[KERNEL] [Android 12] [v12.7] MVK - Maximum Velocity Kernel

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May 25, 2011
Ok was just asking since May is supposed to be the final patch update for stock for our phones.
Sounds like there will be 1 more in July but I fully intend to keep do Linux and clang updates as well as any other stuff I deem useful so as long as I have this phone there will be updates sent out. I'll likely do them more than monthly as well, depending on what updates I do.
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May 25, 2011
Yeah, this is a 3 year old device with no more updates. I've been down the porting Rom/kernel road before and it's too much work.

And there isn't really a "simple" write-up for building custom ROMs or kernels. I've been doing this for a decade and I still run into issues with stuff.

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    v12.6 is up. Custom boost framework with revised settings added back.
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    For those familiar with Velocity Rom this is the kernel I build for it. Velocity hasnt been on XDA as a rule so Im sure not many are familiar. Velocity is my personal Rom Ive been building for years and have shared with all that are interested. This isnt and will never be an "official development project" but will always exist as long as I continue to develop Android roms.

    Velocity is focused on speed, stability, and efficiency and not on adding every imaginable feature. As this is my personal Rom it will have everything I deem useful to me and/or that doesnt compromise the goals of the project.

    I dont add every conceivable governor, I/O scheduler, or other user tweakable options. In fact, I typically remove all the options and keep the best. This is designed as a plug and play kernel, not something to be changed. Its also not designed for other Roms.

    Please do not ask for features, ETA's, or related. Again, this is my personal kernel for my personal Rom and will be shared accordingly. That said, I do encourage healthy, friendly dialog in my threads.

    Flashing instructions
    1) Reboot to bootloader
    2) Fastboot boot 'bootimage_name'.img to make sure it boots with no issues
    3) Reboot to bootloader again
    4) Fastboot flash boot 'bootimage_name'.img
    5) Buckle up for safety - optional of course



    v10.23 is up. This works on both March and April security. See changelog as usual for detailed changes.

    I hope everyone is staying safe during this time. Android development is awesome but during times like this it really puts into perspective how insignificant it is. My thoughts and prayers go out to anyone who has been affected by this outbreak. Whether physically, financially, or just struggling with the current new normal and isolation which is so tough for so many. We will triumph and it will be a triumph earned together as one global community.

    Be well, stay safe, and happy flashing!!
    v10.10 is up.

    If anyone wants a non rooted boot.img I can definitely upload that as well. It seems many with this device have no interest in rooting it.
    New day, new build. This one is definitely faster than previous ones.
    Ok, so after updating to the s3 OTA and getting back on the stock kernel its making me rethink how I approached this. Im going to redo everything starting from fresh stock base. Im going to be extremely particular about what I add/change.

    The battery life on stock is at least as good as MVK and the cores seem much better behaved. As this is all new to me (64 bit kernel development) this isnt that unexpected, especially for any of you that know me. Im ever tinkering and perfecting everything I make. Expect v10.9 and beyond to be a much better product. This will likely take me a couple days to get an initial (again) build.

    I think simply backporting everything from upstream (even official Linux) isnt the best idea. There is a reason Google stopped at 4.9.165 and added select backports. Rest assured I will be backporting a ton of stuff but it wont just be blindly, assuming its better.

    Rom development is still a ways off for everyone it appears so for now all my focus will be on building the best kernel possible.

    More info to come.......