[KERNEL][22.02.2019]Phoenix Kernel V3.6 for the Galaxy A6 (2018)

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Aug 1, 2018
Same from me, two clicks then reboot.
Model: SM-A600FN
Was on > A600FNXXU3ARK1 currently Downloading >> A600FNXXU3ARL1/A600FNOXM3ARL1/A600FNXXU3ARK1/A600FNXXU3ARL1
What I will do is a clean wipe, TWRP > No verity > RMM > Your kernel > Magisk 18.1 Cross this out.

Will go straight Stock ROM trough ODIN, TWRP and flash your kernel

Will update about success ;)

Actually I'm done with making the new v3.5 which should hopefully work on new bases. Please join my telegram channel at https://t.me/PhoenixKernelA6J6 for the latest updates. I'm still not pushing it to XDA as its not tested very much


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Aug 1, 2018
3.5 released for A6. Here is a brief changelog if you havent heard on my channel:
-5V/2A charging support
-disabled Exynos GPU DVFS
-Spectrum support with optimized proffiles, can be found in OxygenControl app
-Built with new Linaro 7.4.1 toolchain
-Updated kernel base and ramdisk
-Fixed reboot problems on December patch for A6
-Magisk 18.1


Nov 15, 2018
I´ll test as soon as possible ;)

update: checked with patchlevel december and it works very well. only a problem like before autoinstall doesnt work. and so i installed magisk manually to get root ;)
the best way is like linxcaesar wrote i make it too all the time: a clean wipe, TWRP > No verity > RMM > Your kernel > Magisk 18.1 Cross this out.
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Aug 1, 2018
PhoenixKernel V3.6 HOTFIX is here, changelog is small this time
-Added back "bootagent" and "SKMSAgent" apps to hopefully fix ramdom apps FC or black screen


Sep 27, 2018
Random apps keep FC, had to uninstall them, problem is the FC trend is followed by any other app
I'm using v3.6, is it okay if I just flash to v3.0 via twrp?

Its only 24 hours since I flash v3.6, 3.0 was fine for me
Method when I flashed v3.6 was: stock via odin-TWRP-DM veritt-RMM bypass-phoenix v3.6


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Aug 1, 2018
Hello Renox, I´ve problems with bootloop since february-update! Is it a known problem ?


Hi, yeah its not unusual to have problems with new monthly updates
It's time to move on to OneUI anyway or install a different kernel. PhoenixKernel for Pie is coming soon (by soon i mean 1-2 months, i dont have the device) and I will try to make it nice and stable there
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Sep 21, 2014
Thanks for keeping this kernel under development. But the latest android version for me is A600FNXXU3BSD2. Any chance of making this kernel compatible with android 9?


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Jun 15, 2019
For some reason this installed Oxygen Control but when i try to open it it stays on a white screen for 30 seconds then it crashes ?? is it suppost to be there ? can i delete it, or how do i change settings in this kernel
EDIT: nevermind it started working when i fixed Magisk (it needed root)
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Mar 20, 2016
If anyone here wanna help with testing stuff for root on oneui and other kernels and so on join our group in telegram and help us out, It would be greatly appreciated. (Link is not posted since xda mods will take it down but search "SM_A600X" in telegram and you'll find us)
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Does this kernel work with U4? I have twrp, magisk and havoc os.

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    Hello A6 users! I present you my first custom kernel for this phone. It has some pretty cool features. They are:
    ● Prerooted with Magisk 18.1
    ● SELinux Permissive
    ● Deleted all kinds of security measures like DM-Verity, RMM, Knox, TIMA, defex
    ● 5V/2A charging support (needs charger and cable that can supply it)
    ● CPU overclock to 1.7GHz (original 1.6)
    ● GPU overclock to 1.3GHz (original 1.0)
    ● Fsync on/off support
    ● CRC on/off support
    ● SafetyNet patched
    ● Overclock screen refresh rate to 64Hz
    ● CPU and GPU undervolt for optimal battery life and thermals
    ● Added tons of custom CPU governors and I/O schedulers
    ● Boeffla Wakelock Blocker
    ● Ultra Kernel Samepage Merging
    ● FRANDOM support
    ● Reduced time to sleep
    ● Wireguard support
    ● ARCH power support
    ● Prop tweaks including 1080p youtube playback support
    ● Undervolted display, touchpanel, vibrator motor and sensors for better battery life
    ● Disabled Exynos Input Booster
    ● Disabled Exynos GPU DVFS
    ● Spectrum proffiles support with optimized presets (can be found in the integrated OxygenControl app)
    ● Built with Linaro 7.4.1 toolchain
    ● Kernel base J600GDXU3ARL1
    ● Ramdisk base J600GUBS3ASA7 (January patch)

    Supported variants:

    SM-A600FN (Europe) - Working
    SM-A600F (Africa/Asia) - Working
    SM-A600G (Asia) - Working
    SM-A600GN (Latin America) - Probably working (needs testing)
    SM-A600N (Korea) - Probably working (needs testing)
    SM-A600P (USA Sprint) - NOT supported - Exynos 7884 CPU
    SM-A600T (USA TMobile) - NOT supported - Exynos 7884 CPU
    SM-A600T1 (USA TMobile) - NOT supported - Exynos 7884 CPU
    SM-A600A (USA AT&T)- NOT supported - Exynos 7884 CPU
    SM-A600AZ (USA AT&T) - NOT supported - Exynos 7884 CPU
    SM-A600U (USA Unlocked) - NOT supported - Exynos 7884 CPU (not confirmed)
    SM-A605 (Any A6+ variants) - NOT supported - Snapdragon 450 CPU

    Download links:
    Google Drive Folder

    Installation instructions
    1. You need a custom recovery installed like TWRP, a link to can be found here. Follow the instructions carefully and strictly to install it.
    2. Boot into TWRP then go to Install and navigate to the kernel zip file. Click on it and swipe to install. Everything will go automatically.
    3. Once it finishes you are basically done, reboot your phone and enjoy.

    And finally, here are some screenshots from my fellow testers:

    @renoxtv obviously
    @ananjaser1211 and @corsicanu for many commits and help with troubleshooting
    @BlackMesa123 for RMM patches
    @topjohnwu for Magisk
    @DarkLord1731 for making oxygen control app and Spectrum proffiles for 7870
    And the guys who went trough my torture of testing everything

    XDA:DevDB Information
    [KERNEL][22.02.2019]Phoenix Kernel V3.6 for the Galaxy A6 (2018), Kernel for the Samsung Galaxy A6

    Source Code: https://github.com/renoxtv/android_kernel_samsung_a6lte_exynos7870

    Kernel Special Features:

    Version Information
    Status: Stable
    Current Stable Version: V3.6
    Stable Release Date: 2019-02-22

    Created 2018-08-22
    Last Updated 2019-02-22
    Q: Why is my OEM Unlock turned off?
    A: Don't worry about it. Some weird stuff happening there, it's still on tho.

    Q: Will you add AOD?
    A: No. Not because I don't want, because it's impossible. Trust me, me and other devs tried alot.

    Q: Will you add X feature?
    A: If it's possible to add and if it's not stupid.

    Join here to get updates about my kernel
    I have made a Telegram channel for updates on my kernel, maybe betas too.
    Link: https://t.me/PhoenixKernelA6J6
    For reporting bugs
    So if there occurs a bug in the kernel, here are what you should do to help me fix that. Remember I work without a device so I can't replicate bugs myself.
    1. Write your phone's model number
    2. Write your phone's CSC code
    3. Write your security patch level
    4. Do you have any magisk modules installed?
    5. Explain the issue with details
    6. Replicate the issue, then boot straight to TWRP. From there go to Advanced > File Manager and navigate to /proc. Then find a file named last_kmsg, copy that to your internal storage or SDcard and upload it somewhere then send it in my XDA PM or Telegram PM at username MITKO7411XD
    Working perfectly with A600G latest update.

    For faster charging, I don't see any improvement. Still stuck at 1.500mA like stock kernel. Testing using Samsung Adaptive Charger and Asus Zenfone 2 fast charger.

    Thank you for testing! I could try to add Adaptive fast charging but i don't wanna risk explosion :laugh: Plus i don't have this phone. I mainly did the faster charging for people with stock A6 chargers.

    Nevur XD