[KERNEL][A51] NDataX Kernel for Samsung Galaxy A51 [STOCK/CUSTOM]

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    NDataX Kernel
    Samsung Galaxy A51

    NDataX is a custom kernel, bringing stability & improvement, without reducing performance. Beside, this kernel is aiming for less-developed devices.​


    - Disabled auto reboot when panic (random reboot)
    - Fixed MTP issue in GSI variant
    - Enabled all CPU Governors & I/O Scheduler
    - Removed security restriction
    - Removed verify & avb flags (no need to flash dm verity disabler again)
    - WireGuard suppport
    - Kali NetHunter support (Wi-Fi adapter v2-v3 support coming soon)
    - Upstreamed to v4.14.140
    - Some adjustment to stability which I forgot


    Github Release


    - Requirements:
    • Stock OneUI 2.5 ROM (Port or stock) or custom ROM (GSI, etc)​
    • TWRP 3.5 by @ianmacd (search in YouTube. @redymedan created the video tutorial, iirc his channel is Android How-To)​
    • Bootloader unlocked of course​
    - Installation steps:
    • Download one of this kernel zip based on your ROM type. Stock variant for stock, Custom variant for custom / GSI rom
    • Direct flash the zip. Note that if you installed magisk before, then it will not removed.
    • Simply reboot and enjoy

    If you feel this kernel is helpful, and want to help me build by donating, here is the answer : Don't donate to me, donate to other people that more need donation. Like charity or other. I'm not being rude, or don't want to be helped, or whatever. This kernel is builded in my free time, so I don't do this for job, but just my hobby.

    Additionally, if you want to say thanks, then just like this thread and/or click thanks button. That will be very appreciated! :)


    My source is freely used for anyone. You can fork it, clone it, even build it without my permission. But, if you want to rebuild kernel, add other features, and share to somewhere, please add my credit! Atleast my XDA username. It will be very appreciated :)

    17022021: My source will be reworked. This means these current source URL will dead, or fully different. Don't worry, I'll of course link it later :)


    Thanks for using my kernel. Hope you guys like it. Thank you very much!
    Reserved - Changelog
    News & other.

    09-02-2021: Since samsung release Android 11 source along wity OneUI 3 (will world-wide soon), NDataX will support Android 1 as well as Android 10. But, Android 10 support will EOL (end of life) when OneUI 3 is already world-wide. Why? It's difficult to maintain 2 Android version support, because we don't know what Samsung do & changes in each source.

    17-02-2021: My source will be reworked. This means these current source URL will dead, or fully different. Don't worry, I'll of course link it later :)
    OneUI 2.5, It's Android 10 TPA not sure why I'm having this issue
    actually I think I fixed the issue, I formatted and it finally passed the boot screen, I'll let you know if anything else occurs.:)
    Okay sir. Thank you for using my kernel. Any problem you face?
    not as of yet, seems to be working fine
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