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[Kernel] [AK2] [8.1] [MAR2018] Stock Kernel w/ safetynet patch & dm-verity disabled

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Sep 16, 2009
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[Kernel] [AK2] [8.1] [MAR2018] Stock Kernel w/ safetynet patch & dm-verity disabled

I wanted to unlocked my bootloader and flash custom mods and themes without losing Android Pay and other apps while staying on stock kernel and unrooted. So, I made this kernel for myself, and I thought I'd share it with the community.

Stock Kernel with Safetynet unlocked bootloader patch (new updated patch), dm-verity and forced encryption disabled. Will work with all 8.0 builds.

AnyKernel2 flashable zip for better ROM compatibility.

8.1.0 Mar 2018 security update: android-msm-angler-3.10-oreo-m3-safetynetpatch-mar2018-AK2.zip

Previous versions:
8.1.0 Feb 2018 security update: android-msm-angler-3.10-oreo-m3-safetynetpatch-feb2018-AK2.zip
8.1.0 Jan 2018 security update: android-msm-angler-3.10-oreo-m3-safetynetpatch-jan2018-AK2.zip
8.1.0 Dec 2017 security update: android-msm-angler-3.10-oreo-mr1-safetynetpatch-dec2017-AK2.zip
8.1.0 Developer Preview 1: android-msm-marlin-3.18-o-mr1-preview1-safteynetpatch-AK2.zip
8.0.0 Nov 2017 security patch: android-msm-angler-3.10-oreo-safetynetpatch-nov2017-AK2.zip
8.0.0 Oct 2017 android-msm-angler-3.10-oreo-safetynetpatch-oct2017-AK2.zip
8.0.0 Sep 2017 android-msm-angler-3.10-oreo-r6-safetynetpatch.img

Source: GitHub source
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