate to me via my paypal.

- Built from A507FNXXS4BTB4 source code
- Hktweak App for Kernel tuning
- Supports GSI
- SELinux Enforcing/Permissive
- NTFS Support
- Enabled Governors
- Enabled Schedulers
- Enabled CD/DVD File System
- Drivedroid support (0.10.48+)
- Limited Wakelocks
- Fsync 2.0
- StateNotifier & SysfsHelper
- CRC Disabled by default
- Security Related Features disabled
- Full Wakelock Control for wlan/bt and much more
- Other improvments for Batterylife and performance
- BOEFFLA Wakelock locker v1.1.0 with preconfigured WLs

1. - Install a Custom Recovery with Odin3
2. - Download the kernel zip
3. - Copy the kernel zip into your phone
4.- Reboot in Recovery Mode
5. - Flash the Kernel Zip
6. - Enjoy!

Download links in Post #2

- Samsung for kernel sources.
- @prashantp01, @santhoosh for the kernel source code.
- @redymedan and @NikkoVn for support.

XDA:DevDB Information
QuantumKernel , Kernel for the Samsung Galaxy A50s

halcyon441, prashantp01 , santhoosh
Source Code: https://github.com/halcyon441-png/android_samsung_exynos9610

Kernel Special Features:

Version Information
Status: Stable
Current Stable Version: 1.5
Stable Release Date: 2020-07-02

Created 2020-07-02
Last Updated 2020-07-02
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New member
Jan 2, 2020

v2.0 is now here, so sorry for a month delay. This update included:
Use latest source (A507FNXXU5BTG1)
Enabled Power Efficient Workqueue
Add and updated WireGuard
Enabled DriveDriod support
Updated Wakelock Blocker
Better deep sleep
Disabled some samsung security functions
Optimised Performance
Better display rendering, touch response, reduces jitter

v1.5 Initial release.

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New member
Jan 2, 2020

we are receiving a lot of reports that there is some pop-up when you reboot the device: "There is an internel problem with your device...", just ignore it.
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