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Nov 15, 2006
I asked this question in the Siyah kernel thread, but Delacor advised me to put it in this thread: Hey you all, I am trying to use a Sitecom (based on Asix 88772 chip) network adapter, on a rooted Samsung Galaxy S2 with official 4.1.2 ROM. Used it with the latest, siyah kernel which should be compatible with my Samsung Galaxy S2. I even copied this with the adb push command, which seemed to work but the adapter won't work. I also tried insmod over adb or terminal with su but with both mii.ko and asix.ko. Both ko files should be the right ones, but I am not for sure. With the insmod command it says that the module was not in the right format! When I check in os monitor I don't see an additional network adapter. Also tried to reboot with the adapter connected during reboot.Even the led's on the usb ethernet adapter will blink. I can read or write usb flash sticks with the otg adapter. When I use the adapter on the Samsung Galaxy S4 (without root) it will show up in os monitor with it's mac address as eth0 but it remains down. But the leds go on. And I probably need root to bring it up. But the adapter itself seems to work. It fully works on an Archos G9 tablet, without modification on this tablet, but you have to enable the 3g stick option. You also get en ethernet adapter icon besides the clock.

Can anybody help me with this? Does this only work on an older android version (4.0.x)? And or with and older Siyah kernel?

Would be great if anyone could give me a hint!

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Nov 15, 2006
Why not try dorimanx kernel??.. Or stock kernel..

Try that you will have your answer..

Stock kernal does not work, tried dorimanx 7.50, boots, but no ethernet adapter gets visible with os monitor, android won't boot up with 7.46 version of dorimanx kernel, only come till dorimanx kernel screen, after that, no samsung screen animation or sound..

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Mar 6, 2011
You don't wanna know.....
Stock kernal does not work, tried dorimanx 7.50, boots, but no ethernet adapter gets visible with os monitor, android won't boot up with 7.46 version of dorimanx kernel, only come till dorimanx kernel screen, after that, no samsung screen animation or sound..

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Please...get some logs....read OP how to do it....then come back and @dorimanx might give you some advice(s) based on logs....:good:
leave your posts in discussion thread please...:highfive:

Beam-ed through your pineal gland via//Android 4.3.1:p//
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Do you read?:banghead:
No....no support for KK yet with official release :)...wait a bit more:p

Beam-ed through Sabered SlimKat//Android 4.4.2:p//

Or go on the beta releases discussion, read the OP and last 20 pages and then, if sure, flash last experimental version which is working fine with KK. Be careful that you cannot flash directly with dori but first use a KK compatible bootloader version.



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May 7, 2013
Good thinking.
And it's not soo appreciate to link to beta forum here. If people know what they are doing and they have the knowledge or at least the curiosity ,they will find it anyway.

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Good thinking.
And it's not soo appreciate to link to beta forum here. If people know what they are doing and they have the knowledge or at least the curiosity ,they will find it anyway.

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In my opinion I did nothing wrong, just helped him if he does not know that there is another thread which is not hidden or secret.


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May 7, 2013
In my opinion I did nothing wrong, just helped him if he does not know that there is another thread which is not hidden or secret.

Just that beta user must know a little bit more..like takes logs, . .adb and have a a stable devices and can provide help for Dorimanx and D-TEAM. And flashing and special betas are a risk and can break/kill your device.
Nothing personal against you.

P.S. And it's just to click on Google and write: Dorimanx beta xda.

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Just that beta user must know a little bit more..like takes logs, . .adb and have a a stable devices and can provide help for Dorimanx and D-TEAM. And flashing and special betas are a risk and can break/kill your device.
Nothing personal against you.

P.S. And it's just to click on Google and write: Dorimanx beta xda.

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No problem for me. Just consider that we can brick our device also with stable release or installing any rom if you don't know what you are doing. Its a kind of FAQ. If we are on xda we are free to contribute, test, send logs, help others etc. taking all the risks.
The basic information its that, thanks to dori and other developers, we can use dori kernel on kitkat roms. For the rest I recommended to read many pages before flashing. Perhaps he can contribute later....;)
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    Dorimanx Kernel for SGII-I9100
    Supporting 5 ROM Platforms!


    My kernel was based on SiyahKernel 4.0 long time ago in other realty,
    Kernel Tree is 3.12.rc6-R101, + Samsung JB updates + my tweaks and lots of tuning!

    Thank you Gokhanmoral for your great work in the past!


    Do not install this kernel on any Android version lower than 4.1.Y
    Do a Nandroid Backup of your ROM before first try it! just in case
    Constant OC will drain more battery! use low speeds on screen off! min 200/100 max 800
    CPU will shutdown in case of over-volt or under-volt so be careful
    I'm no responsible for any hardware damage or system corruption that can happen after using this kernel,
    you are using this kernel from your own will and accept any responsibility by using it.
    If you install this kernel your warranty will be void!

    Of course you can be relaxed, I'm trying every release on my phone several hours before of release it so,
    if something wrong, i will get the damage first, you get a tested and tuned working kernel...

    « Thread rules

    « Which kind of posts are allowed in this thread?

    • Report of bugs after test it personally and including the proper log (Please refer to the Voku's guide of How to report bugs for further information about logs.)
    • Feedback that could genuinely helps to the development of the kernel, for example tests of a new feature including a complete explanation, documentation and results.
    • Requests of new features for the next versions of the kernel with the proper explanation of why you expect to see it and why do you think that will be an improve to the kernel.

    « Which kind of posts are not allowed here and belongs only to the discussion thread?

    • Battery life related, which include: Discussion of battery life, statistics of your battery life, screenshots about your configuration, your configuration itself (with the intention of help another users)
    • Reports of SOD if you undervolt / overclock your phone
    • General discussion about settings of the kernel, which include: Governors, schedulers, I/O, dual-boot, etc.
    • Requests of new features for the next versions of the kernel without the proper explanation of why you expect to see it and why you think that will be an improve to the kernel.
    • Bug reports with the proper attachments like logcat and kernel log (This is the exception, you can post it here and in the development thread, again, only with the log attached, otherwise the report will be ignored), please refer to the voku's guide of How to report bugs for further information about logs.
    • Deep sleep issues. Mostly of this issues are not kernel dependent, the rogue apps cause wakelocks and other weird behavior so, the first suggestion will be go to the BBS (Better Battery Stats) thread, install the app, and drop the log in there but as complement you can expose your issue here.

    « Useful Links and Guides

    Official Dorimanx's site

    Facebook Fan Page

    Kernel GIT Repository

    INITRAMFS Repository (recovery)

    Dorimanx change logs by kantjer

    How to save battery by Voku

    All you need to know about UV/OC by the professional chip designer Vikas [Very important to read]

    [GUIDE] CPU Governors, TCP algorithms, Android Tips, & IO Schedulers: In my Own Words by MBQsniper

    Kernel Governors, Modules, I/O Schedulers, CPU Tweaks, AIO App Configs by droidphile

    How to make your own .TAR kernel file to flash with ODIN by dorimanx and a ready to use .TAR by kantjer

    How to tune the touch screen if you need it by Crescendo Xenomorph

    Kernel Gestures Builder by Flint2


    [Tutorial] How To Logcat by paxChristos

    Dorimanx kernel ICS/JB - Dummies Guide by ironass


    • Kernel is updated to 3.12.Y and beyond.(hybrid)(we have 93% from 3.12.Y kernel!)
    • Kernel SUPPORT JB 4.1.x/4.2.x/4.3.x
    • This is JB Tuned Kernel only! not supporting any 2.x.x/4.0.x roms!
    • Dual CPU support
    • Default CPU governor: HYPER
    • Default CPU frequency: 200-1200 MHz (MAX OC up to 1.6Ghz speed!)
    • Kernel Support STweaks and 5 Profiles.
    • Overclocking to 1600 MHz. (via ANY CPU Tweak Apps or STweaks)
    • Kernel support 16 CPU steps! 1600Mhz->100Mhz by static default!
    • You can set MIN/MAX CPU Freq in STweaks app! + lots of CPU tweaks.
    • Kernel will sleep in deep sleep on 200Mhz->800Mhz as Samsung requesting to prevent SOD.
    • Support undervolt/overvolting via sysfs interface/apps interface. and STweaks (800-1500mV) (all set to best)
    • Be very careful with voltage settings! (all set already)
    • Default I/O Scheduling: BFQ
    • More I/O Scheduling present in kernel: DEADLINE, VR, NOOP, FIFO, CFQ, SIO, ZEN, BFQ
    • Native USB Tethering.
    • Native Wi-Fi Tethering
    • File systems support: Ext3/4, FAT32, CIFS, NTFS, EXFAT
    • Added tweaks to increase I/O Speed.
    • Added tweaks to increase CPU speed
    • Removed all the debuggers to free kernel from unneeded jobs, and logs.
    • More Govs present, HYPER, conservative, performance, pegasusq, nightmare, darkness, zzmoove, ondemand(default sleep gov), sleepy.
    • ZRAM SWAP add more 150/300/600MB compressed RAM, activated by STweaks, set to off by default.
    • Tweak camera (better picks quality)
    • Kernel Include Siyah Recovery with Dual ROM support!
    • In Recovery you have section to select kernel profile. Performance, default, battery, the default is DEFAULT.
    • Kernel will Auto ROOT your device!
    • You can disable ROOT in STweaks app!
    • Tuned for I/O Mega Speed SQLite is injected to ROM after install.
    • BLN by GM! lights time out, and blink/breathing effect, see STweaks BLN tab to activate! (READ ABOUT BLNWW!)
    • New Kernel Management app STweaks by GM! installed with kernel.
    • BLN without Wakelock to save battery when BLN active till timed out. by GM.
    • Touch Keys Light change with the screen brightness! by GM.
    • Massive script for kernel/ROM management made by Voku,Alucard and me :)
      It's will work by auto and set lots of tweaks: NET tweaks, GPU tweaks, CPU management, Deep Sleep Tuning, Charging states, and more!

      It's name is cortexbrain-tune.sh
    • WE SAFE (MMC_CAP_ERASE not present) in kernel MMC Code!
    • MMC code merged with SAMMY Update 10 + 3.10.y updates!
    • FM-RADIO WORKING! (you need Spirit FM PAID!!!!) or Sammy ROM with FM APP.
    • Touch screen color + touch thresholds are in STweaks,
    • Kernel Cleaning Script is build IN! by VOKU.
    • BT Support for SAMMY 4.1.2 and all 4.2.X + 4.3.x
    • Video(GPU) + Camera Driver from SAMMY JB/CM10.1 + patches :)
    • WIFI Driver 1.61.56 ported from SG4
    • Modem Driver from SAMMY JB SOURCE
    • SMP Processor code updated from Kernel 3.12.Y
    • RCU + SRCU Processor code updated from Kernel 3.12.Y
    • Kernel Code for on screen gestures by Tungstwenty fixed by MARIO1968
    • All FS used Code merged with 3.12.Y kernel
    • SLUB fully merged with 3.12.Y Google Android kernel
    • SCHED CORE fully merged with 3.12.Y kernel.
    • RAM merged with 3.12.Y + Google Android kernel.
    • VFP updated to MAX from 3.12.Y
    • Slide2Wake by FLUXI, (swipe from left to right on turned off screen to wakeup device, tweak can be turned on/off in STweaks, this mod use 5% battery! (Modded by GM for less battery drain)
    • Sound boost controls by FLUXI in STweaks.
    • New Mali V2 Video Driver combined with old to support JB STOCK in one kernel(8.X branch) by Gokhanmoral/me/CM-TEAM!
    • In 9.X branch we have MALIv2 ONLY video driver for CM/AOKP new ROMS! no STOCK SUPPORT!.
    • Added mdnie interface and made hardcore’s sharpness tweaks optional by GM!
    • 5 GPU FREQ Steps from 108Mhz to 520Mhz by GM!
    • Ultra KSM from 3.9.y kernel.
    • Powered by SuperSU "Please support SuperSU" dev Chainfire!
    • Recovery can backup/restore STOCK ROM! include the preloaded partition!

    NOTE: This kernel is for JB AOKP / CM10.1 / MIUI(STOCK JB BASE) / SAMSUNG STOCK JB ROMs

    It's not possible to dual-boot with the JB SAMMY ROMs in any combination.
    So, please! don't try it and don't report it as a bug, it's a known issue.


    Every user must use his / her own criteria to report the off-topic posts,

    The rules are just a guide to what is expected to see in a development thread,
    But if you don't want report posts at least don't answer the repeated questions,

    This open the door to the spoon feeders to ask again and again and again...

    Live Change Logs from GITHUB:
    Kernel 8.x
    Kernel 9.x

    (To download kernel, go to links at bottom of >this page!< YES the OP PAGE!)

    ICS is no longer supported!
    for ICS ROMS use 5.x/7.x/8.1 only!

    Discussion, Q&A Dorimanx Thread Go >HERE< For Help.

    Change logs:

    24/10/13 time 12:50

    Kernels 8.43 + 9.43 <Stable>
    Kernels 8.42 + 9.42 <Major BUG found and fixed in x.43>

    Kernels 8.41 + 9.41

    03/09/13 time 16:10

    Kernels 8.40 + 9.40 < NEW BETA TEST! >

    Kernels 8.39 + 9.39 <stable but with small bugs in ram count>

    Added 4.3 support!
    Kernels 8.38 + 9.38 <STABLE BUILD!>

    15/08/13 time 04:00AM

    NO 4.3 SUPPORT!
    Kernels 8.37 + 9.37 <DELETED! BUGGED>

    "Declared as 3.10.rc5 in X.36 build"
    Kernels 8.36 + 9.36 <DELETED! BUGGED>

    Kernels 8.35 + 9.35 <MASSIVE UPDATE! V2 Stable for most users>

    Kernels 8.34 + 9.34 <MASSIVE UPDATE! Stable for most users>

    Kernels 8.33 + 9.33 <Stable for most users! BUT do backups! to PC>

    Kernels 8.32 + 9.32 <Considered stable by many, but still some got SODS(for some users). (bugs fixed)>

    Kernels 8.31 + 9.31 < test V7, STABLE 90% but low vibrate and small bugs.>

    Kernels 8.30 + 9.30 < test V6 STABLE 93%, OOM profiles still broken.>

    Kernels 8.29 + 9.29 <new beta test V5, OOM FIXED! stable, but oom profiles broken.>

    Kernels 8.28 + 9.28 <new beta test V4, half stable, 80% OK.>

    Kernels 8.27 + 9.27 <STILL SODS, OOM Broken!>

    Kernels 8.26 + 9.26 <STILL SODS, OOM Broken!>
    Kernels 8.25 + 9.25 <DELETED, SYNC BUG>

    27/05/13 time 02:50

    Kernels 8.24 + 9.24 <Reported as 90% Stable release!>

    Kernels 8.23 + 9.23 < DELETED SOD BUG>

    Kernels 8.21 + 9.21 < DELETED SOD BUG>
    kernels 8.20/9.20 < DELETED SOD BUG>

    Kernels 8.19 + 9.19 < DELETED SOD BUG>

    Kernels 8.18 + 9.18 < DELETED SOD BUG>

    Kernels 8.17 + 9.17 < DELETED SOD BUG>

    04/05/13 time 14:45

    Kernels 8.16 + 9.16
    <Reported as 95% Stable release!>

    16/04/13 time 11:35

    Kernels 8.14 + 9.14 <STABLE and WORKING OK!>

    04/04/13 time 00:10

    Kernels 8.13 + 9.13 <STABLE and WORKING OK!>

    Kernels 8.12 + 9.12 <STABLE, but with WIFI BUG!>

    23/03/13 time 23:40

    Kernels 8.11 + 9.11

    Kernels 8.10 + 9.10

    Kernels 8.4/9.2 -> 8.9/9.9 DELETED! <MEM SOD BUG>

    Kernels 8.3 + 9.1
    Kernel 8.2 + 9.0

    Old History:

    24/02/13 time 05:22 (Advanced BETA II)

    Kernel 7.50 <FINAL VERSION! MALI V1 is END OF LIFE!>
    Kernel 7.49 <Advanced Beta Tuning FIX>
    Kernel 7.48 <Advanced Beta Test>
    Kernel 7.47 <Improved Beta Test>
    Kernel 7.46 <MEGA BETA TEST>

    01/12/12 time 19:15 (STABLE)
    Kernel 7.26 ICS+JB-MALI

    Kernel 7.26

    20/10/12 time 16:15
    Kernel 5.90 / 7.4 JB-MALI

    Change Log for 5.90 ICS / 7.4 JB-MALI ONLY!

    2/10/12 time 22:48
    Kernel 5.84

    *VOKU and me, we restored function that check DATA + CACHE file system before boot, for errors and damaged blocks and more.
    it's can be requested for one time run by user via extweaks misc tab.
    DO NAN DROID BACKUP VIA RECOVERY BEFORE ANY ATTEMPT TO USE IT! (if your phone will not boot, and you don't have backup, don't blame me for that)
    If your data has allot of corrupted files. then first boot with this kernel will take longer! do not panic. let it work.
    no more than 10MIN, if still no boot, then you need to restore your nand backup and never use this function!
    your hardware is not ready for DATA partition clean up. forget it.
    you will get new file /log-data and /log-cache
    after boot you can check if you had any errors in data or cache.
    To activate just "push the ATOMIC button :)" or push again to ABORT!
    function will work after reboot, and never again, till requested by user.
    If you do nan droid backup and then restore it, you restore all the errors and junk with it. (just for the info)

    Goals for next builds:

    • Debug and find more code errors! (always something new)
    • Add cool features and tweaks
    • Extend battery life.
    • Boost performance.

    « Installation

    • Download the file
    • Place it on your SD card
    • Reboot into recovery
    • Flash the file
    • Reboot

    In case of a new installation on a non rooted or non recovery device:

    You can Download ODIN 3.04 attached to page.

    • Reboot to Download mode (Hold Power + Home + Vol down, then vol up when you see the download menu)
    • Connect USB, wait until the drivers be installed
    • Install kernel via ODIN, choosing the option PDA, search for the file that you downloaded and push start
    • If all going fine the phone will reboot and you done


    Mirror #1 by Bmbm
    Mirror #2 by Willflint

    Mirror #1 Here

    Mirror #2 Here

    Dev-Host mirror (just in case that main mirror be overloaded)

    Alternative mirror provided by Looki75
    > Server in standby, no content <

    « Credits

    • Gokhanmoral (Siyah Kernel)
    • Myfluxi (xxICSKernel)
    • Pinpong (Thoravukk_i9100)
    • Voku1987(This Kernel)
    • Alucard_24(This Kernel)
    • STANTRC(This Kernel)
    • Halaszk (siyahkernel-sgs3)
    • AndreiLux(Perseus-S3 Kernel)
    • Teamhacksungb (CM Kernel)
    • Pershoot (Galaxy-2636)
    • Dror2169 (KernelSanders-OMAP)
    • Faux123 (Great Mega Elite Dev, many kernels)
    • Simone201 (Neak-ICS kernel)
    • Angelom (Abyss kernel)
    • DerTeufel (Samsung kernel - Aries)
    • Entropy512 (CyanogenMod)
    • Talustus ( Dream Kernel - ICS)
    • Tungstwenty (On screen gestures addon)
    • Renaudallard (GNexus kernel)
    • Torvalds (Kernel 3.6.Y maintainer)
    • Robertobsc (Siyah kernel 3)
    Second kernel developer voku1987, GIT
    Please treat him as full time developer for this kernel, any of his answers are considered as if i have answered.
    Thanks a lot for your help and support!

    Third Kernel developer Alucard_24 GIT
    Please treat him as full time developer for this kernel, respect his answers as he know much and helping in development!
    Thanks a lot for your help and support!

    Forth Kernel developer StanTRC GIT
    Please treat him as full time developer for this kernel, respect his answers as he know much and helping in development!
    Thanks a lot for your help and support!

    Great Fearless Beta Test Team!

    • Eskriminal
    • Rkoby13
    • Infatality
    • Shahan_mik3
    • Computoncio
    • Metalgearhathaway
    • PSyCh¤_O_O
    • Crazy-Silver
    • Cybernetus
    • Bogdan1980
    • Markox89
    • Stopro
    • Misk77

    The most active and honored team members are:
    • Voku1987 ★
    • Alucard_24 ★
    • StanTRC
    • THE RED BLUR ★
    • Manulemaboul ★
    • GaboWinter ★
    • Johnbeetee
    • Xanthrax
    • Cybernetus
    • Big_bum
    • Rkoby13
    • Unexist6969
    • Bologna
    • Kantjer
    • Crazy-Silver
    • Sybregunne
    • #illidan
    • It_ler
    • Flint2
    • Wonsky21
    • Zeppelinrox
    • Fhasovic
    • Lyndonguti
    • Nasty_z
    • Krishnadusad
    • Crescendo Xenomorph
    • Jgcaap
    • Bleuxeon
    Respect them and read there posts, ask them questions, and you will be happy and safe with us :)



    • Donation from a XDA Guests x36
    • Bmbm (Huge donation! Great Main Mirror!)
    • Willflint(Huge donation! Great Second Mirror!)
    • Bleuxeon x5
    • Sun90 X3
    • Rkoby13 X3
    • THE RED BLUR x2
    • Xanthrax x2
    • Kantjer x2
    • Flint2 x2
    • PigMachine x2
    • Nuclear******* x2
    • Jgcaap X2
    • Didgesteve X2
    • Toffiko X2
    • Ercxar X2
    • NeGriTa79 x2
    • O0boiboi0o x2
    • Axonn x2
    Bologna, Avinashadvani, Ciribaski, Freewind29, Johnbeetee, Malavan, , Pender666, Ale.gu, Duykhang524, Fictisio, Americoz, Den15, Jomaga, GregX80, Nokia-xxx, Steili, Ulver7, Mr_omega, Haramizuki, Mofeywalker, Puppyko, Computoncio, Ophirb, Iron@ss, Sasho36, ADABman, Follettoverde, AMDPOWERFIST, Quijote1, GeScha, Trevfee, Cybernetus, Drinky, JulianXhokaxhiu, Thijssie909, **** Gordon, Gippy2, Mario1968, Godzifa, Maulattu, Manczyslaw1], Fakhersidhu, Davidb89, Dynomot, MrMastodon, Calanizzle, Nogo8888, Dongerado, H4cker77, GieltjE, Blaex, N1m0Y, Lukign0, Ruk_design, Bubble-be, Chivas112, Vexxx, ,Spinik, Minidou-77, Amber_Oomb, Oriundo, Imilic, Liorreem, GieltjE, Knהההrz, TrallaP, LegnaDegna, Fliron, Mrjl, Mmca, Adyjl, KqK, Xsycox, Gatsu84, Oshmoun, Poseben, R3dDr4g0n, Walter White, Arpinacio, TyDraniu, Livefortoday, Dox81, BigGiantFish, Blaex, Metalgearhathaway, HorstiG, Sgauge, ZeroLight, Leo2589, Cr3ck3r5, FaTa1-Err0r, 99x, Pitzyper[FONT=&quot], [/FONT]1.000.0000Dollar, Renemt, Cool1007, Sibero80,

    « Extras


    Here you can download the app to set the gesture_set.sh script to make your own gestures.

    *Added gestures script that connected with cortex and can be managed by user and system in harmony! :)

    The script is located at /data/gestures_set.sh do not move it, if you have already any gestures scripts in init.d delete them and move your custom stuff to this script.

    It will work with the screen on, and be shut on screen off, to get rid of one more loop that wait forever, we dont need it on screen off! So i give you 5 preconfigured gestures! max supported is 10! max finger touches supported also 10.

    Script will be copied to data if not exist on boot, if exist then, nothing. You can shut this function in STweaks or restore to default gestures if you mess with it :)

    On restore you will get backup of your current running file at /data/gestures_set.sh.bkp + gesture_set.sh.sec just in case.


    PICK FOUND IN GOOGLE! It's not me :)

    I am here for you so, ask, debug and comment!
    Help me to make this kernel as good as possible!

    Recognized by followers
    Great Developer DORIMANX

    Page modifications by GaboWinter!

    This is long INFO post from real chip designer that help to create CPU/GPU and other chips for the living for 14 years now, so respect :)

    He sent me PM, for now he cant post that by him self.

    Vikas is monitoring our thread and want to say his professional stand about UV/OV and why it's works for some and why not for others.

    I am calling Vikas(vikas.mishra) to the speech stand :)

    Hello people.

    Let me introduce myself - my name is Vikas Mishra and I am a chip designer by profession. .
    I have worked on critical parts of design of TI OMAP4, OMAP5, Nvidia Tegra 3 etc and have been doing this for the last 14 years.
    Of late - I have seen a lot of folks posting BUGS about undervolting of the GPU/CPU.
    I think I can explain what are the possible issues with undervolting/overclocking in a laymans language.

    It is a little long winded but I think the length is needed for providing the appropriate context.

    * What is inside your Cellphone

    Your cellphone is an amazing device. It is a full fledged computer
    that fits into your pocket. They have all the standard components
    that a computer has - except that they are all usually soldered on
    the motherboard directly and are not meant to be user-servicable.

    The chief components inside your cellphone are
    1. Application Processor (AP)- this is the heart of a modern
    cellphone. These are manufactured by many companies - the main
    ones are Qualcomm, Nvidia, Samsung and Apple. The other not so
    well known ones are made by Texas Instruments, ST Ericsson,
    Marvell and Broadcom.

    A modern AP has logic to control the camera and process the image
    that it generates, to do video encoding (video recording) and
    video decoding (movie watching), Audio processor etc. in addition
    to the well known CPU and GPU.

    2. Power Management Controller - This is the chip that is
    responsible for generating and regulating the voltages that are
    used by all the components on the board.

    3. DRAM - not very different from the DRAM found on a PC (except
    that it is lower voltage)

    4. Flash - for storage

    5. Touchscreen controller

    6. Logic for microphone, speaker

    7. Battery

    One of the most complex piece of circuitry on the phone is the AP
    and the power management controller.

    * Circuit Basics

    A modern AP has millions of circuit units called (Flip
    Flops). These flip flops have two parameters associated with them
    called Setup time and Hold time. More details on what a flip flop
    can be found on the wikipedia at
    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flip-flop_(electronics) . This is a
    nice bit of bedside reading if you are interested. :)

    A setup time roughly indicates what frequency you can run a design
    or an AP at before it becomes unstable.

    A hold time roughly indicates the maximum voltage till which a
    design is stable.

    A fully technical analysis of what is involved in these timing
    parameters requires a degree in electrical engineering but in broad
    terms the problem is described below.

    Chip designers diligently ensure that all of the millions of the
    flip flops in a chip meet the setup and hold time across a broad
    range of voltages and silicon parameters. They do a pessimistic
    analysis to ensure that a chip will run reliably across a wide
    range of voltage/frequency combinations.

    However, contrary to the popular belief, chips vary widely in their
    silicon parameters. Even chips on a the same wafer and different
    flip-flops within the same chip can have widely different silicon
    parameters. This is why what works on one particular chip will not
    work on the other chip.

    Your silicon manufacturer provides a range of voltages and
    frequencies across which the device can work reliably. The phone
    manufacturer will further narrow down the range depending on the
    other components they choose within the phone board.

    * How does voltage affect the design

    Reducing voltage makes the design slower and increasing voltage
    makes the design faster.

    So can I keep on increasing the voltage for ever and make the
    circuit faster and faster. The answer is no - a point will come when
    the circuit will become unreliable. This becomes unreliable because
    the "hold time" of one or more of the flops will start

    As you reduce the voltage of the design, the circuit will start
    becoming slower. However typically it will continue to work till at
    apoint it starts failing - this failure occurs due to violation of
    "setup time" of one or more flops in the design.

    So what happens when the setup time or the hold time of a design
    fails - the answer is that it is unpredictable. Meaning suddenly if
    you ask the processor what is the value of 2+2, the answer it will
    provide could be unreliable - in some cases it could be 3, in some
    cases it could be 4 in some cases it could be -2349783297 (a random number).

    I am of course oversimplifying but I hope you get the picture.

    * How does undervolting affect your phone processor

    The reason undervolting is so appealing to people because they
    thing that undervolting will save power and improve battery
    life. While this is true in theory, in practice there is a caveat.

    It will reduce the power of the chip, but the power consumed by the
    phone as a whole will not improve. In some cases in fact it can
    deteriorate. Let me explain.

    The most power hungry part in the phone is not the AP - it is the
    LCD screen. All of these screens consume a ton of power. So even
    though your AP is now consuming lesser power, the overall impact to
    the phone as a whole is not that much.

    If you accompany undervolting with a frequency reduction (which you
    should), the total time taken for doing a web page rendering (for
    example) would increase. During this time the screen is on and it
    has more than compensated for the power that you saved in the

    You could of course come up with examples where this wouldn't
    happen - but on a whole, IMHO, you should leave the voltage of the
    AP/GPU/CPU to the guys who know the system best - the guys who
    designed the chip and people who manufactured it.

    * How does overvolting/overclocking affect your phone processor

    If you want that last drop of performance from your phone and you
    over clock it, at a point some of the design flops will start
    violating the hold time and the design will stop working reliably.

    Again, in some anecdotal cases this would work - but this is not a
    reliable means/mode of working. Just because your friend's or your
    first cousin's girlfriend's phone works - doesn't mean yours will
    work as well.

    * What are the user observable impacts of undervolting/overclocking?

    It is hard to say - simply because there are so many of flops in
    the design.

    In some cases - you wouldn't see anything wrong with the phone
    until one day you do. In some cases it will result in a SOD
    immediately. In some cases it will result in your phone not waking
    up reliably.

    IMHO the risks of issues with undervolting/overclocking far
    outweighthe potential gains you may get out of it. Usually there
    is no lasting damage to the phone/AP if you overlock/undervolt but
    it is possible to do it. For example, You run the phone at such a
    high frequency that the chip temperature becomes more than what it
    was designed for and the Silicon just fails.

    So "Just say No" :). Don't overclock or undervolt your phone -
    leave it to the guys who really understand what they are doing.

    News update!!!

    Kernels 8.14 + 9.14 ONLINE!

    Kernel is STABLE with good performance + good battery, we worked very hard on this one. (Me and Voku!)

    Change Log:

    *Voku updated Interactive CPU gov and enabled it. (need to test!)
    *Voku updated/Ported many system code and ROW I/O sched tuning.
    *Voku Ported and Tuned and reconstructed new CPU HOTPLUG code,
    it's name is Inteli Hotplug, originally made by Faux123 for his OMAP device.
    this new driver will help to save more power and give us nice performance.
    *Voku Ported 3.0.72+73 Main Stream patch's.
    *Voku Tuned cortex and profiles to mach new drivers.
    *Updated to latest Linaro 13.03 kernel builder.
    *Added new EDS module to allow using EDS paid/lite app to encrypt data on your device, module can be loaded via app or via STweaks.
    *Allowed to use 1450mV for 520Mhz GPU freq.
    *Equalized last CPU chip Voltage table (number 1) to have same CPU voltage as others!
    We have 4 different CPU chips all over the world in same device! now all will have same voltage, this will allow higher OC and better battery save for all.
    *Added +25mv to 1500mhz and 1600mhz for all chips. to give more stability.
    *Updated many CORE and MEM code from 3.9.y kernel.
    *Updated many SYSTEM code from 3.9.y kernel.
    *Updated many CPU and SMP code from 3.9.y kernel.
    *Added auto read ahead tweak, based on sdcard size!
    *Updated INIT boot from latest CM-Kernel for 10.1 based ROMS.
    *Cleaned old standard hotplug settings and script code.
    *Added some STweaks better descriptions in BLN.
    *Limited battery charge mA to 650mA, we cant get more any way, hardware limit! no way to have MORE, so 700mA was actually 650,
    and we can have MIN of 450mA so no need to ask to set lower, it's will not work.

    More can be seen in GIT, for all that love to dig deep :)

    Have fun, and Report = good debug info!


    do not REPLY to this POST!
    News update!!!

    New Kernels: 8.15 + 9.15 (CM/AOKP/STOK and ONLY CM/AOKP)

    373 commits added! :)

    856 files changed, 54713 insertions(+), 9173 deletions(-)

    This Kernel is A MAJOR update! i have never done such big update before!
    We need to test all we can.

    Change Log: (i cant write all, it's too much! see gits)

    *Voku ported new CPU GOV = ZZMOOVE it's good gov with HOTPLUG ability's and smart cpu management on sleep and wake.
    for now no controls for it in STweaks, but you can select it.
    *Voku ported new Ultra KSM code from 3.9.Y kernel, it's still in tests, we will see what good we can get from it, read google what is KSM (shared memory control with many apps)
    *Voku tuned the Dynamic CPU freq on touch, seems to work good.
    *Voku ported kernel patch 3.0.74-76 from main stream.
    *Voku ported System code for ARM CPU and system.
    *Voku tuned profiles for interactive GOV and other stuff.
    *Till we can fix slide2wake to be off in call, it's OFF by default in all profiles.
    *Voku ported good patch for Interactive CPU GOV. we need extensive testing.
    *Voku ported updates for ROW and NOOP I/O scheds.
    *I have made FULL sync of all new code for RAM from 3.9.y Kernel. we have all :)
    *I have ported major update to filesystem + kernel main code + lib, from 3.9.y branch. (it's HUGE update!)
    *We have fixed some small bugs in scripts.
    *Voku added function to add DATE and TIME to kernel LOGO on each kernel release! that is very COOL :)
    done by auto on kernel build.

    have fun, report and test all you can,

    RAM performance is now X2 and cpu power is awesome!
    battery is holding longer!

    it's for now great kernel, but need more time to know that this is STABLE release.

    if you like my hard work, buy me a beer :) (my beer account is empty :()

    Thanks for waiting :)

    I hope you READY to see the PICKS :)

    HTC ONE X in the TRASH :)

    performance profile + rootbox 22/04/13 nightly

    After some more tests i have fixed some more and tuned profiles.

    ALL, please update to 8.16 + 9.16 kernels! (online)

    Change Log:
    *Voku ported Interactive GOV as is from Google Android Kernel 3.4
    *I have reset profiles to not use Interactive as main Default GOV, as it's may be unstable for some users. (profiles will be reset, on boot)
    *I have ported major function update from 3.9.y kernel to fix the Ultra KSM and much more.
    *I have set HZ value to 250 (was 200) it's effect globally on system performance. and it's best default for android.
    News update!

    OK! here we go again!


    Kernel 8.0 support ONLY new ROMS based on CM10.1 LAST nightly!

    DO NOT INSTALL on OLD CM/AOKP ROMS! get black screen, dont bother to write here!

    Kernel 7.50 THE LAST ONE in 7.XX branch!!!
    Support ALL older CM/AOKP + JB SAMMY + ICS SAMMY

    2 kernel have the same new stuff and fixes except the VIDEO DRIVER! and all that needed for NEW CM/AOKP ROMS.

    READ the change LOG x 10 times!

    Change log:

    *Added new video MALI V2 driver to kernel 8.0!
    *Fixed WIFI HOTSPOT for new CM/AOKP ROMS (kernel 8.0)
    *Fixed broken baseband for new CM/AOKP ROMS (kernel 8.0)
    *Fixed SLOW GPU for new CM/AOKP ROMS (kernel 8.0) faster than CM-KERNEL!
    *WIFI toggle now works, new CM/AOKP ROMS (kernel 8.0) (ROM BUG)
    *Set HYPER as main GOV
    *Tuned Kernel performance, now much faster.
    *Voku added dynamic touch freq mod.
    *Voku added Auto DATA off/on with screen on/off, mod OFF by default.
    *Voku fixed KSM MOD.
    *I have removed lulzactive CPU GOV from kernel. (was not stable for us)
    *Added new JB SAMMY INIT updates from latest kernel.
    *Added new CM10.1 INIT updates and mount fixes.

    Have FUN.

    in download pages, new kernel is in his own section + ODIN kernel.

    DO not answer STUPID questions HERE about WHY!!!!????? my screen is BLACK!
    and i installed kernel 8.0 on some old junk!