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[Kernel][14/01/15][AOSP][D850|1|2|5 / VS985]Rin Kernel 1.6.5[LOLLIPOP]

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Senior Member
Oct 1, 2012
Ive tried flashing this kernel with few custom ROMs (RR, darkobas, beanstalk..) I came from the default kernels on those ROMs or from 777 kernel
and every time it crashes settings on first boot and after that settings crash when trying to go into display settings. What am I doing wrong here?


Senior Member
Oct 5, 2009
This kernel is NOT updated, and cm-based ROMs kernel has changed. This one is not compatible anymore, that's why you experience some crashes (especially display settings FC).
Switch to Furnace or 777, they work fine.

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    AOSP RIN Kernel for D855/P/K, D852 and VS985

    Close to stock with some sugar added ... delicous!

    For the AT&T Variant look here and for the T-Mobile Variant here.

    Hey guys and girls,
    here is my attempt to build up on the cm source for an modified AOSP kernel, hope you like it, have fun :)

    First of, DISCLAIMER, I'm not responsible for bricked devices, dead unicorns, rainbows with missing colors, world war, nose bleed, void warranty (you know that already, don't you? your warranty is void now and it's your fault :p) or any other harm happening to your device, you or people around you!

    What does it serve? (Features)

    • AnyKernel
    • Kexec Hardboot patch
    • FauxSound support
    • OC to 2.7GHz and UC support
    • Voltage control
    • Intelliplug
    • Cpu limiter
    • GPU Overclocking to 675Mhz
    • Simple GPU Algorithm
    • Simple_ondemand GPU Governor fixed
    • fsync on/off support (on by default)
    • Power efficient workqueues
    • Dynamic management of dirty page writebacks
    • Dynamic Read Ahead
    • IO Schedulers

      • CFQ
      • DEADLINE
      • FIFO
      • FIOPS
      • NOOP
      • ROW (default)
      • SIO
      • VR
      • ZEN
    • Governors

      • Adaptive
      • Conservative
      • DanceDance
      • Intelliminmax
      • Interactive (default)
      • Lagfree
      • Lionheart
      • OnDemand
      • Performance
      • Powersave
      • SmartassV2
      • Userspace
      • Wheatley
      • Smartmax
    • TCP Congestion Algorithms

      • BIC
      • Westwood+
      • Vegas
      • Veno
      • Yeah
      • HTCP
      • Cubic (default)
      • Reno
    • LiveSharpening
    • 2-Way Call Recording support
    • exFat support
    • DriveDroid support
    • KSM
    • android logger sysfs toggle (disabled by default)
    • Many under the hood fixes
    • Stability
    • More to come

    How to apply it? (Installation)

    IMPORTANT: Read through all the requirements, steps and warnings before you do anything, if any requirement doesn't match or you don't know what one or more of the steps below mean or do, ask before you do any of them, if you don't know how all the steps can be done, let it be, I warned you, if you don't do and something bad happens, I'll just laugh at you!!

    Requirements? Yes!
    • D855/P/K, D852 or VS985
    • Custom Recovery
    • AOSP based lollipop ROM (Mainly cm12 based)

    How to flash the kernel?

    • Download zip
    • Place on internal or external SD
    • Reboot to recovery
    • Choose install zip
    • Search for the downloaded zip
    • Confirm flashing
    • Wipe cache
    • Reboot
    • Have fun

    Changes? (Changelog)


    • FauxSound support added
    • Dynamic read ahead


    • Initial AOSP release

    Full list of commits can be found here

    Where to get it from? (Download)

    google drive | AndroidFileHost | dev host

    Let me test!! (Beta Testing Community)

    Google+ LG G3 Beta Testing Community

    Show me the so(u)rce(ry)! (Source Code)


    Donators (huge thanks, you're simply great :) )


    • XDA for the great community
    • Google for their great operating system
    • LG for the great device
    • CyanogenMod for the base this is built up from
    • @invisiblek for his marvelous job on the bring up of the device and the many patches
    • @HolyAngel for some commits I used
    • @faux123 for his great work with intelli* and beyond
    • @KAsp3rd for some commits I used
    • @myfluxi for some commits I used
    • @trialsrider1 for some commits I used
    • @Skin1980 for his breakthroughs at our device, his support and for being such a nice guy
    • @Lord Boeffla for some commits I used
    • @GuneetAtwal for some commits I used
    • @DooMLoRD for some commits I used
    • @Fechinator for some commits I used
    • @savoca for AnyKernel, Livesharpening and some other stuff
    • @Christopher83 for his implementation of Dynamic management of dirty page writebacks and some additional stuff

    If you like my work, please show your appreciation by pressing the thanks button, if you want to do more, i've nothing against a little donation, but I'm as happy when you just thank me by pressing the button :)

    XDA:DevDB Information
    Rin Kernel AOSP, Kernel for the LG G3

    Source Code: https://github.com/tectas/android_kernel_lge_msm8974ac/tree/rin-cm-12.0

    Kernel Special Features:

    Version Information
    Status: Beta
    Current Beta Version: 1.6.5
    Beta Release Date: 2015-01-14

    Created 2015-01-13
    Last Updated 2015-01-14
    you will add the ability to OC the gpu for the stock lollipop? i have found that the reason for laging sometimes in stock , is because of gpu.Even when i put the gpu governor to perfomance, is still laging,but after the oc in the aosp version lag has gone forever :D

    thanks in advance :)

    All additional features from this one, will be added to my stock kernels as well ;)


    Small update to 1.6.5:


    • FauxSound support added
    • Dynamic read ahead

    Download within the OP, have fun :)
    Support for D852 and VS985 added ;)
    you know when the kernel for stock lollipop will be ready with the ability to oc the gpu? i really need that feature :)

    thanks for your work :eek:
    Next week, weekend is family time ;)

    Sent from my LG-D855