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[KERNEL] Amnesty

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Oct 8, 2020
Thank you so much for the information you have given me, Sir Vntnox. My name is Marcello and I am in Italy.
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Oct 8, 2020
Goog afternoon sir Vntnox i have now the tab s7+ sm-t976B whit A10. And not upgrade at the A11. Disable in the development user...
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    Based on T875XXU1ATK4
    Android 10
    Linaro 4.9.4 Toolchain
    Clang 9.0.3
    Linux 4.19.81

    Feature map:
    Enhanced overall performance by tuning flags and configs
    Removed watchdogs & debugging
    Increased throttling point
    Lots of samsung security removed
    Reduced shed delay and input latency
    Adjusted throughput
    Memory tweaks
    Priority boosted demanding tasks
    Added fiops & sio schedulers
    Option to set wq_power_saving
    SELinux switchable
    Fsync optimized + on/off toggle
    CRC disabled + toggle
    Enabled more efficient TCP
    Improved kgsl values
    Custom wakelock blocker
    More and more small modifications
    SM-T970 version added
    Updated clang optimizations
    Netfilter fixes
    Experimental NTFS read/write support
    TTL Target support
    WireGuard integration

    GPU OC attempt failed


    Flash .tar via Odin or unpack and use other ways for boot.img
    Do not forget about kernel backup!

    P.S. looking for testers to provide support for other Tab versions.

    Samsung for kernel source
    Ian Macdonald so much help and useful commits
    Francisco Franco for wakelock blocker
    Aaron Segaert the best kernel and inspiration



    AFH T875
    AFH T970
    No Android 11 support? May I ask why you prefer Android 10? Thanks and awesome work!
    I do not enjoy change above all.
    Interested in some great projects as Exagear, Linux Deploy, old DOS and console emulators.
    Large amount of them are discontinued and pretty obsolete.
    Besides fancy design changes A11 brings many disgusting limitations that just unacceptable for me.
    They broke a lot of old applications & modules which I really do not want to lose.
    However I will update as soon as there will be alternatives or extended support.
    Exact the same experience for me: the kernel just works fast and good without any issues till now for me since 4 days on my T-970.
    No battery drain, no random reboots. Wifi connects fast and stable.
    @Vntnox : Well done! :)
    Thanx a lot.
    I kinda worried bout T970 at the beginning.
    Cuz I tested every single feature & change many times on my own T875 before the release.
    I made it for myself - so should be good as much as possible.
    kernel for 970 works flawlessly, i have been using it since @Vntnox sent me the test kernel, I use my tablet for a lot of things, work, movies, games, read books, and so far, so good, no fails, no random reboots, nothing... everything is perfect
    I can test on SM-T970 if needed
    I will PM u.