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Jan 8, 2011
R: [KERNEL][19FEB] SiyahKernel v6.0b5

gokhan we all love you. lovely pics yet your kernel is really strepitori. you are a big hello

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Apr 4, 2011
Cotswolds, England
Siyah 6.0beta5 on NEAT ROM LSJ

No problems installing Siyah 6.0beta5 to NEAT ROM Full LSJ after a GS2KernelWipe.

Had to re-install STweaks again.


Wi-Fi connects OK

PowerAmp music Player OK

MX Video Player on HD videos OK

Stock camera OK

Stock video camera, record and playback OK

Using battery settings from post #602

Have done 5 reboots with no problems.

Thanks gokhanmoral old boy... you sir, are a gentleman and a scholar. A lesser man might have abandoned us SGSII users by now... but not you. :)
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Oct 31, 2012
Thanks sir GM for the update.
Just noticed 1 thing ram is only 787 unlike the previous was 800+.

sent from i9100 usingTapatalk*2
LS8NeatROM Lite 4.2
LS8 JB Style Reloaded 1.02 Blue NonPatch
LS8*BlackMW_SkipSongs Back to Kill-4way-AOSP LS
Siyah v6.0b5+


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Sep 14, 2012
Flashed b5 on the Disaster ROM v.9 (LSD) after using the hawkerpaul's kernel wipe script. Everything seems to be working fine (like mentioned by previous posters). It's great to be able to use BLN again! Could not trigger bootloops or boot hang-ups (tried battery pulls and power button long press). Updated STweaks to 1.1 from Play Store.

Boot time subjectively feels faster, compared to Jeboo (my previous kernel) or PhilZ (but I didn't time it, so can't say for sure).

Very happy to see Siyah kernel development again! :)

Using battery settings from post #602
What batt settings are you referring to? There's nothing in post #602...


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Sep 28, 2012
Bucharest greatest city ever
Morning, v6.0b5 on Xwlsd.

Cpu overclock til 1.4 work, - 50 uv work, gpu overclock work. Touch led work.
After first boot I see huge lag on home screen, but fixed with disabling gentle fair sleepers from stweaks.
Voltages at gpu are too high, 1.200 for 333 and 1.150 for 267.
I put them, 108-900, 160-950, 200-1000, 267-1000, 400-1150.

Galaxy powered by GM and Dorimanx.


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Jun 16, 2011
Odp: [KERNEL][19FEB] SiyahKernel v6.0b5

Battery drop down in eyes... I'm going back to jeboo

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Apr 22, 2011

Epic Citadel is so much smoother with some overclocking. :)
Above stated uv work for me too!
No problems yet.
Will report later.

Thank you GM! Love your work! :)
This feels like a great not so heavy kernel.
I really like the stock cpu steps.

DorimanX was so overbloated. Great to be back! :)
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Sep 25, 2011
Hi Gokhan.

Thank you so much for rejuvenating the S2 scene for me (and no doubt many others) since you were kindly donated an S2. :victory:

As for Beta5, so far everything has been working perfectly for me (no SOD, wifi/bluetooth/camera/video all working as expected) and no bootloop issue on power off.
It may be placebo, but to me beta 5 seems smoother than beta4, and any other JB kernel I've tried so far. I've not noticed one single lag during use.

Keep up your brilliant work for our S2's.
Thanks Gokhan

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    please leave non-dev related posts here:


    • based on JB sources
    • DISABLED CAP_ERASE (No superbrick bug)
    • All-in-1kernel because it supports CM9, CM10, Samsung, MIUI and Boot-to-Gecko (B2G) ROMs with a single kernel image. (no Sense4all support)
    • Dual booting support for all supported ROM types. See droidphile's post for Dual Booting FAQ
    • Custom CWM touch recovery with swipe gestures and double-tap selection
    • 6-steps CPU freq
    • 5-step GPU frequency levels. VPLL Mode to have additional frequency steps. defaults frequencies: 66-108-166-267-330.
    • Auto-root. You can also remove root via STweaks app and install it without rebooting your phone again. Auto-root can be disabled as well.
    • CPU Overclock/Undervolt support (we have two interfaces for that. both of them are defacto standard)
    • Tweakable vitalij's value (set to 5 as default)
    • Adjustable touchpad led brightness
    • Fixed fuelalert wakelocks
    • You can completely disable android logger using STweaks app
    • Faster charging for misc and USB modes. There are 3 modes (AC, Misc, USB) and normally last two of them support only slow charging. You can have charging speed of AC by increasing it (especially user while charging in car or using USB port)
    • Cpu governor optimizations
    • Gpu voltage, clock and stepcount interfaces (GPU Overclock/Undervolt)
    • Screen brightness curve settings with original panel gamma values. panel values unchanged, so you will get stock colors and will be able to use supercurio's voodoo display app when it is released. brightness modification will only change auto-brightness response.
    • BLN support both for Samsung and CM ROMs (you can use STweaks, Nstools or BLNControl app from the market to enable it)
    • Breathing or Blinking effect for BLN. (Make sure you don't enable blinking in any other BLN app) Use STweaks to select one of them.
    • Better touch sensitivity
    • Available CPU Governors: Pegasusq (default), Ondemand, Lulzactive, SmartassV2, Interactive and Conservative, Performance, Userspace, Powersave
    • CIFS as module
    • Available I/O schedulers: CFQ (default), noop, Deadline, SIO, V(R)
    • J4FS as module
    • ARM topology support (SCHED_MC)
    • Automatic EFS Backup
    • Lots of I/O tweaks and filesystem optimizations via some parts of thunderbolt scripts.
    • USB Mass Storage mode is working in CWM Touch Recovery and you can mount both internal and external sdcard as a disk drive
    • NTFS automounting for USB sticks. When you plug in an NTFS formatted USB flash it will be automatically mounted to /mnt/ntfs folder.
    • USB mouse and keyboard support
    • built-in profile support with default, battery and performance presets (you can change them in CWM Recovery). Even using everything default will save you a lot of battery juice.
    • Eargasm for headphone amplification (in STweaks) as free Voodoo Louder replacement
    • Almost everything is configurable such as scheduler features, hotplug thresholds, GPU frequencies, voltages, arm topology modes... and they are configurable via simple and free STweaks app which is embedded in the kernel and soon in Google Play & Opensource
    • Adjustable mDNIe settings
    • optional sharpness tweaks from hardcore
    • mDNIe negative effect toggle with home button (press it four times)
    • Touch gesture support by Tungstwenty. (
    • BLNWW (BLN Without Wakelock)
    • Slide2Wake (originally by Fluxi)

    More to come...

    Known Problems:
    • no known problems yet

    Thanks To:

    • Chainfire, Codeworkx, Arighi, Tegrak, Vitalij, Entropy512, Netarchy, koush, Creams, sk8erwitskil, hardcore, Pikachu, myfluxi, Tungstwenty
    • This part will be expanded. most of the patches I applied are coded by someone else. please remind me if I forget to give credits to anybody..

    IRC support and chat:
    Channel: #siyah-kernel
    web client: (thanks to omniwolf)

    See for changelog.

    You can find the sources at
    and initramfs at

    these are my future plans and some of them are dreams only...
    • apply chargecurrent modifications even if the cable is connected on boot
    • add optional teamwin recovery
    • make dual-boot timeout configurable
    • implement BFN (BackFlashNotification)
    • scheduling for BLN
    • organize recovery menu items
    • higher polling rate for light sensor
    • remap mouse right button to back button
    • exfat support
    • fix blnww battery drain issue (may not be possible)
    • implement dual-booting with GB+ICS ROMs
    • faster switch between first and second ROMs without needing to reboot if possible.




    • Never report any bugs to CM9/CM10 threads if you use it together with SiyahKernel
    • Do not ask questions to me directly. This is a common thread, not my personal inbox. Ask your questions in the thread and do not target them to anyone.
    • Do not expect answers to all your questions. There are some questions which nobody knows the answer of.
    • Do not forget that this is a development thread. There is another thread in general section for those who wants to discuss battery life and chats. If your post does not include a feature request, bug report or suggestion it should be posted to the other thread.
    • No ETA for new version. Even if I sometimes talk about release dates those may change and they change for some good reason or because of my real-life obligations.
    • Make use of "Search this Thread -> Advanced Search"
    • Never ever discuss anything deep-sleep related in this thread. I do not make modifications to prevent sleep and 99% of deep sleep problems are application/ROM related. discuss it in general section. I do not want any positive ("this kernel sleeps like a baby") or negative ("There is a big problem with deep sleep. Please fix it") messages in my development thread.
    • If you do not provide details about your configuration and settings nobody can help you or nobody will care about your problem/bug report. The problems without details (ROM, settings, preferably the version that the problem first happened or the one that you don't experience the problem) will be ignored.
    • Never ever report any SOD issues if you are undervolting/overclocking and make sure you attach last_kmsg log. If you don't know what it is report the problem to the other thread because one more post without any useful information on dev thread will help noone including yourself.


    Q: I am having some random lockups with some apps
    A: try removing root by using STweaks app and restart.

    Q: What is the difference between STweaks and ExTweaks?
    A: Both have similar functionality. ExTweak is Xan's implementation of the UCI interface (which is designed by Xan and me with the helps of AndreiLux and implemented in the kernel as open scripts by me) and STweaks is mine. I was hoping Xan would release the sources of ExTweaks (without profile support) but he changed his mind and I decided to open STweaks. Soon they will have almost identical functionality, so you can use whichever you like.

    Q: Does this kernel work on XXXXXX-ROM?
    A: If the ROM is based on Samsung Stock ICS Rom LPQ or newer, it should. Otherwise, search the thread... If you cannot find any reference to that ROM, try the kernel. You won't lose anything by trying this kernel. Worst case scenario is to reflash your previous kernel or ROM. You can backup your previous kernel with Hellcat's k-tool from the market.

    Q: Where is CM9, MIUI or Samsung ROM versions?
    A: There is only one version. Both ROMs are supported with a single kernel image.

    Q: What is the best settings?
    A: It is the one you try yourself and like.

    Q: I have just lost 20-30% battery by just rebooting/flashing the kernel. Is it a bug?
    A: No. It happens because of our fuel gauge chip which doesn't require calibration goes crazy sometimes. It is not related with kernel or ROM. Just reset fuel gauge chip using STweaks app (or remove the battery and wait 3 minutes) and then charge your phone.

    Q: BLN doesn't work.
    A: you need to enable it in stweaks or BLN app. if you have more than one app to configure bln make sure all of them use the same settings.

    Q: BLN works in test mode but it doesn't work otherwise.
    A: if test mode works you should blame the apps. Stock messaging and email apps may not support BLN and in some other applications you may need to enable notifications. Either find another application or change your ROM.

    Q: Can I use breathing effect without using BLN?
    A: for now, breathing effect only works in BLN. There is no way of using it otherwise.

    Q: I need to disable and re-enable BLN in stweaks to get it working again. What is the problem?
    A: You may have another BLN related application (BLNapp, nstools, or a script) which disables BLN after stweaks apply the setting at early boot stage. you have to either uninstall that app or enable BLN in that app as well.

    closing the thread once again...

    I don't want to piss the mods again because this thread attracts too many people.
    most of them misinterpret the "this is a development thread" statement and use the thread for their self-development purposes.

    There are very few people who give useful feedback and suggestions and I talk to them over gtalk, email or PMs anyway.

    greetings :)
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