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[kernel] {4.3.1}[p4wifi]

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May 8, 2012
I ran into some issues after installing the updated kernel. After I flashed the kernel I got stuck in a boot loop. I re-flashed it and it got stuck on the 'starting apps' step. I had to re-flash the rom (with factory reset) to get to a working rom again. I had no problems with the previous version.

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    Ive been working on a kernel for the p4 wifi tab. My goal was to elimantae lag and increase IO scores.

    Changelog 12/16
    Update tcp congestion control
    Add new governors
    Clean code
    Add more compiler flags
    Adjust voodoo sound.

    update writeback
    further reduce readahead
    enable system wide mounting
    new makefile flag + fix derp on entropy commit
    patch to aide in hotplugging
    avoid depleting of entropy pool
    reduce latency
    make file optimization
    vfp optimization
    lower read ahead
    small tweak to load avg
    reduce some log spam
    crc32 additions
    compiler optimizations
    lower swappiness
    finish clocks
    fix errors
    block: fix infinite loop in __getblk_slow
    fifo: Do not restart open() if it already found a partner
    add xz
    another clock adjustment
    adjust vfs_cache_pressure
    tweak smp.c
    tweak mm/backing_dev.c
    adjust makefile
    boost clocks
    add arm topology
    sched: clock wrap bug in 2.6.35-stable kills scheduling
    scheduler pick nexthighest task
    add io schedulers
    improve the group logic
    allow pipe compiling
    vfp compile with neon
    optimize slub
    mm tweaks
    tweak aio.c to increase io performance
    reclaim some ram
    disable gentle sleepers enablearch power
    increase readahead
    linaro fix

    Reboot from roms does not work properly. Need to reboot manually

    Download p4 wifi


    MY source

    Download p4 7500



    for all the support they have givento this device
    I'm flashing it too... In a few days I'll let you know how it works with a P4 running kasper_h Infamous PAC ROM.
    Thank you in advance for your work!
    Any worries if I use kasper_h TWRP recovery?


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    Found a problem. Reboot doesn't work. I'm guessing its because of the linaro toolchain since kasper's infamous kernel had this issue too when he compiled it with linaro toolchain.

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    I can test it. :)

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    I added a link in the op. Please test and confirm all is well.
    I could make one. Just will need a willing tester.

    I can test it. :)

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