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May 9, 2010
I'm seeing kernel panics in 1.1-stable, apparently when it's trying to go to deep sleep. Reverted back to 1.1-test, they are gone.

My Synapse tweaks:
A57 min freq: 500MHz
A53 min freq: 200MHz
A53 max freq: 1600MHz
HMP upthreshold: 1000 (maxed out)
GPU min freq: 100MHz
LED fading enabled with default settings
Some charge current tweaks

(As you can see, I'm trying to use the A53s as much as possible, to save power.)

Other changes: rooted, Xposed 75.2 (Wanam), LiveBoot, logcat reenabled using init script. Base ROM is COI4 stock.

Also, Synapse is unable to back up profiles, complaining about missing sysfs files.

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1st of all what do you know about sysfs .?

2nd All settings mentioned are normal else then HMP ( That will not save anything and make your devise Unstable)

And yes there is minor glitch in Snaypse while backup profiles and thats not due to error its because of TCP setting which i implemented temporarily not included in backup .json script but It do not effect Backup/Restore at all ( and will be fixed in next update)

All panics logs you seeking is only due to wrong settings of yours rest of it nothing changed which cause deep sleep issue and yes that includes "Snaypse Live" logs offcource and nothing else to worry about .
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Mar 11, 2015
Wooohoo!! Cant wait for this bitchiest ***** kernel to be updated!! Best kernel for 5.1.1!! No lags, good multitasking, no heating issues(even with 3d games), and most of all, best in batt. Life!! A blessing indeed for n910c users! XD Cheers @djmax81
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Dec 5, 2014
Tip of the day : If users are using Note 5 ported rom and suemax Lite v1.1 kernel then i'll recommend to use STOCK (Governor) instead of Interactive (Governor) due to DVFS issue in Note 5 Firmware.

And kindly report.!!!!

What is STOCK? I only see 4: ondemand, userspace, interactive, and performance.

Edit: Found it. You're talking about GPU, right?
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    Suemax-kernel for N910C/H and N910U

    CAUTION: I'm Not Responsible for any kind of Damage to your devise or Hard or Soft brick and even any damaged MicroSD-cards And now your devise warranty is Void and knox trip 0x1.

    Note Read Carefully Before Flashing my kernel :

    1) Keep the thread clean and try to research before e.g Google or wiki Before posting any further queries.

    2) As mentioned Over-Clocking and Under-Clocking CPU or GPU is Not really healthy for Devise Hardware,So keep in mind its
    Only an Option i'm providing due to its Got some limitations and might Damage soc in Extreme

    3) Under-Volting or Over-Volting CPU or Gpu to Extreme is not Helthy either And on Exynos 5433 soc it waries on scale
    ASV-Group 0 to 15 (The higher the ASV, the higher frequencies your device can run and lower voltages).

    4) And Ofcourse Need not to ask best settings (This term does not exist) for your devise e.g Undervolting etc And read
    point 3 again . FYI : All users are different and So is devise Soc and there Usage + Usability of each User.

    5) About Random-reboots are often Happens due to Unstable user Settings .So think twise before to apply any setting in
    Snaypse app e.g CPU ,GPU or IO requires resrating Snaypse App or Even reqires a Rebooting devise to make apply proper
    Setting like Under-Volting or IO scheduler.

    6) No Asking ETAs and Special-demands .

    7) Everything is detailed and explained in Synapse app for Most Users and All settings Values are Stock On first Boot.

    8) Use Only SYNAPSE app to Control Kernel.

    Kernel log :

    1) CPU Clock A57 aka Big-cores : 500mhz to 2100mhz limitations (700mhz- 1900mhz set to stock default)

    2) CPU CLOCKS A53 aka Small-cores : 200mhz to 1600mhz limitations (400mhz- 1300mhz set to stock default)

    3) CPU GOVs :

    a) INTERACTIVE (set as Default)

    b) ONDEMAND ( Optional and tweaked for extra powersaving + performance)

    4) GPU CLOCK :

    a) limitations : 100mhz to 730mhz (160mhz - 600mhz set to stock default)

    5) GPU GOV :

    a) INTERECTIVE (set as Default)

    b) DEFAULT (stock)

    c) BOOSTER

    d) STATIC


    a) Coarse_demand

    b) Demand

    c) Always_On

    7) IO Schedulers :

    a) CFQ (set as Default)

    b) NOOP (Optimized )

    c) DEADLINE (Optimized for better performance + SSD)

    d) ROW

    e) BFQ (Added latest version-7r7 by @paolo Valente)

    f) FIOPS

    Note : Read This post for more Information about IO and CPU govornors http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1950084

    8) NTFS (Enabled + 3rd party app control)

    9) DE-knoxed (ramdisk + Kernel)

    10) SELUNIX : permissive (Samsung Hard enforcing)

    Special Thanx & Credits :

    @halaszk88 (Permissions For Synapse Adaptations + Implementations)
    @UpInTheAir ( Github commits and more )
    @AndreiLux (for github Codes)
    @dorimanx @Alucard24
    and to many many others

    Special Credits to @UpInTheAir Xda For
    drivers: create sysfs to enable/disable sensorhub, ssp & bcm4773 wakelock
    mm: Adaptive Dirty Background Ratio & Dirty Ratio for suspend/resume
    mm: Dynamic Page Writeback: fix compile if not enabled

    And many more awesome Exynos 7420 stuff and knowledge

    Please excuse me for not giving proper credits before ( rest make that will be updated soon .!!! and thanx for your hard work and support )

    Beta testing team :

    @truenitos (N910U test)

    @white7561 (N910H test)

    Check Post : 2 for Downlaod
    Suemax kernel Lite-v1.5

    Change Log :

    1. ) Ramdisk & miscellaneous optimizations
    a. ) Added SuperSU (Auto-root Full) Thanx and All Credit to @Chainfire
    b. ) Added Emergency Busybox (Auto-install if not percent in rom) Tip : if having Snaypse issue with busybox just delete system >xbin>busybox and reboot :angel:
    c. ) Added profile Option for Android LowMemoryKiller ( Read carefully in Snaypse Information before using LMK settings)

    2.) Kernel & miscellaneous optimizations
    a. ) Many minor but Important changes
    b. ) will post detail change log next year :angel:

    Edited : Links been updated :)

    Download :

    Suemax-Lite- v 1.5-N910C/H

    Suemax-Lite- v 1.5-N910U

    INFO I'll Update OPs and Source soon as possible at moment running busy with Holidays .!!!

    Wish you all users a very Happy 2016 :good:
    Suemax kernel Lite-v1.4a STABLE

    Quick Change Log :

    1. ) Added SensorHub Wakelock Control.
    a. ) SensorHub Wakelock
    b. ) SSP Wakelock
    c. ) bcm4773 Wakelock

    2. ) Added Cortex-Brain Script feature. Special thanx and credits to @halaszk88
    a. ) Custom DVFS for TW ROMS
    b. ) Power-efficient Workqueues
    c. ) Cortex_brain_io
    d. ) Cortex_brain_system
    e. ) Cortex_brain_battery
    f. ) Cortex_brain_tcp_ram
    g. ) Cortex_brain_android_logger

    3. ) Adaptive LowMemoryKiller

    4. ) Re-Optimized ramdisk (With better scripts)

    5. ) HMP Little packing control.

    6. ) Exynos A57(BIG) Core Control Interface (All re-optimized)

    7. ) Various tweaks (fixed especially Google- service stupid drain) :D

    Note : I will recommend to do clean install kernel by wiping Data + Cache of Synapse (And re-boot device) as many scripts and changes been done with kernel and ramdisk + Ondemand Gov still have issues will be fixed next update.

    Download :

    Suemax-Lite-Stable v 1.4a-N910C/H

    Suemax-Lite-Stable v 1.4a-N910U

    INFO I'll Update OPs and Source soon as possible at moment running busy with Holidays .!!!

    Cheers .!!!!
    And wish you all a Very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays
    Suemax kernel_Lite-v1.6 (Stability Update)

    chnage log :

    1. ) Ramdisk-changes
    a . ) Added option for save & restore-backup option for WIFI passwords All credits to xda @UpInTheAir (For precious commits and hardwork)
    b. ) Added logcat option (for future user bug report)

    c. ) Fixed Google play services and other background Apps FC

    For new superSU v2.67 compatibility read this post http://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=65243842&postcount=1383

    d. ) Added SuperSU auto su.d script support (Google for more details)

    2. ) Kernel-changes
    a. ) IO (reworked)
    b. ) Disabled Userspace cpu governor (was causing issues)
    c. ) changed kernel to XZ compression instead of LZO
    d. ) Many other minor optimizations for better battery and performance

    Note : I will recommend to do clean install kernel by wiping Data + Cache of Synapse (And re-boot device) as many scripts and changes been done with kernel and ramdisk + Ondemand Gov still have issues will be fixed next update.

    Download :

    Download v 1.6-N910C/H

    Download v 1.6-N910U

    ZeroLemon aka Extended Battery user Support is discontinued Reason was only Beta-testing as its not Compatible with Exynos5433 device

    Zerolemon Patch topic : http://forum.xda-developers.com/note...e-fix-t3131705
    Suemax-Lite-Beta v 1.3

    Change log :

    1 ) Added UKSM (Synapse settings >memory kindly read carefully before using any settings )

    2 ) Added CPU Status ( For cpu and other system details)

    3 ) CPU-FREQ: rename scaling_max_freq to ren_max_freq (To completely disable DVFS' interception) Credits to @arter97

    4 ) Many Other fixes to Ramdisk permissions + Kernel source

    5 ) FIXED A53 + A57 OC frequency revert ( Especially for Note 5 ported roms)

    6 ) N910C N910H & N910U Extended Battery support will be there only Once Stable build is released

    NOTE Use only synapse app to control CPU max frequencies (3rd party apps will not work due to new changes )

    Tip Ondemand + Conservative governor Users ( This issue will be fixed next release)


    Suemax-Lite-Beta v 1.3-N910C/H

    Suemax-Lite-Beta v 1.3-N910U