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[KERNEL] [Android 11] Gnumdk kernel for Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e

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Yes, that's an issue. I flashed my device at work on a Windows device because of broken heimdall...
Have you tried fastboot ? It doesn't work with TWRP but LOS recovery it does. I am assuming it would work with recoveries from CRDroid and others based on LOS but haven't seen any recoveries available. I've only built LOS but the others should produce recovery when building too, I would think.


Apr 21, 2020
Angers (France)
For testers, just added an LTE build, tell me if it works.

Reminder: this kernel does not work on Stock ROM, no idea why and will not have time to find why (I don't want to reflash stock on my device).

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    A custom kernel for Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e featuring:
    - Upstreamed to latest 4.9 Linux-Stable
    - Simple LMK driver by kerneltoast
    - Ashmem driver by kerneltoast
    - Many GPU improvements (patches from kerneltoast, kdragon, ...)
    - Custom prime/big/Little cluster for maximum performances
    - Zip flashable through TWRP
    - Many more improvements

    Warning: Only tested with WIFI edition, give me feedback. Does not work on Stock ROM.

    Bug reports:

    - If you want to report a bug, please provide some sort of logs (logcat, dmesg)

    Flashing instructions:
    - Just flash it through TWRP


    For testing and LTE edition, tell me if it works: Gnumdk-LTE-v7.zip

    v6: Remove ion by kerneltoast (fix random freezes) and update to last linux version.

    Kernel being actively tested in this group: Telegram

    Thank you to:

    @osm0sis for AnyKernel
    @thenem0 for Dora kernel (and help)
    @jhonboy121 for help
    @darknanobot for help

    Source Code: GitHub

    Version Information

    Stock kernel

    Gnumdk kernel:
    Got download mode with vbmeta error after flashing zip. Wifi version with LOS18.1. Green screen had the following:

    partition vbmeta
    Reason vbmeta: Error verifying vbmeta image: 0_0_INDIVLDVMT_EDRHS_IMTHSGAUEMSAC
    Tested. Didn't work on Stock rom (11)
    Does this work with lineage OS 18.1 using TWRP? It sounds like it doesn't.

    Here it works, that's my setup. Any message/logs?