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[KERNEL][4.14.198][MIUI/AOSP] ?Quantic Kernel ? [MIUI WORKS][23/09/20]

Do you want a MIUI version?

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Oct 20, 2012
Celaya, Guanajuato
2gb zram is optimal? I think 512mb would be great :eek: :silly: :confused:

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And bbr is better than westwood

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And adaptive lmk is a pain?

BBR is by default on AOSP and MIUI needs to update, so I let westwood. Simple LMK will be added soon


New member
Jul 29, 2020
I'm using latest Miui EU 12.0.3. I got bug using R23 and R24 version, black screen of death. Flashed back R22 working fine now.

Thanks developer for the best kernal, performance and battery life improved. Hopefully latest version can solve the bug.


New member
Aug 5, 2020
r26 > no battery charging
r26-MIUI > touch freeze on lockscreen

On my Mi9 stock miui global.

Now when I flash the kernel I get bootloop
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Dec 8, 2018
Hello! When I install this kernel for mi 9 on havoc OS, the fingerprint sensor doesn't work properly (the screen dims instead of flash bright when I scan finger). When I set my screens brightness to max, it works properly. Tested on both normal and 66hz
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Oct 20, 2012
Celaya, Guanajuato
Hello! When I install this kernel for mi 9 on havoc OS, the fingerprint sensor doesn't work properly (the screen dims instead of flash bright when I scan finger). When I set my screens brightness to max, it works properly. Tested on both normal and 66hz

Is not my fault, dev of havocOS is not using the latest fod so kernel is not compatible and I stop making builds with oldfod.

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    Welcome to Quantic-Kernel, builded specially for Xiaomi Mi 9 codename: Cepheus

    /* I'm not responsable for any damage on your device, for X or Y reason, also I'm not responsable if you loose your alarm and got fired, anything like that, installing this kernel you renounce to make me responsable of any unwanted behavior of your device */

    /*Compatible ONLY with Android 10*/

    Hi everyone, I want to introduce you my new kernel named Quantic-Kernel, this is my personal build kernel with my prefered features. Hope everyone enjoy it and I'll be maintaining it so people can used it with their preferred AOSP ROM and MIUI ROM(See details below)

    * @Kris Chen
    * @mitjat (Mitja Tavcar)

    • Added Underclock down to 180MHz and Overclock up to 825MHz with a 735MHz step and official 675MHz step by CAF (Overclock isn't recommended only when using emulators suchs as Dolphin Emulator)
    • wq_pwer_saving toggle unlocked (Only visible in EX kernel Manager)
    • Kernel can be updated using FK Manager or Smartpack manager (see info below on how to add the .json)
    • Wireguard VPN core support
    • Added K-Lapse v5.0 module by tanish2k09
    • Added Sound Control (Thanks to @TeamMex for the fresh implementation)
    • Added Boeffla Wakelock Blocker v1.1.0
    • Upstreamed to Linux-4.14.172
    • Fsync toggle (Use only when your F2FS is your current filesystem)
    • Dynamic Fsync
    • Simple Low Memory Killer by Sultan Alsawaf (@kerneltoast)
    • sched backports from mainline 4.19 kernel
    • Lates CAF tag of sm8150, SDX55, SD6XX.
    • KCAL Reimplemented

    • Flash magisk (If not flashed previously)
    • Make a TWRP backup of BOOT and DTBO partitions
    • Flash Quantic-Kernel_rX.zip
    • Flash Magisk-v20.4
    • Reboot to system
    • Enjoy it

    • Working on all MIUI ROM with broken DC-Dimming (Anti Flicker screen)
    • AOSP with no bugs



    • Huge thanks to @TeamMex for the help when making some codes
    • Thanks to @LOswaldoRO for a lot of testing
    • Thanks to @Giton22 for testing


    XDA: DevDB Information
    Quantic Kernel, Xiaomi Mi 9 (Cepheus)


    Source Code: https://github.com/Official-Ayrton990/Quantic-Kernel-AOSP-Cepheus/

    Kernel Special Features:

    Version Information

    Created 2020-03-08
    Last Updated 2020-07-12
    Releases and Changelog
    Quantic-Kernel reborn
    What's this kernel:
    It's a new concept kernel as the usual, this is focused on a improved UI experience to feel the smoothness of a Pixel device.

    It's based on latest CAFEST base of sm8150 with clean code, including a several backports from 4.19 CAFEST kernels into the scheduler, making the optimum approach to low jank and jitter experience.

    Working over WALT scheduler following the recommendations of CAF:
    - CONFIG_HZ=100 instead of 300 used on most custom kernels out there
    - SchedTune predictions.
    - No AOSP overlayed code
    - No riced code inside.

    Quantic puts it's enhancements on:
    - Backported Wireguard module to July
    - ExFAT compatible OTG Devices
    - LZ4 Crypto upgraded
    - 2GB ZRAM for the best multitask experience
    - heavily adapted scheduler aligned with CAF recommendations.
    - CAF energy management by default instead of Xioami's.
    - GPU OC Temporary disabled (will be ready next update until upstream arrives)
    - Recalculated EAS Capacity in DTS
    - Latest Long Term Support 4.14.193
    - Latest tag for sm8150
    - In kernel boosting drivers rather than common CAF Boost that causes massive task migration impacting performance and battery life.
    - Battery life improved drastically

    - BUGS: NONE SO FAR.. (You tell me?)
    - Flash over the ROM stock kernel.
    - This kernel works perfect aligned with my latest AOSiP build ?
    - Screen OC will be added on next build
    - Edit : Added Hotfix version

    - http://quantic.carlosayrton.com/Quantic/Cepheus/AOSP/Quantic-Kernel-REBORN-Fixed.zip


    Quantic-Kernel r22

    - Fixed BSD (Black Screen of Death while device locked)
    - Switched to PELT Scheduler (New reworked sched, same as MIUI variant)
    - Implemented turbocharge by wloot (To use generic chargers with 3A+ of flow)
    - Bringed back GPU Overclock up to 810MHz
    - Fixed performance regression (Geekbench: 761 single core, 2618 Multi-Core)
    - Bringed back Sound Control
    - Jitter with less disparity

    BUGS: None so far
    Battery Consumption: Acording to my weak test battery drain on simple task should be arround 9.80%/h and idle arround 0.36% please report back if you see high consumption
    Download AOSP and MIUI: https://github.com/Official-Ayrton990/Quantic-Kernel-AOSP-Cepheus/releases

    Quantic-Kernel r21
    Changelog for AOSP | Download here
    Changelog for MIUI | [URL="https://github.com/Official-Ayrton990/Quantic-Kernel-AOSP-Cepheus/releases/tag/r21-MIUI"]Download here
    MIUI Users, Disable DC-Dimming or Anti-Flicker before flashing, else you will have a bootloop.
    Join to my telegram group for support or to my channel to get faster updates

    Quantic-Kernel r17
    Changelog for AOSP:
    - Upstreamed to LTS: 4.14.186
    - Upstreamed Low Memory Killer by Sultan Alsawaf @Kerneltoast
    - FOD Improvments (Use qcom drm notifier for event blanks)
    - disp: msm: sde: prevent CPU from sleeping while processing display IRQ
    - soc: qcom: smp2p: keeping inbound entry on freeze
    - ARM64: dts: sm8150-common: Disable all PCIe and MHI nodes
    - cpufreq: Only block min freq setting for booster processes
    - qos: Don't allow userspace to impose restrictions on CPU idle levels

    NOTE: Kernel version remains on r16 because I forgot to change it
    NOTE: Userspace is the plain where rom and user can tamper in kernel settings by a good or bad way
    Download here: https://github.com/Official-Ayrton990/Quantic-Kernel-AOSP-Cepheus/releases/tag/r17

    Changelog for MIUI- Initial Release
    - Upstreamed to LTS: 4.14.186
    - Upstreamed to CAF: LA.UM.8.1.r1-15100-sm8150.0
    - FOD Fixed by @sekaiacg
    - FOD Improvments by @laulan56
    - AOD and FOD on AOD Fixed by @official-Ayrton990
    - GPU Overclock to 835MHz
    - Fsync toggle and Dynamic fsync
    - Disabled all qcom boost
    - Use qcom drm notifier and all fingerprint and touch drivers and objects
    - PELT Scheduler
    - Scheduler backports for general performance and baterry consumption

    BUGS: Anti screen flickering not working and dont try to enable or your would never be able to boot the rom
    BUGS: Since I'm using magisk to solve some issues of FP coming from M.O.D Kernel or Evira Kernel will bootloop your device, be aware.
    Download here: https://github.com/Official-Ayrton990/Quantic-Kernel-AOSP-Cepheus/releases/tag/r17-MIUI

    Quantic-Kernel r14
    • Fod Improvments in accuracy and speed according to
      • Changed interpolation method from linear to non-linear using logarithms (base 2) for a better accuracy and response in brightness (see: f8658e8)
      • Fixed high birghtness after unlocking device using fod.
      • avoid atomics to trigger drm_notifier
    • Massive improvments in performance and battery consumption, according to
      • Custom Implementation of cpu_input_boost
      • Selected minimum optimal frequencies for sm8150 (Thanks to kdrag0n)
      • Boosting DDR Bus when a new frame is ready to be commited.
      • Boost when memory pressure becomes high
    • Upstreamed CAF to: LA.UM.8.1.r1-15100-sm8150.0
    • Upstreamed LTS: 4.14.183
    • Scheduler improved, reduced Jank and Jiter (UI)
    • WALT Dropped
    • Idle improved (Tweaked s2idle)
    • Minor battery improvments in general.
    • OC restored back (recommended default 675MHz)
    NOTE: Improvments on FOD are only avaliable in the FOD-IN-KERNEL version
    FOD-IN-KERNEL only compatible with: LOS, PE, P-404, Syberia, Descendant and crDroid.

    Download here: https://github.com/Official-Ayrton990/Quantic-Kernel-AOSP-Cepheus/releases/tag/r14
    Quantic-Kernel r12
    • rebuilt FOD changes from the ground up to avoid flickering (kernel side changes obviously, requires updated trees)
    • Enable lz4 zRAM compressor for PELT version
    • wakeup logging under new s2idle flow
    • Improve general performance of the scheduler
    • sched/fair: don't migrate stune boosted tasks to little cores
    • sched/tune: remove WALT support from stune assist (performance improved, because this enable full stune assist on PELT)
    • Upstreamed to 4.14.18 from kernel.org
    • Latest CAF Tags
    • For FP, there will be 2 versions, one for updated roms with optimized fod by Demon000, such as Pixel Experience and LOS, other version [PELT(2)] will work on other roms like derpfest based and crDroid.
    • Some little performance improvments and idle consumption lowered
    • ExFAT added to PELT(2)

    Download here: https://github.com/Official-Ayrton990/Quantic-Kernel-AOSP-Cepheus/releases/tag/r12-PELT
    Download here (Optimized FOD): https://github.com/Official-Ayrton990/Quantic-Kernel-AOSP-Cepheus/releases/tag/r12-PELT_DERP

    Quantic-Kernel r10
    • Upstreamed to 4.14.181 from android-linux-stable
    • Embedded dtbo.img into the kernel, this will let modders to alter the dtbo partition without messing with fp.
    • Updated sched_energy driver
    • Checkout to sched_energy to common kernel android 4.14
    • Idle drain improved (please don't use meme apps such as greenify, naptime and GMS Doze, because aren't compatible with sleep2idle)
    • New complementary build with PELT Scheduler (NO GPU OC, NO KLAPSE and NO Boeffla Wakelock Blocker)
    • Upstreamed osm0sis Anykernel3
    • HEX-PATCHED boot.img support on anykernel.sh to support no-root users
    • Added schedION (See info below) optimized for PELT mechanism
    Join to https://t.me/QuanticKernel for group support and https://t.me/ayrton990mods for updates

    Download here WALT Version: https://github.com/Official-Ayrton990/QK-AOSP-Cepheus/releases/tag/r10
    Download here PELT Version: https://github.com/Official-Ayrton990/Quantic-Kernel-AOSP-Cepheus/releases/tag/r10-PELT

    Quantic-Kernel r9
    • Enabled sleep2idle
    • Fix excessive packing on the max capacity CPU
    • updated LZ4 decompressor module
    • tcp: up initial rmem to 128KB and SYN rwin to around 64KB
    • Enable simple_lmk (Simple low memory killer upstreamed)
    • Updated vmpressure
    • Code cleaned at 80%
    • Introduce devfreq_boost
    • Boost CPU DDR bus when commiting a new frame
    • Forced ULPS on dsi_panel instead of my dtsi forced method
    • Nuked Dynamic_schedboost since it was making a lot of jitter while navigating on the UI and draining battery so fast
    • Merge tag 'LE.UM.3.3.2-0800-SDX55'
    • Merge tag 'LA.UM.8.9.r1-09200-SM6xx.0'
    • Upstreamed to latest AOSP 4.14-q tag
    • Added some flags optimization to Makefile (NOTE: I know that Linus Torvalds disapproves using -O3 optimizations but I'm compiling with clang instead of gcc)
    • Nuked default up|down_rate_limit_us values
    Join to https://t.me/QuanticKernel for group support and https://t.me/ayrton990mods for updates

    Download here: https://github.com/Official-Ayrton990/QK-AOSP-Cepheus/releases/tag/r9

    Quantic-Kernel r7 and r8
    • Upstreamed to Linux 4.14.180 of https://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/stable/linux
    • Enabled exposure adjustment and also changed some minor values (DC Dimming or Flicker Free, also tunned to avoid visual artifacts)
    • Merge tag 'LE.UM.4.2.2.r1-01000-SDX55'
    • Merge tag 'LA.UM.8.1.r1-14900-sm8150.0'
    • Merge branch 'android-4.14-q' of https://android.googlesource.com/kernel/common
    • Backported features that will help CPU to distribute the loads on the cores
    • Nuked some useless boost from CAF
    • Tunned thermals zones
    • Imported binder changes from 4.19
    • Leds: class: ensure workqueue is initialized before setting brightness
    • Nuked sched_boost feature
    • Tweaked schedutil
    • Avoid thermal_core to not throttle prime core
    • reserve prime core for high_cap tasks only
    • disallow taking down big and prime cores by userspace
    • avoid 100% CPU usage during compaction when a task is killed
    Join to https://t.me/QuanticKernel for group support and https://t.me/ayrton990mods for updates

    Download here: https://github.com/Official-Ayrton990/QK-AOSP-Cepheus/releases/tag/r8

    Quantic-Kernel r6
    • Partially fixed dt2w, some users reporting not working on PA but the rest of the ROMs works
    • Upstreamed to **linux stable 4.14.178**
    • Added a new CFS thread for freeing GPU memory. Improves performance when tearing down processes and lets UI to submit work to the GPU. (more info here: 24c27d8)
    • Offload mementry destroy work to separate thread, this is done to reduce the time spent by user applications in waiting for memory to be freed. (more info here: 0dc7bcd)
    • Use optimized spinning loop for arm64, this makes about 20% performance improvement on the CPU multithread load. (more info here: 9abedaf)
    • Fix race between runtime distribution and assignment (more info here: 0d521cd)
    • Align rq->avg_idle and rq->avg_scan_cost, The only difference between the two is that rq->avg_scan_cost is computed using a pure division rather than a shift (more info here: f3721e1)
    • Get rid of the big mutex lock on ashmem (more info here: 3ec8f26)
    • Enable ZRAM to 3GB and use z4 as compressor.
    • Most of the new features were backported.
    Join to https://t.me/QuanticKernel for group support and https://t.me/ayrton990mods for updates

    Download here: https://github.com/Official-Ayrton990/QK-AOSP-Cepheus/releases/tag/r6 or use FK Manager/smartpack to Update

    Quantic-Kernel r4
    • Merge tag 'LA.UM.8.11.r1-03300-NICOBAR.0'
    • Merge tag 'LE.UM.4.2.2-00800-SDX55'
    • Added dynamic schedtune boost
    • Tweaked cpufreq_schedutil.c again
    • By consequence of the prior changes, performance is better than last r3 without loosing battery backup.¿t
    Join to https://t.me/QuanticKernel for group support and https://t.me/ayrton990mods for updates

    Download here: https://github.com/Official-Ayrton990/QK-AOSP-Cepheus/releases/tag/r4 or use FK Manager/smartpack to Update

    Quantic-Kernel r3
    • paranoid kernel base by @markakash now deprecated, thanks to him to let this project start
    • New base build from scratch synced with demon000 fp changes
    • DDR4 2133MHz OC
    • Enabled Ultra Low Power State (UPS)
    • Enabled LZ4 on ZRAM
    • Enabled CONFIG_IP_NF_TARGET_TTL requested by Vladislav Polyakov this let the user to change TTL by their own value in safe way
    • Tuned schedutil to reach better performance without damaging the battery life
    • Use PELT instead of WALT
    • MIUI not compatible at the moment
    Join to https://t.me/QuanticKernel for group support and https://t.me/ayrton990mods for updates

    Download here: https://github.com/Official-Ayrton990/QK-AOSP-Cepheus/releases/tag/r3 or use FK Manager to Update

    Quantic-Kernel v2.1-HF
    • Fixed tethering, this means that modded TTL to avoid tethering on carries has been reverted. Check: 8b8ef87
    • Synced with Demon000 changes
    Download here: https://github.com/Official-Ayrton990/Quantic-Kernel_AOSP-PE/releases/tag/v2.1-HF or use FK Manager to Update
    Quantic-Kernel v2.1
    Download here: https://github.com/Official-Ayrton990/Quantic-Kernel_AOSP-PE/releases/tag/v2.1 or use FK Manager to Update

    Quantic-Kernel v2.0
    • Merge tag 'LE.UM.3.3.2-07400-SDX55' from CAF
    • Merge tag 'LE.UM.4.1.2.r1-03500-qcs405.0' from CAF
    • Avoid tethering carrier detection (EXPERIMENTAL) changing TCP time to live (TTL) packages to 64 (ISP dettects tethering when a value of TTL is dfferent than 64)
    • Use power efficient workingqueues on GPU
    • Sycned doze changes from Demon000
    • Disable readahead by default; could improve performance and power consumption by 70% (sequential; 60% for random).
    • dtbo regenerated (please test this could break the fingerprint)
    Download here: https://github.com/Official-Ayrton990/Quantic-Kernel_AOSP-PE/releases/tag/v2.0 or use FK Manager to Update

    Quantic-Kernel v1.9
    • Merge tag 'LE.UM.4.2.2-00500-SDX55'
    • Added Demon000 screen doze implementation for battery savings
    • Disabled all debuggers and loggers
    • Testing new cpu mask to set idle frequencys.
    • Wireguard is enabled by default
    • should see better screen off drain
    • Added the necessary commits for the new flicker-free implementation on PE+ to work
    Download here: https://github.com/Official-Ayrton990/Quantic-Kernel_AOSP-PE/releases/tag/v1.9 or use FK Manager to Update

    Quantic-Kernel v1.8
    • Upstreamed to 4.14.175 from https://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/stable/linux
    • Changed frequency bus (max and min) to achieve better efficiency on GPU OC, this means: Less heat, less battery consumption
    • IMPORTANT NOTE: Upstreams could downgrade battery performance, I don't test and review every single commit of an upstream (Takes a lot of hours) so this is likely the price to pay to have an Up to date Kernel
    Download here: https://github.com/Official-Ayrton990/Quantic-Kernel_AOSP-PE/releases/tag/v1.8 or use FK Manager to Update

    Quantic-Kernel v1.7
    Download here: https://github.com/Official-Ayrton990/Quantic-Kernel_AOSP-PE/releases/tag/v1.7 or use FK Manager to Update

    Quantic-Kernel v1.6
    • Tweaked schedutil governor, now better consumption and battery drain achieved
    • Removed Spectrum profiles, not necessary now with this tweak on schedutil
    • Now kernel is upgradable with Franco Kernel Manager and smartpack just adding the following url: https://www.carlosayrton.com/kernel.json
    • Overclock downgraded to 825MHz, this because some reports about antutu failing on benchmark and lower results, also a lot of shuttering on the UI
    • Underclock down to 96MHz to idle the gpu and save energy, when watching videos or static images.
    Download here: https://github.com/Official-Ayrton990/Quantic-Kernel_AOSP-PE/releases/tag/v1.6

    Quantic-Kernel v1.5
    • Upstreamed to 4.14.174 from linux-stable (See my github to review changes)
    IMPORTANT NOTE: Upstreams could downgrade battery performance, I don't test and review every single commit of an upstream (Takes a lot of hours) so this is likely the price to pay to have an Up to date Kernel

    Download here: https://github.com/Official-Ayrton990/Quantic-Kernel_AOSP-PE/releases/tag/v1.5

    Quantic-Kernel v1.4 (Birthday update! :victory:)
    • Synced with akash changes
    • schedION governor added (Battery Friendly ONLY and see INFO Post for details)
    • Updated Spectrum profiles
    IMPORTANT NOTE: Upstreams could downgrade battery performance, I don't test and review every single commit of an upstream (Takes a lot of hours) so this is likely the price to pay to have an Up to date Kernel

    Download here: https://github.com/Official-Ayrton990/Quantic-Kernel_AOSP-PE/releases/tag/v1.4

    Quantic-Kernel v1.3
    • Upstreamed to 4.14.173
    • Spectrum profiles reverted
    • Kernel updated to LA.UM.8.1.r1-14500-sm8150.0
    Flashing method:
    • Backup stock boot and dtbo
    • Flash Kernel
    • Flash Magisk v20.3
    • Reboot
    Fingerprint on Screen should be fixed since I'd made a dtbo.img to avoid that issue, however because of the lack of testers I can't guarantee fingerprint working since I reimplemented spectrum profiles again.

    Download here: https://github.com/Official-Ayrton990/Quantic-Kernel_AOSP-PE/releases/tag/v1.3

    Quantic-Kernel v1.2
    • Deleted Spectrum as fingerprint still not working (sorry for that)
    • Added houston library from OnePlus 7 PRO
    • Added blu_schedutil, a governor created by @eng.stk extracted from his kernel implementation on blu spark. (This governor saves battery and unleash power when needed)
    • Removed several log instructions from defconfig to avoid unnecessary charge on the system.
    • Added Device_Tree_blob_overlays to completely solve the issue of missing fingerprint in some devices and ROMs (Like crDroid and ArrowOS)
    Download here: https://github.com/Official-Ayrton990/Quantic-Kernel_AOSP-PE/releases/tag/v1.2

    Quantic-Kernel Hotfix-v1.1
    • Temporary removed Spectrum, as is the known bad guy that is causing trouble with some people dissapearing fingerprint on display
    • People that doesn't have problems with fingerprint can stay on v1.0 without problem, this update is made to restore fingerprint.
    • Please restore your boot and dtbo partition backup made on twrp and then flash the kernel (no need to reflash magisk as I'm not touching ramdisk anymore because no spectrum)
    • Thanks to Peter Jakson for testing the fixed version Apologizes to everyone for the inconvenience
    Download here: https://github.com/Official-Ayrton990/Quantic-Kernel_AOSP-PE/releases/tag/Hotfix-1.1

    Quantic-Kernel v1.0
    • Updated K-Lapse to v5.0 this fixes FK Manager force close issue when activating it
    • Reimplemented KCAL from scratch, that fixes a lot of shutterings and adds color control to the screen
    • Added missing header (display_state.h) that causes issues with KCAL
    • Performance improved massively
    • Added Spectrum profiles support to the kernel
    Download here: https://github.com/Official-Ayrton990/Quantic-Kernel_AOSP-PE/releases/tag/v1.0
    New Update is out!

    Support for MIUI with fod working and AOSP improvments. Check second post!

    Please give a thanks, I put all my eforts on this kernel, also on MIUI Kernel was a lot of work to do due to backporting xiaomi stuff from 4.19 Kernel to our 4.14 Kernel

    Regards, Ayrton.
    New version of QK Reborn is out

    Check second post for download links

    NOTES: MIUI not updated at the moment, but it will soon.

    Please give me a thanks to upgrade my level on xda.