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Avoid ramdump screen when encountering a system crash

An error happens, the kernel logs the issue, the device reboots. This is how things are supposed to work. When disabling debugging, an error happens and the device reboots. The logging step is skipped, but life continues.

The problem is when debugging is partially disabled, but still attempting to write. This is basically why there is a "waiting for ramdump" message. It is waiting for the logging to complete to proceed to the next step.

EDIT: Almost forgot to mention that suspend functionality is now in the custom governors. That means raccoon city should be more or less complete.
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Cleanup of recent merges, changes, and configuration
This is the LA.UM.9.14.r1-18300-LAHAINA.0 milestone

All previous releases that are crossed out have been removed from the archive. Versions prior to the conversion from SAUS-Z to Skywalker have been removed.

The basic configuration has been completed (except for the second custom governor). Future builds will be published for major checkpoints only.

4 months, 19 days, 10 hours, and 34 minutes. Welcome to Skywalker.
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May 12, 2021
@gouen1995 If nothing else, see if you can back up the /asdf/ folder. That is all of the crash logs. I'm not 100% sure without a known crash, but I think I have an idea of how to read the mess they made of logging.
Unfortunately, It seems like the automatic Factory Reset seemed to wiped all my internal storage as I couldn't find anything in the local storage, that is quite surprising... since I don't really have any important data stored in my phone, I did get everything up and running again.
Unfortunately, It seems like the automatic Factory Reset seemed to wiped all my internal storage as I couldn't find anything in the local storage, that is quite surprising... since I don't really have any important data stored in my phone, I did get everything up and running again.

It's a little unsettling that a feature like that exists, but it's good to know it didn't erase anything important. I wonder what could have caused it to do something that drastic. At least I would hope Asus didn't throw that in there for any random reboot.


May 12, 2021
@gouen1995 How is everything running on your end?
I've encountered a ramdump issue once, I power off the device and power back on successfully without issue after 5 minutes rest. I immediately went to check /asdf and made a backup.

I'm sharing them here and hope it helps. It happened around 19 Oct 21:57:00.

Other than that, everything been performing well and there's only one issue about the phone is that my 3.5mm combo jack microphone is faulty in Google Meet / Gmail Meet app. It doesn't have problem in other apps, I tried 2 different earphones with mic.


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Logging improvements and logcat stability
Update to Asus source 2111.196 / Linux 5.4.161
Stability improvements and installer updates
Linux Random Number Generator (arter97 kernel)
Wireguard backend / crypto improvements
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Unfortunately, some new projects have been "acquired" that are taking up a lot of the time normally spent on this forum. A lot of the work is being done on GitHub, so that will still be monitored.

The release list in the first post has been updated with a link to a sorted list from newest to oldest. Releases will still be posted to that folder, but individual posts will no longer accompany new versions.

If you are interested in tracking new releases, feel free to star the repo on GitHub. A push will occur shortly after a new version has been posted (if you see a push, there is a new build).

Please feel free to submit any bugs or issues to the issues section of the repo. You are welcome to post them here, but they may not receive an immediate response. I will be checking here less frequently.

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    Obsolete post. Please disregard.

    This kernel is (just barely a little) experimental. Use at your own risk.
    Feel free to skip past the first 5 pages when reading over this thread.​

    This kernel assumes a few things about you, the user:

    1. You have a ROG Phone 5
    2. You have read all warnings and instructions
    3. You are rooted (implying an unlocked bootloader)
    4. You have an installation method
    5. You have a backup boot image
    6. You have disabled Always-on Panel

    Releases will be labeled with the commit hash of their source. The newest firmware is recommended for this kernel, but not necessarily required. I am not responsible for any issues or damage caused by installing this kernel, so have a backup ready before proceeding.

    Skywalker Releases
    (Descending, By Date)​

    Thank you to everyone that has contributed to kernel development.
    Specific credit is provided by maintaining accurate commit history.

    [Thread Cleaned]

    Please keep the conversation respectful and on-topic. Think to yourself: "Will this contribute to the development of this kernel?" before posting and we'll all be much happier. Any questions or concerns about this announcement can be voiced in my PM box. Just please let our devs work their magic and support them; it's the only way forward.

    Stay safe!
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    Formatted my hard drive and installed Mojave. Hopefully whatever issues were on my end should get resolved by doing everything fresh.

    Asus has also begun diagnosing the issue. Their support is horribly slow, but has at least agreed to investigate.

    Asus has just released new firmware and source for V18.0840.2104.47

    The next kernel release will require updating to V18.0840.2104.47