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Feb 21, 2013
I think I'm going to go back to version 4.5 for the kernel. Version 6 seems to burn through system resources no matter how I structure the kernel with cpu, hot plugging, etc... I feel the 4.5 version from July provided better battery and performance combo. Anyone else notice this?

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Same here.

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Oct 19, 2007
I think I'm going to go back to version 4.5 for the kernel. Version 6 seems to burn through system resources no matter how I structure the kernel with cpu, hot plugging, etc... I feel the 4.5 version from July provided better battery and performance combo. Anyone else notice this?
Me. I have posted about it before. No wakelocks, pure deep sleep and 10% of battery drained during the night.
Something is wrong with the battery management. After unplugging from a charger at, let's say, 50% it went to 53% after few minutes without being plugged to a charger.

I had also one issue when driving with GPS on and talking. I had plugged in the car charger and it was charging very very slowly (which is fine because car charger has less power). After 30 minutes the battery reached 30% from 25% and the phone suddenly shut down, showing black empty battery screen. Again like something is wrong with the battery management. Never faced problems like this before with different kernels.

But the temperature is maintained in some mysterious way and don't exceed 60°C even during heavy stuff which is the only reason why I'm still sticking with 6.0.

I'm really looking forward to try the next release.

Same here, also battery level up-downs like the others, i suggest going for v4.0 though. D855 32/3
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Feb 28, 2016
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    Welcome, this kernel has the principal intention of bring to all of yours all the possible features, without loosing the stock LineageOS Kernel Smoothness, so, in other words this kernel has an excellent performance with tons of features. If you want less things go to G3X-Ultimate Kernel thread. This Kernel is for CM and AOSP ROM's!


    Now with AROMA Installer!

    CPU Input Per-Core Boost and Hotplug Boost
    Gov's: Alucard, Bioshock, darkness, impulse, intelliactive, intellitmm, lionheart, nightmare, pegasusq, slim, smartass2, smartmax, tripndroid, wave, yankactive, zzmoove, Yankdemand, Badass, SavagedZen, ElementalX, SmartassH3, DanceDance, Hyper, Adaptive, Blu_plug, Optimax, Mythx_plug and Barry_allen
    Multicore Power Saving
    Fast Charge Support
    MSM_Limiter (Disabled by default)
    Hotplugs: IntelliPlug, Alucard Hotplug, Bricked Hotplug, mako Hotplug, ThunderPlug, MSM Hotplug, Zen Decision and AutoSMP
    GPU: simple_ondemand fixed
    Simple GPU Algorithm
    Adreno idler
    kcal v2 color control
    Sound control
    Arch Power and Gentle Fair Sleepers
    Krait C-States settings
    State Notifier
    I/O Schedulers: row, bfq (default), cfq, deadline, noop, tripndroid, Zen, fiops, sio, fifo and maple
    Fsync control
    Kexec hardboot Patch
    init.d Support
    Selinux Permissive support
    Synapse support
    Cpufreq.c Optimizations
    GPU 27Mhz
    Speed up boot
    Various WiFi tweaks for battery and stability
    Async I/O 34% SSD Perfomance gain
    Removed a lot of useless Debug options
    TouchScreen Boost
    State Notifier
    3x Faster integer sqrt
    Exposed PVS Level via Sysfs
    2-Way Stereo Call Recording
    Reduced minimum screen Brightness
    A lot of optimizations
    RAM Optimizations (To avoid apps getting killed... with 3gb of ram lol...)
    Battery optimizations

    Features for Stock ROM's:

    This version of ArtxKernel for Stock ROM's is mostly focused on get rid of the lag and make the UI responsive and Smooth, so,
    dont expect many features, only important things and optimizations (Call it Artx-Lite)

    Updated Interactive governor with Touchboost driver
    Updated CPU-Boost with Per-Core Boost
    GPU use lowest frequency when no load (Better idle battery)
    Fastcharge Support
    Kcal v2 Color control
    Faux123 Sound control
    Lowered backlight min brightness and boosted max brightness (It's safe)
    (You can change backlight values in ~/sys/module/lm3697 folder)
    Selinux always permissive
    Fixed simple_ondemand crash
    PVS Level interface
    Frandom Support
    2-Way Stereo Call Recording Patch
    Disabled Software CRC and can be toggeable
    Use correct sensor for temperature
    More optimizations

    If you want less idle battery drain use Greenify


    For v6.0 flash MrBump after kernel installation!


    Wanna join a LG G3 Development Telegram group? Any User or Developer is welcome!!
    If you have any question or you need help, get in! (let me know if the link is broken :D)

    Telegram Group

    Compatible with:
    (Thanks to @marcdw and @jlb1959.01)

    - Nougat ROM's
    - Marshmallow ROM's
    - Lollipop ROM's (Not confimed yet)

    Thanks to:

    @cesarandres_8911, @savoca, @faux123, LineageOS Team, @osm0sis, @frap129
    @Feinzer, LG, @matthewdalex, @Andrei F, @yarpiin, @Robshr, @amarullz and me
    Thanks @Francois Amom for his amazing logo design :D
    If anyone is missing here PM me :)

    I'll be updating these kernels until I've pulished every feature and code :good:
    If you like the kernel and want to do a small donation it for sure gonna help me a lot and keep me motivated! :laugh:
    Thank you and enjoy it!

    XDA:DevDB Information
    ArtxKernel, Kernel for the LG G3

    Stayn, cesarandres_8911
    Source Code: https://github.com/Artx-II/kernel_lge_g3

    Kernel Special Features: See above

    Version Information
    Status: Stable
    Current Stable Version: 6.0-ArtxKernel
    Stable Release Date: 2017-07-27

    Created 2017-06-19
    Last Updated 2017-10-24
    Hi guys, after hours working on this on this update, finally...
    New Builds Up!

    Made from Zero:

    Because of tons of problems that has been acumulated from v.4.1, I've decided to make this kernel again, from Zero, to make a clean build avoiding those unnecessay codes and "Optimizations", now I'm glad to say, that this kernel has no problems and because of that the UI Smoothness has been improved drastically because I removed Voltage control, seems to be nonsence, but I'll explain it al the final of this post, now I invite you to read all the new implementations and update! :eek:

    Introducing Spectrum Kernel Manager!! Thanks to @frap129!!

    This amazing app let you select between 4 profiles, Battery, Balanced, Perfomance and Gaming,
    all of these configured by me:

    Battery: I've set various battery savings configs here, it's designed for the best battery savings and if you don't care about UI lags then this is for you

    Balanced: As its name says, a very good balanced profile that evit UI Lags and the battery keeps still awesome, you can use this profile to run games without getting your phone overheating

    Perfomance: This is not a pure Perfomance profile like others that simply puts your governor in "Perfomance" and things like that, this profile keeps all the UI Smoothness anytime and it doesn't drains the battery, if you're very UI Lag sensitive then this is your profile. Recommended

    Gaming: Pure perfomance, play any game with this profile at maximum power, this profile keeps the FPS constants with blu_active governor, if you don't care about battery life or overheating and just want to play games then this is for you

    Also, All this profiles are customizable, look at your internal storage ~/Spectrum/profiles/ folder, there's 4 files for each profile. If you don't wanna mess with all the kernel features then I highly recommend to you Spectrum!

    Voltage control:

    - Removed Voltage Control: You may ask me why, and it's because Voltage control was causing various conflicts on the kernel, related with Cpu-Boost, frequency changes and other features, It's hard to believe but is true, now, without this the kernel has improved a LOT on perfomance, Smoothness and now all features works properly

    Voltage control isn't really necessary, just to undervolt a little mv to what? Insted of avoiding heat it makes inestabilities, so, don't ask me to add it again because is useless.

    I've made so many optimizations and I can confirm to you that the kernel runs much more cooler than before!

    Screen Brightness:

    - Reduced minimum screen Brightness, that's equal to more battey savings at night

    Other changes:

    Full changelog of Artx v6.0 here:

    - Kernel updated done from Zero, all the features were added again, cleaned a bunch code and pointless "optimizations"
    - Removed Voltage control
    - Lowered screen Brightness
    - Added Zen and AutoSMP Hotplugs
    - Fixed controls for Arch power and Gentle fair sleepers
    - Added 2-Way Stereo Call recording Patch
    - Ram Optimizations (To avoid apps getting killed... with 3gb of ram lol...)
    - Modified CPU-Boost, now with Per-Core Boost control and Hotplug Boost
    - A lot of fixes for battery drain and overheating
    - Fixed all bugs acumulated from v4.1 to v5.0
    - General optimzations
    - Battery optimizations

    Now enjoy it guys, hope that everyone likes it

    Also, now I'm working on a ROM!! We'll have soon Artx-ROM :eek:
    Hi guys
    New Builds up!

    Artx Kernel * v5.0
    - Updated AROMA Installer to v3.00
    - Fixed errors and added full compatibility between AROMA and AnyKernel2
    - Added Selinux permissive option in AROMA
    - Added Governors: Adaptive, Barry_allen, Blu_active, Mythx_plug and Optimax
    - Improved Interactive Gov
    - Updated zzmoove
    - Added State Notifier
    - Added Maple scheduler
    - 3x Faster integer sqrt
    - GPU Idle Battery tweak
    - Added Arch power and Gentle Fair Sleepers (Configurable)
    - Added 96Khz Sound support (48Khz before)
    - Fixed Selinux always permissive
    - Disabled I/O Stats (You can enable it)
    - Memory improvement (RAM)
    - Exposed PVS level via Sysfs (Or Binning information)

    PVS level determines how much you can undervolt, for example, my G3 as PVS level 8, then I can do safety an undervolt of 60mv

    Now I'll work the G3X Ultimate Kernel update and will be focused on improve the battery life and other important updates
    Enjoy!! :)
    Hi guys, New kernel builds up!

    Introducing AROMA Installer!
    Now you can configure the Kernel defaults in AROMA... I mean, the configs that'll be set on boot :)

    Now you have on the installation the options to:
    - Turn on/off Sharpening
    - Flash CTT-Mod
    - Set Alucard or leave it stock (MPDecision) (You can change later the hotplug)
    - Enable Intellithermal
    - Screen color, Stock or Modded (Better colors)
    - Sound Boost
    - Fast Charge with 4 profiles:
    No fastcharge
    Normal Fastcharge: Stock, charges at 1.5A
    Boosted Fastcharge: Boosted, charges at 2A
    EXTREME Fastcharge: Extreme, charges at 2.4A
    - Aditional features:
    Adreno idler
    Simple GPU Algorithm
    Interactive Boost (Recommended)
    FSync off
    - Install Management APPS, this include
    Kernel adiutor MOD
    - Screen resolution changer
    You can leave it stock (1440p)
    Or down the resolution to 1080p (Less lag & spikes, recommended)

    This also comes with Kernel fixes and optimizations!

    I'll add more options to this awesome installer later, now go download it and customize your default kernel Configs!
    Enjoy!! :D
    The v6.0 is almost done guys! Just wait to tomorrow for it, I'm testing it right now to check how it runs and if there's an problem or an error.

    Also, yes, in v5.0 there's a bunch of problems that have been acumulated from v4.1, but v6.0 is made from zero, it's absolutely clean and I've included only important optimizations to evit pointless things.

    Will be testing this v6.0 today and if there's no problems I'll release it tomorrow, also, I've to configure more options in AROMA, also, good news!! It'll come with Spectrum support, check it in XDA :)
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