Kernel and TWRP for unofficial touchscreens

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Sep 3, 2019
Experimental builds of LineageOS 13.0/14.1 kernel and TWRP recovery for fame (Lumia 520/1), glee (Lumia 525/6) and zeal (Lumia 720) devices, with third-party touchscreens support.

This is not guaranteed to fix your touchscreen.
I didn't test glee and zeal builds. If they have a problem, please tell me.

Download TWRP Recovery:




Flash the recovery in fastboot as normal with

(Replace <file.img> with the file you downloaded)

Download kernel:

Fame: Kernel for LOS 14.1 | Kernel for LOS 13.0

Glee: Kernel for LOS 14.1 | Kernel for LOS 13.0

Zeal: Kernel for LOS 14.1 | Kernel for LOS 13.0

Flash the kernel via TWRP (Install -> Install Image -> Select the boot .img file -> Select boot -> Swipe to confirm flash)

Huge thanks to Matthew Schwantes for helping me with this and to the Android4Lumia team for working on this awesome project.

If you have any questions or problems, feel free to contact me or reply to this thread.

My kernel fork with the touchscreen fix
A4L kernel source code
people how is the android4lumia project

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