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[KERNEL][14/07] NX-Kernel v1.4.2

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Mar 13, 2011
STOP! This kernel supports ONLY CM10.1.x, AOKP-4.2.2, PA-4.2.2 ROMs.
It won't work on Samsung Jellybean/ICS, AOSP ICS, CM9 or CM10.
Carbon ROM may be incompatible with NX-Kernel.

✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ NX - KERNEL ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯

... because we deserve more ...


Welcome folks! NX-Kernel is highly advanced kernel for pure android ROMs. It is under continuous development with new features along with integration of new linux kernel.
NX-Kernel auto-installs NXTweaks app. This app based on STweaks by GokhanMoral. This app is core of this kernel. It will help you to fine-tune and get total-control over your kernel.
Touch-sensitivity, GPU, CPU, Kernel, mDNIe, Charging currents, etc already tweaked and controllable by NXTweaks.
Dynamic Tweaks enabled by CortexBrain will help you to save power and increase performance at the same time! It gives dynamic tweaks based on screen on or off.
Use it to experience it! You can read more features below.

One more thing, I would like everyone to know - Only Kernel is not responsible for your device.
Device configuration, ROM, installed app, usage plays important role!
If you believe kernel is not stable, move on because it's probably you who are unaware how to use kernel.


✔ Kernel version updated to 3.0.86
✔ Linaro Build Kernel (Much better performance, search on XDA to know more)
✔ Auto-installs kernel tweaking app "NXTweaks" based on STweaks source by GM.
✔ Governors included: HYPER (default-tested), HYDRXQ, Lulzactiveq, Pegausq, SmartAssv2, Adaptive, Conservative, Interactive, Ondemand, Userspace, Powersave, Hotplug, LagFree, Nightmare, Intellidemand
✔ I/O Schedulers included: BFQ, CFQ, NOOP, DeadLine, ROW(default), SIO, ZEN
✔ Overclocked to 1.6GHz (1.4 GHz default, overclocking is optional).
✔ GPU Control interface. Can be overclocked upto 400 MHz!!!
✔ Charge Control Interface. Find it NXTweaks app to increase/decrease charging current.
✔ mDNIe Screen Control Advance Interface
✔ CPU Control Interface
Sound Control Interface - Sound Boost for mic, headphone and more Removed on demand.
✔ Charge Control Interface - Increase/Decrease charging current for USB, AC and Misc
✔ Massive script for kernel/ROM management. It's will work auto and set lots of tweaks: NET tweaks, GPU tweaks, CPU management, Deep Sleep Tuning, Charging states, and more! We call it CortexBrain!
✔ Swappiness is set to 0 in zram-swap script. With ZRam is in action while you run out of memory.
✔ CortexBrain integrated - Gives dynamic tweaks on screen on/off
✔ ZRam Settings on-the-fly
✔ Fully customized RAM-DISK to inherit more optimization
✔ Working FM-Radio with Spirit FM app.
✔ Optionally loadable XBOX controller, USB-to-Serial and many more modules.
✔ Fuel-Gauge Reset
✔ Low Sound fixed. Enjoy more gain to your music and other media.
✔ Frequency adjustable under Performance Control or any relative app.
✔ Battery friendly. Less wakelocks.
✔ Init.d script tweaks: Smart & Fast Zipalign, Database compaction and optimization
✔ UMS and MTP mode can be selected on-the-fly from NXTweaks
✔ No depletion of entropy pool - Increases performance of app loading.
✔ Entropy Tweaks
✔ Philz Touch recovery - Latest
✔ Dyanamic FSync -- Disabled for now
✔ Supports Tegrak 2nd core app for hotplugging.
✔ Ultra KSM from 3.9.y kernel.
✔ Many fixes & upgrades viewable on github source.


Download Here | http://www.mediafire.com/?0p1do44rqfur5 (Go ahead. Unleash.)
Kernel Source | https://github.com/neobuddy89/NX-Kernel-exynos4
Ramdisk Source | https://github.com/neobuddy89/NX-initramfs

◢ In case your device auto-reboots while flashing ANYTHING, you need to reflash it!!
◢ It's your device. It's your responsibility for what you flash. Do not blame us.


▷ CyanogenMod Team
▷ Andrei Lux
▷ Temasek
▷ Gokhan Moral
▷ Dorimanx
▷ Voku

You may post anything related kernel. Make sure to mention ROM name, Governor name, IO Scheduler name.
Feature request is served if feasible.
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Mar 13, 2011
How to obtain optimum battery life?
▷ If you are comparing/complaining battery life on NX, CM, touchwiz kernels, NX is not for you, stay with CM/touchwiz.
▷ NX Kernel is more performance driven and little less battery saver compared to CM Kernel.
▷ This is because we use 16 dynamic frequency steps, high performance governor, and advance features.
▷ In case you overclock CPU or even GPU, you are tend to have less battery life. So don't overclock if you wish battery over performance.
▷ Do not undervolt too much, it starves your device and may have adverse effects like SOD/freeze/soft reboot.
▷ There is a app named 'Battery Widget Reborn', use it and enable Night Mode Power save.
▷ One more app 'Fast Dormancy Toggle for I9300', use it if your network doesn't provide dormancy. Google for more info.
▷ Don't keep monitoring battery every now and then. Treat it good.
▷ Have full battery-charge cycles 2-3 times in a week which means when battery drains below 20%, charge it to 100% without interruption.
▷ Sign out google talk / hangout if you don't use, it drains power.
▷ Wakelocks is another enemy if they come unnecessarily from installed apps. You can monitor with very good app named 'Better Battery Stats', it's paid app.
▷ Use Performance/Extreme Performance profile from NXTweaks only when required, restore default whenever possible.
▷ It is highly recommended to turn off AUTO SYNC option day time and use it only when charging.
▷ Even your touch-screen drains power when screen on. Never use full brightness. Use auto-brightness or low brightness.

If you follow these advice atleast for a week, you will have optimum battery life!

In case you have SOD (Sleep of death) or SOFT Reboot, please check following:
✔ Minimum Frequency should not be less than 200 MHz
✔ You are using stock settings for voltages and haven't undervolted
✔ Default Governor is stable one, recommended to use for good stability
✔ You haven't installed or have activated any apps or scripts which interrupt settings of NXTweaks
✔ Similarly, do not use apps that implements profiles like 'screen off' , 'on call', etc

WiFi Issues? Follow the below steps:
▷ Open WiFi Advanced Options. In region, select any region and then select US. This may not be available on all ROMs.
▷ Open NXTweaks, under Tweaks Tab, tap on "Clear WiFi Lease" button.
▷ Under Charging Currents Tab, tap on "Reset Fuel Gauge"
▷ Reboot in recovery, Fix permissions.

If you still face issue, clean install good compatible AOSP ROM + Gapps, (optionally flash NXKernel), follow above steps.
If issue persists, you may need to get hardware checked.

Topic explaining all basic Governors & I/O Schedulers: Click Here

Default Governor:
Hyper - The Hyper (formerly known as kenobi) is an aggressive smart and smooth, optimized for SMDK4210 board getweakt and, based on the Ondemand, which was getweakt of Arighi and was equipped with several features of Ondemandx suspend imoseyon. (Added by sysfs, the settings suspend_freq and suspend Imoseyon's code) is the behavior of the hyper Ondemand if he is in action, very similar. He also has the Arighi's fast_start deep_sleep and detection features.

Default IO Scheduler:
- ROW is Read Over Right. As name suggests it services more READ requests than WRITE taking care that WRITE requests don't starve. It is most suitable because Android handhelds unlike desktop hardly uses multi-threading and a user seeks more of responsiveness than giving more input.

My Recommendations:

Recommended Governors: HYPER > NeoX > SmartAssv2 > LulzActiveq > Nightmare > Intellidemand > Others
Recommended Schedulers: ROW > ZEN > BFQ > CFQ > SIO > NOOP > Other
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Mar 13, 2011
NXTweaks gets auto-installed when you flash this kernel.
NX-Kernel Changelog:

Kernel Linux Mainstream version upgraded to 3.0.86
CortexBrain fixed for freezes but disabled by default. Needs further testing.
New panic values for CortexBrain. Under test.
Reset NXTweaks settings on flash.
CPU freq hotplug fixes in driver
Disable power save bias for Hyper by default
Remove non-working Ad-block feature from NXTweaks until fixed
Code fixes for CRON jobs
Enable SELinux Support
GPU Thresholds restored from 1.3.5

Kernel Linux Mainstream version upgraded to 3.0.85
ARM topology updates downgraded to fix compatibility issues with some ROMs

Stability patches: Revert few suspicious commits from previous versions
Updated Linaro Toolchain to 4.7 GCC 13.06
Retuned GPU Voltages for default profile according to Samsung's source
Retuned GPU Threshold values for default profile
Pulled RAMDISK updates from official CM Kernel

This version is Google GCC 4.6 Compiled
Kernel Linux Mainstream version upgraded to 3.0.84
Retuned exynos current values and throttle temperature
Fixed busybox issues
Hyper governor now has affinity for 200 MHz instead of 400MHz
ROW I/O scheduler updated heavily from Android Linux 3.4 Kernel
ARM topology major update and fixes from Android Linux 3.4 Kernel
Compcache service of CM10 ROMs disabled
Minor fixes for stability and performance
Better fixing of corrupt data partition, if needed & detected on boot (merged code in ramdisk)

Enable sound driver used on AOSP Roms

Fix Video Recording Regression in 1.3.6 and 1.3.7
Remove Sound Control since its fixes caused video recording regression
Minor fixes (reverts) to restore stability

Use Hard Float & Neon Libraries for VFP
Small update for Nightmare governor
Disable Autoplug CPU Core Control by default. It's experimental.
Minor USB config fix
Kernel forward ported fixes [1] [2] [3]

Kernel Linux version upgraded to 3.0.83
ARM Topology updates
Modem sensors ported from SMDK4210 (sync with CM)
ZRam Upgrade
CortexBrain complete rewrite
SMP small update
MMC Driver updates and fixes
Add AUTOPLUG option in CPU Control (NXTweaks)
Fix busybox issue with NXKernel
Few forward ported fixes and functionalities
Fixed and re-added Sound Control

Kernel Linux version upgraded to 3.0.82
Super cleaned ramdisk - This helps loading of modules
CPU Frequency managing policy upgrades [1] [2]
Added missing and few new functionalities to exynos cpu frequency policy
Updated and enabled Zzmoove governor. Much stable now.
Nightmare governor upgrades
Slightly decrease saturation for master sequence. Master sequence is still WIP.
Major fixes for compile warnings. No more wasted or uninitialized variables.
Added missing CDROM attribute to USB driver
VFP upgrades forward-ported [1][2][3]
New sampling rate for HYPER governor
Minor Fixes for NeoX Governor

Kernel Linux version upgraded to 3.0.81
Stability fixes for CortexBrain
Stability fixes for battery drain on boot
Add missing patch to configure OOM on screen on/off via NXTweaks
Hyper Governor: Less greedy on boot
Added new AssWax and SavagedZen Governors from Chasmodo's kernel. Thanks Chas!
Fixed frequency limits of AssWax
Nightmare Governor: Stability fixes
Removed unreliable experimental features of NXTweaks
Updated NXTweaks app for stability and more
Retuning of Master Sequence for mDNIe
Faster freezing of process for low power mode
Increased polling interval for battery
Retuned transition latency (now it's perfect)
Frandom Tweaks Added - Enable it from NXTweaks

Changelog of previous versions in below post. :)
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Recognized Developer / Recognized Contributor
Mar 13, 2011
Changelog of Previous versions:

Upgrade Linaro Toolchain to latest 13.05
Hyper governor upgrade and fixes
Disable zzmoove, sleepy and abyssplug governors
Added intellidemand and nightmare governors
Added Auto-Disable-Media-Scan tweak (Enable from NXTweaks)
Added GPU-Power-Saver tweak (Enable from NXTweaks)
Decrease sharpness and chroma saturation for Master Sequence in mDNIe
Use UI + Dynamic as default mDNIe. Cyanogenmod mode is too bright.
MMC updates from i9300 update 9
CMA (memory) updates from i9300 update 9
GPU minor updates from i9300 update 9
Wifi Fixes and update
Fixes for Dynamic FSync for data loss (Still disabled)
CortexBrain tweaks retuned

Revamped mDNIe advanced controls
Added "Cyanogenmod' scenario to mDNIe
Added "Hook Intercept" which when enabled, you can customize mDNIe color channels
Added "Master Sequence Intercept" in mDNIe which discards all mDNIe profiles/scenario and use its own
Added "CPU Control" interface - You can even tune governor and iosched for deep sleep!
Stability fixes & battery life improvement
Sync with smdk4211 (exynos4) tree of cyanogenmod
New defaults for VM in NXTweaks
ZRam description corrected
More explanation to NXTweaks features by me and Formhault
Please Note: AbyssPlug Governor is under test, in case of any SOD .. change Sleep Governor.

Introduced UKSM - Ultra KSM - can be enabled via NXTweaks Memory Control
Fixed External SD Card Mass Storage
Fixed CRON Jobs for some ROMs
mDNIe settings from Exynos4, use mDNIe settings from NXTweaks
Complete redesign and minor fixes for NXTweaks
Added ability to generate debug reports
Memory configuration adapted from Note2/S3 (DMA_CMA)
Attempt to fix recovery reboot
Attempt to fix soft reboot, if any.
Upgraded HYPER and ZZMOOVE governors
Fixes for fuelgauge
Fixed and rewrite features of NXTweaks

NX-Kernel fully merged with and compiled from new Exynos4 Tree of codeworkx
Kernel Linux version upgraded to 3.0.80
Ramdisk: Fixes for WiFi toggle, Radio, Module Loading
Frandom is now compiled as module (More usage of this maybe exploited later)
Added missing Samsung J4FS module support to exynos4 merged tree
Replaced broken video driver of exynos4 tree with one from smdk4210
Entropy tweaked and tuned
WiFi wakelock disabled in Suspend mode
Tweaks for WiFi driver - Disable GAN_LITE_NAT_KEEPALIVE_FILTER and allow to change WIFI MAC address
New touchscreen kernel sensitivity tuning
Default touch screen sensitivity in NXTweaks is now 30 (Touch sensitivity is perfectly tuned now!)
Use journal writeback i/o tweak instead of ordered
Little OOM tuning for cortex brain
Minimum GPU voltage allowed 900mV

Kernel Linux version upgraded to 3.0.79
Linaro Toolchain updated to GCC 4.7 2013.04
Experimental Tweak to increase touch sensitivity / smoothness (as requested, need feedback)
Fixes for wifi toggle delay
CortexBrain retuned
Added new experimental Ram-Clean on Screen off cortexbrain option
Fixed external module loading and added option to force load
Minor fixes

Recovery updated and little fixes
Init binaries GCC 4.6 compiled
Introduce new advanced "Cortex Brain" which gives dynamic tweaks on screen on/off
Introduce CRON Jobs for maintenance
Introduce extra Modules which can be loaded optionally on boot (EDS, XPAD, USBtoSerial, USBNet, etc)
NX Init.d Scripts removed and functionality coded into NXTweaks
Init.d scripts execution can be controlled
ZRam can be turned on/off or increased on-the-fly via NXTweaks
USB Mode - Mass Storage or MTP can be controlled by NXTweaks
Lots of new tweaks and customization

GPU Control Interface added
mDNIe Screen Control Interface
Removed Sound Control Interface and changes
Experimental: Allow higher charging currents. Default is good. Dont change if you are unsure.
Attempt fixing soft reboot. NXTweaks app is not open source, so in case of app FC or freeze.. Please reboot.
Reduced logging and ftrace_init removal
Many upstream fixes and tweaks
A test version using CM's New MALI libraries

Completed sanitization of Ramdisk - Based on latest CM10.1
WiFi Toggle sluggishness fixed (Tested)
Attempt fixing SpiritFM support (Please Test)
Added Sound Control Interface. (Find it in NXTweaks app)
WiFi driver panic fixed (Thanks Alex!)
Small timeout changes with WiFi
Prep for Screen Control feature for next version

Ramdisk binaries restored to fix wifi driver init. Still little sluggish wifi toggle.Workaround: Screen off and then on.
Complete sanitization in next version

Kernel Linux version upgraded to 3.0.77
Added Charge control interface (find it in NXTweaks)
ROW i/o scheduler completely redesigned as per new linux implementation
Deadline i/o scheduler tweaked
Recovery fixed, no auto reboots + new binaries (Needs more testing)
Recoded pre-init and post-init scripts in ramdisk + new binaries
Added mdnie sys interface to fix mdnie sharpness tweak on boot
Options of NXTweaks fixed
Profiles management introduced in NXTweaks (Pre-stage)
Writeback tweak fixed when screen ON
IPv4 Tweaked (backport)
More kernel fixes

Kernel Linux version upgraded to 3.0.76
Introduce NXTweaks app (Pre-stage, gets auto-installed)
New recovery
Add new NeoX governor (It's new Pegasusq optimized governor. Test it.)
Reduce mali gpu utilization timeout.

Disable Dynamic FSync
Rectify Locking frequencies

Attempt fixing recovery to avoid any data loss. This means recovery of v1.1.5.
Fixed alignment trap turning on automatically. It's off now.
Toolchain fixes for SMC architecture and GCC 4.6 compatibility
Added network tweak
Reverted back old voltage table

Kernel Linux version upgraded to 3.0.75-RC1
New voltage table. Tested for a day - no freeze or SOD.
Update zzmoove governor. Still under test.
Unaligned memory access for optimization
Corrected LOAD_FREQ for kernel/sched
Snappy Compression Library added
Add Google's Snappy compression support for ZRam
HYDRXQ governor optimized. This may fix lag on heavy apps.
AbyssplugV2 governor fixed for dual core processors. Not tested completely.

Kernel Linux version upgraded to 3.0.74
Added VR I/O Scheduler

Discard all commits of v1.1.0 & v1.1.1
Overheat Fix
CWM Recovery updated to

v1.1.0 & v1.1.1:

Fix SOD/Freeze - Revert voltage changes'
Revert "Reduce timeout to freeze process when device enters low power mode"

Disabled Dynamic Fsync
Disabled Namespaces
Disabled journaling tweak.

Revert using NEON libraries to fix screen freeze
Revert wifi Ad-hoc mode
Little faster boot for Carbon ROM.

Kernel Linux version upgraded to 3.0.73
Recovery version upgraded to
New temperature throttle values to fix overheat.
Fix battery temperature

Add 25mV at 1600MHz for stability
Reduce 25mV at 100MHz for power saving

Fixed MTP mode. Delete init.d/enableUMS and reboot to enable MTP.
Add VR IO scheduler
Enable wifi Ad-hoc mode. Not tested.
Fix possible deadlock in Panic mode
Use NEON libraries for VFP. Same is used in CM.
Dynamic File Sync optimizations. [1][2]
Reduce timeout to freeze process when device enters low power mode
Improve cleancache for ZRam

v1.0.x -
Fixed WiFi Tethering
Linaro Toolchain updated to GCC 4.7 2013.03
Fixed and enabled ZZMOOVE governor
Add ABYSSPLUG2 and HYDRXQ governors
Attempt to fix partial data loss for some users

Attempt to fix MTP [1][2]
Optimize Kernel Sched [1][2]
Add ARM Topology (this adds to overall arm device optimization)
Reposition wakelock destroy call for drivers/input/evdev.c
Fix possible memory leak in mmc

Increase GPU lowest frequency from 100 MHz (which was recently introduced by CM) to 134MHz
Introduce 4-step GPU mali dvfs control
+ Fix a typo
Change initcall in ASV to earlier stage
Properly initialize GPU defaults after ASV initcall commit
LMK Tuning and add it's functionality for screen on/off
VM writeback tuning [1] [2]
Allow max brightness at 255
Attempt to fix Wifi Tethering

Update Linux version to 3.0.72 + Compile Fix
Fix several mempolicy leak in tmpfs mount logic
Use 4.61 sec interval for LOAD_FREQ instead of 5 sec for optimal distribution
Update LZO compression
Optimize apply_slack() in timer
Little performance improvement in slub.c from FrancisoFranco
Fix possible mem leak in Slub
Use faster memcopy for String
Fix permissions on exynos-mem
Optimize sched for powersave
Optimize checksum. Reduce one loop.
Enable ZRam, User can disable from init.d. + Cleanup
Do not auto-wipe cache and dalvik cache to avoid data loss.
Add a missing patch for mmc
Fixes for binder in staging. [1][2][3]
Fix wifi power drain on standby
Add hotplug governor (Not tested)
Fix install on latest Asylum
New ramdisk -
=> Set fling velocity and scrolling cache to optimized value.
=> Improve I/O drastically.
=> Enable dmesg, kmsg

Stop spam messages from video driver for kmsg, last_kmsg, demsg

Introduce timer slack controller
Dynamic File Sync
Entropy Depletion Prevention - Don't use Seeder app
Modem and Battery wakelocks optimization
Dynamic Read-Ahead
Logger RAM usage reduced
Improve touchscreen sensitity and tune CPU throttle value
CPU Based Alignment Handling
USB configuration drop prevention on cable disconnect
Added optimized ARM RWSEM algorithm

Add BFQ and ZEN i/o scheduler
Upgrade ROW i/o scheduler and use it as default
Make deadline i/o scheduler more deadly awesome
Change parameters of SIO i/o scheduler
MTP fixes. Delete init.d\10enableUMS to enable MTP on next boot.
block: Use hashtable implementation for elevator
Staging: android: binder: Fix memory leak on thread/process exit
ramdisk: More code cleaning and automation for MTP
vendor: Use firmware binary from Linux Kernel 3.6

UV/OC 100-1600MHz. (Default enabled is 200-1400MHz)
16-step freq stepping in full range.
New CPU idle target residency from AndreiLux's Kernel.

NX-Kernel unified ramdisk with CM-AOKP compatibility, network speed optimization, low sound fix and auto system rune on boot.
New governors. HYPER is default.

Kernel Linux version upgraded to 3.0.71 + Samsung OSRC fixes

v1.0.0 (Only working for AOKP based ROMs):
Linaro Build of CM10.1 Kernel


Q. I am getting FC / Performance control not working. What is the solution ?
A. Reboot in recovery. Wipe cache and dalvik cache.

Q. I am getting sleep of death. What do I check ?
A. Adjust minimum frequency to 200 MHz and not lower.

Q. Which is best governor and IO Scheduler?
A. All of us have different choices. There is no thing like best governor or IO Scheduler.
You need to set your personal favorite. I have posted my recommendation in above post.

Q. It takes long time to boot. What is wrong ?
A. Nothing is wrong. Let NX optimize your apps and database.

Q. How to insert a module that's available in /system/lib/modules?
A. Safe to be root. In terminal or adb
insmod /lib/modules/<module_name.ko>
You can request your required module, if you want.

Q. How to know which modules are pre-loaded by kernel?
A. Terminal or adb:

Q. I want to help dev debug an issue providing a kmsg. How to?
A. After the problem (random reboot/freeze/lockup), do not pull out battery to recover. Just long press power button so that device can reboot. Then connect device to PC, (provided you have setup adb), type
adb pull /proc/last_kmsg
Save the file as .txt and post in the thread along with description of the problem and possible way to reproduce it.
If you can't use adb from pc, just copy last_kmsg file from /proc directory to internal sd, copy it to your PC and post in the thread.
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Mar 13, 2011
Unrelated DH-Kernel Changelog, saved for my reference:

DH-Kernel Changelog:

[B]v2.5 (Only working for AOKP based ROMs):[/B]
[*]ramdisk: Restore original CM10.1 ramdisk
[*]recovery: Restore original CWM Recovery

[*]ramdisk: Completely remove journal removal code
[*]ramdisk: Fix OOM protection of init process
[*]defconfig: Disable KSM and AIO
[*]governor: Add SLEEPY governor (not tested)
[*]usb: MTP fixes
[*]// No changes in ROW iosched design for now //

[*]ramdisk: Implement safe journal 'ordered' instead of 'writeback'
[*]updater-script: Remove journal script of Stunner
[*]governor: Update ONDEMAND governor with newly added functionalities
[*]input: update driver - too many updates listed on github source
[*]ida: simplified functions for id allocation
[*]tcp: preserve ACK clocking in TSO

[*]cpufreq: Export new boost attr, so we can tune it.
[*]usb: gadget: Kang support for 2 luns by default
[*]cpufreq: Make some nodes pollable and send uevent on governor change
[*]cpuidle: new target residency
[*]LMK: Restore old LMK with Autodetect OOM functionality.
[*]mali: 3-step gpu DVFS control

[*]ramdisk: Do not clear apps cache on boot, it may give heart-attack to some users.

[*]governor: Fix Abyssplug governor. Thanks Alex!
[*]Added Abyssplug governor
[*]updater-script: Remove wiping android secure
[*]block: Add missing functionality to handle urgent requests in ROW iosched. More awesome than ever!
[*]arm/lib: add support for LZ4-compressed kernels
[*]sched: Create sched_select_non_idle_cpu() to give preferred CPU for power saving
[*]timer: hrtimer: Don't check idle_cpu() before calling get_nohz_timer_target()
[*]drivers: mmc: disable CRC
[*]cpufreq: Add cpu utilization statistics to aid decisions made by userspace
[*]governor: MAJOR update for HYPER governor!
[*]Auto-reset fuel gauge on first boot removed. Instead check init.d and delete it's file to reset fuel gauge.
[*]Recovery changed to Philz Touch. All working fine. Thanks PhilZ for the help over PM!
[*]Linux Kernel version updated to 3.0.71
[*]Fuel Gauge Auto-Reset on First Boot after flash (contributes to proper battery calibration, [COLOR=Red]may show improper battery value for couple mins[/COLOR])
[*]Permissions Auto-Fix on First Boot after flash (to avoid FCs)
[*]Low-sound of Yamaha chip fixed!
[*]Cleans apps cache and tombstone on boot
[*]Preload partition re-added
[*]Updated Samsung's CMA sources to the memory management changes
[*]sync: fix timeout = 0 wait behavior
[*]rwsem: steal writing sem for better performance
[*]lib/rwsem.c: fix compatibility issues with Linux 3.0.y

[*]ZRam Removed - Cannot be enabled either. (If this is the reason of reboot, it will get fixed in future version)
[*]SWAP Removed.


[*]Stop the panic mode. Should fix sleep of deaths. Please report.
[*]OOM protection for init process.
[*]SWAP enabled.(Check with app like Kernel Tuner. [COLOR=Red]To disable SWAP, set vm.swappiness to 0[/COLOR])
[*]Swappiness set to 60% (Default)
[*]Overall improvement of multitasking.
[*]New MALI from Note8.
[*]Fix wifi power drain on standby.
[*]Improve touch screen sensitivity.
[*]Tune CPU throttle values.
[*]Remove STweaks which caused freeze and instability since v1.5
[*]Retain some powerful init scripts of STweaks
[*]Add frandom(/dev/frandom) -Fast kernel number generator
[*]modem: reduce wakelocks in modem drivers from 100 to 50
[*]sync: optimize & upgrade (refer github, huge list)
[*]init.d: remove scripts which are no longer needed
[*]fat: eliminate iterations in fat_search_long and __fat_readdir
[*]lib/checksum.c: optimize do_csum a bit
[*]Backport KSM from Linux 3.6.8
[*]Backport AIO from Linux 3.6.x
[*]sched_fair.c: Optimize latency values
[*]logger: Reduced Android Logger RAM usage
[*]slub: zero page to fix boot crashes
[*]Added optimized CRC32 algorithm.
[*]arm/crypto: Add optimized AES and SHA1 routines Add assembler version
[*]mmc: core: Fix possbile memory leak
[*]Add network speed tweak
[*]nohz/sched: delay going tickless when CPU is loaded
[*]Optimise apply_slack() for size and speed
[*]sched: Improve scalability via 'CPU buddies', which withstand random
[*]Add ARM CPU topology
[*]Asynchronous I/O latency to a solid-state disk greatly increased
[*]ext4: prevent kernel panic in case of uninitialized jinode
[*]irq: Set CPU affinity as soon as the irq thread is created
[*]Add Dynamic read-ahead

[*]LMK: Stabilization. No more reboot or freeze. In case of freeze, please send me proc/last_kmsg to analyze
[*]STweaks: Lots of non working tweaks removed. Some tweaks added.
[*]usb-gadget: Booting from g_file_storage in cdrom mode
[*]cpufreq: Retain only online cpus in managed_policy->cpus
[*]ARM: Fix negative idle stats for offline cpu
[*]Revert "drivers: Add BLN mod (WIP)"
[*]Staging: android: binder: Add binder buffers to kmemleak
[*]block,elevator: use new hashtable implementation
[*]PM: Prevent runtime suspend during system resume
[*]Allow CPU Based Alignment Handling
[*]input: evdev: Move wake_lock_destroy call
[*]sysfs-helpers: Allow negative values for array store
[*]Backport ZRAM from Linux 3.3.x
[*]staging: Add Snappy compression support to zram (alt)
[*]zram: Simplify zram disk resizing interface
[*]zram: Specify default disksize via menuconfig (in bytes)
[*]fully ported ZRAM from Linux 3.3.x
[*]Optimize ZRAM
[*]android: logger: enforce GID and CAP check on log flush
[*]android: Update logger to android-3.4
[*]drivers: Add Snappy Compression/Decompression
[*]lib/lzo: Rename lzo1x_decompress.c to lzo1x_decompress_safe.c
[*]lib/lzo: Update LZO compression to current upstream version
[*]lib/lzo: Update LZO compression for unaligned access
[*]ARM: 7583/1: decompressor: Enable unaligned memory access for v6
[*]Enable UNALIGNED_ACCESS for the new LZO algorithm to use.
[*]lib/lzo: huge LZO decompression speedup on ARM by using unaligned access
[*]Force the kernel to follow the UNALIGNED code path.
[*]kernel: gtod: vsyscall

[*]No changes. Clean rebuild of v1.5 to check if freezes for some user still persist.
[*]Add STweaks support and lots of customization (Beta -- Please do not report non-working tweaks repeatedly)
[*]New modules for STweaks
[*]Enable ZRam from Stweaks
[*]Kernel updated to linux version
[*]hotplug: Add support for 2nd Core app
[*]fs/dyn_sync_cntrl: dynamic sync control
[*]mach-exynos: Don't compile unused 4x12 objects on 4210
[*]sched: Add missing call to calc_load_exit_idle()
[*]Introduce timer slack controller
[*]sched/nohz: Rewrite, fix and add more accurate load-avg computation
[*]scheduler: compute time-average nr_running per run-queue
[*]sched: Ensure cpu_power periodic update
[*]LMK: Add config option to auto update OOM

[*]Default scheduler is ROW.
[*]Revert update on BFQ sched. Fixes Random Reboot. Please test this sched further.
[*]Complete rewrite of voltage table. No more extra heat. More stable now.
[*]CWM Recovery updated to
[*]ACPI / processor: prevent cpu from becoming online (fix)
[*]LMK: tuning to more defaults. to kill MORE. (Give me more RAM?)
[*]staging: android: binder: Allow using highmem for binder buffers
[*]staging: android: Fix three checkpatch issues in binder.c
[*]Full rewrite CPU freq code
[*]CPUfreq driver updated
[*]Implemented 16 steps un CPUfreq!!
[*]200MHz - 1400MHz now default range
[*]Fixed Kernel Version unknown error!

[*]Implement working CWM recovery
[*]Implement standalone git to build faster
[*]Network and IO tweaks included inside kernel init.
[*]Linaro GCC 4.7.3 Build (I think this 1st Note kernel with this GCC, so you need to test every aspects like signal, wifi, any RAM leak, etc)
[*]TWRP Recovery (since this recovery is compatible with 4.7.3 GCC.) - Temporary
[*]Staging: android: binder: Fix memory leak on thread/process exit
[*]Added optimized ARM RWSEM algorithm and enabled
[*]zram: Consider low pages in the lowmemorykiller
[*]zram: Enabled by init.d script - Temporary - will be enabled by kernel itself
[*]bcmdhd: reenable IPv6, disable multicast in suspend - Sync with CM Kernel
[*]bcmdhd: disable GAN_LITE_NAT_KEEPALIVE_FILTER - Sync with CM Kernel
[*]loopdev: fix a deadlock
[*]fimc: merge fix
[*]slub: fix a possible memory leak
[*]kernel/sys.c: fix stack memory content leak via UNAME26
[*]lockdep: fix oops in processing workqueue
[*]iosched: CFQ fixes and BFQ update to v6
[*]defconfig: Remove sound codecs which are useless

Initial Release: CM-Enhanced Kernel from Stunner
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Sep 8, 2010
the release of any new kernel is a time for rejoicing for any xda community. hope this one also covers a long journey :good:


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Jan 1, 2011
Running the kernel on (unofficial) Mad Cow Rom. First impression: Good!

Great to have a AOSP-Kernel with Philz-Recovery! :good:

Small issue: If you select Misc nandroid settings in Backup and Restore, it's not working. Backup and Restore Menue appears again.


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Mar 13, 2011
Running the kernel on (unofficial) Mad Cow Rom. First impression: Good!

Great to have a AOSP-Kernel with Philz-Recovery! :good:

Small issue: If you select Misc nandroid settings in Backup and Restore, it's not working. Backup and Restore Menue appears again.

That's because PhilZ recovery is not fully open source.
We will switch to better one.


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Jan 1, 2011

  • It's your device. It's your responsibility for what you flash. Do not blame us.
  • DO NOT flash over forbidden kernel as that kernel has incompatible/unstable/non-tested init.d scripts.
  • Do not discuss forbidden kernels over here. Hail open-source! :)

Thanks Neo.

I know it's uncommon to read OP, but I like your humor: The combination of warning two and three. somehow paradox. why are warning about something which you dislike to discuss. :D Sorry, might be OT.


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Mar 13, 2011
Thanks Neo.

I know it's uncommon to read OP, but I like your humor: The combination of warning two and three. somehow paradox. why are warning about something which you dislike to discuss. :D Sorry, might be OT.

Lol. Just wanted to let people know init.d tweaks of *forbidden* may create problem. Period. ;)


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Oct 22, 2009
Excellent Kernel

I have been running the kernel for a little over an hour now and it is excellent, super smooth and responsive.:)
I like the name DragonHeart.......... makes the kernel sound very powerful and dependable.:good:
Overclocked too, awesome.:good:

The only changes I have made are:
100MHZ and 200MHZ voltages to 900 mV
Governor to SmartassV2

I wiped Dalvik and Cache before flashing the kernel.
@Neobuddy - Do you have those wipes built into the install script???
I.E. Do I need to wipe dalvik and cache before install???

Thanks for the excellent kernel.:)
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May 5, 2012
Re: [KERNEL][3.0.69][4.2.2 - CM/PA/AOKP] DH-Kernel v1 [16/03]

Flashed. First 10 minute impression is.. Fantastic! Smooth! Didnt changed any value. Just the governor to smartassv2 and scheduler to still bfq which i the default. Will come back after couple of days and see how it goes. Thanks so much!

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Mar 1, 2012
flashed well.

booting is taking too long.There is something like "phone process" not working shown as an error message after each boot.

performance control force closing if voltage settings are changed and set to applied at boot.

On latest stunner ROM


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May 5, 2012
Re: [KERNEL][3.0.69][4.2.2 - CM/PA/AOKP] DH-Kernel v1 [16/03]

Happening to me as well

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Oct 12, 2010
Re: [KERNEL][3.0.69][4.2.2 - CM/PA/AOKP] DH-Kernel v1 [16/03]

Happening to me as well

Sent from my GT-N7000 using xda premium

flashed well.

booting is taking too long.There is something like "phone process" not working shown as an error message after each boot.

performance control force closing if voltage settings are changed and set to applied at boot.

On latest stunner ROM

Just wipe cache and dalvik cache from recovery and reboot.
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Feb 2, 2012
R: [KERNEL][3.0.69][4.2.2 - CM/PA/AOKP] DH-Kernel v1 [16/03]

performance control force closing if voltage settings are changed and set to applied at boot.

On latest stunner ROM

That should be a bug in performance control app. I noticed it when I used aokp rom based, so I searched on net and I found that it should be an app bug. Just use any other app, like voltage control :)

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