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[Kernel] Anti Gravity [Q][Pie][Oreo][01-22-2020][Lnx3.10.108][UberTC]

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Jul 10, 2015
unfortunately the download does not work: no mirrors found. (AOSP link)
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Nov 23, 2017
Problem with LineageOS 17.1

LineageOS ("lineage-17.1-20200606-nightly-oneplus2-signed") with "BiTGApps-arm64-10.0.0-R6_signed" works fine, however if i flash "AntiGravityKernel_3.3.0_Q_10.x_LineageOS" after that, LOS won't boot behind the loading screen and restarts to TWRP.
Did a full wipe before installing LOS.zip and Dalvik wipe after each .zip

Any ideas or help? :)


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Oct 25, 2015
Moto G
OnePlus 2
No Gravity Kernel 3.5 + App 4.0 Update !

Good news!

Both kernels and app have been updated! (incl EAS/AGK)
App has been rebased entirely and made from scratch all over again, took a while but it's for the best! :cool:

For those who haven't seen the trailer : NGK Kernel 2.0 + App 4.0 Trailer

I can now recommend the NGK App, its fast & smooth and has some interesting features. Feel free to share your custom profiles with the NGK community!
Thread + Changelogs have been updated make sure your read at least the second one along with its notes.

For those who aren't part of the NGK Telegram group, join the fun here:
Telegram Group

Everyone should move to NoGravity Kernel Thread from now on, its taking too much time to update everytime both threads so I'll keep NGK one up to date.
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Apr 5, 2021
OnePlus 2
I installed this kernel as NGK-EAS did not reboot after installing and then I installed NON-EAS NGK but experiencing random reboots, so far so good, but after I turned on NGK stats in NGK app FPS meter shows idle, I played Fifa mobile, showed idle, am a noob,when does the FPS meter show, will it show only while playing PUBG
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    Want to unleash the full potential of OnePlus 2?
    Get NoGravity Kernel!

    Why is it called AntiGravity kernel?


    Familliar with NoGravity Kernel? This is a lite version of the it... AntiGravity doesn't have overclock and custom thermals. AGK was made for ROM developers who wanted to integrate NGK into their ROMs without the heavy modifications that NGK requires. This Kernel is for Performance but it still gets descent battery life due to some added features (see below).

    No Gravity App

    To tweak the kernel easily, here's my No Gravity app! featuring custom profiles (Battery, Balanced, Performance, Gaming and Gaming+). My kernel offers some features that cant be found in other kernel tweaking apps. You can find them lower in the thread.)

    Kernel Features
    • CPU Underclocked to 302 MHz(idle) and undervolted
    • The two CPUs (big and little cpu) can be configured completely separate in terms of min/max frequencies and governors
    • Undervolted for better battery life and temps
    • Jaw dropping Applications Opening speed
    • No Gravity app! support
    • DTS Eagle Drivers added for better sound
    • GPU Underclocked to 27 MHz on idle
    • Added Adreno Idler
    • AdrenoBoost
    • DDR Input Boost
    • Smarter GPU
    • Disabled ZRAM
    • Max screen off frequency tunable
    • Dynamic File Sync
    • Slimbus Overclock
    • Thermal Throttling Slider
    • Added Governors (Chill, Relaxed)
    • Added Fingerprint boost
    • Added WakeBoost module
    • Faux Sound support
    • Gestures Support
    • FastCharge drivers Support (Now the charging rate is fast even when screen on without increasing temps that much!)
    • Maximum charge rate over USB 3.0 increased from 500mA to 900mA
    • WireGuard Support
    • Added and Using ZEN I/O Scheduler as default for app opening speed && overall Smoothness
    • Added Maple, SIO and FIOPS I/O Scheduler
    • KCAL Support
    • K-Lapse Support
    • Blocked wakelock (Boeffla)
    • Added Hotplug (Core_ctl)
    • Added Gentle fair sleepers toggle
    • New battery screen animation with percentage
    • 60FPS Video Recording support added! (This app is needed)
    • New Simple Low Memory Killer
    • F2FS Support leading to ~10% faster write speeds compared to EXT4
    • Based on Linux version 3.10.108

    NoGravity app Features
    • Balance, Performance, Battery, Gaming and Gaming+ Profiles for NGK & NGK EAS
      [*]Max Cluster Overclock toggles to apply maximum overclock frequencies to Little and/or Big Cluster NGK & NGK-EAS only
    • Displays most accurate CPU temperatures for Little and Big clusters separately
      [*]Voltage Control page that fits NoGravity Kernel NGK only
    • GPU Stats page to show every GPU Frequencies time in state stats
      [*]Thermal Switch to select between NoGravity thermal config and stock NGK & NGK-EAS only
    • PocketMode Switch to turn off fingerprint sensor when device is in pocket or on table face down
    • Proximity Gestures Switch to pulse ambient dispay on Hand Wave
    • Pick-Up Gesture Switch to pulse ambient display when device is taken
    • Pixel 3 Flip to Shhh feature
    • Resolution Changer to switch between 1080p FHD and 720p HD resolutions
    • Selinux Switch to switch between Enforcing and Permissive SELinux modes
    • Battery Current Limit Switch to disable or enable BCL on low battery percentage
    • Sound page lets user download DTS:Eagle apps (Headphone:X or Ultra)
    • CPU Temperature Limit slider to set thermal throttling temps
    • K-Lapse Night mode and Brightness mode toggles
    • Video Recording Codecs Selector (H.264, H.265, H.265+)
    • Backlight Dimmer button to help reduce eye strain
    • Apply On Boot to apply user settings on boot
      [*]EAS page to tweak Load tracker, governors and dynamic schedtune boost! NGK-EAS only
    • 60FPS app download link since NGK now supports 60FPS
    • DDR Input Boost Toggle
      More info on those in the app

    Planned Features
    • You tell me ;) I will do what I can


    This kernel works on Android 10, PIE and OREO ROMs.

    Initial boot might heat up device a bit, which is normal - Let it settle
    I'll recommend before coming to conclusion, give it at least 2 complete charge cycles and then raise any issue.

    To install
    • Flash AntiGravity_Kernel-vX.X.zip file in TWRP (Latest TWRP Recovery Recommanded)
    • (Optional) - Clear cache and Dalvik


    Made your choice?
    Download Links
    v3.2 PIE-OREO-NOUGAT AOSP Based Roms
    v3.2 PIE-OREO-NOUGAT LineageOS Based Roms

    NGK Thread

    No Gravity App 3.3

    As I put a lot of time and effort into this project, I now accept donations feel free to help me a little :cool:

    Older builds

    post#2 for public released build changelogs.

    See screenshots section at the top of the thread!

    Thanks To: All of my testers.

    XDA:DevDB Information
    AntiGravity Kernel, Kernel for the OnePlus 2

    Source: [url]https://github.com/Pierre2324/AGK_android_kernel_oneplus_msm8994[/URL]
    Version Information
    Status: Stable
    Current Version: 3.2
    Created: 2018-02-15
    Last Updated: 2020-01-22
    Kernels + App Updates

    Good news! NGK, NGK EAS, AGK and NoGravity Kernel App 3.2 are out! Thread Updated, make sure you read changelog :cool:
    Good news! New build(2.6) and app are out! Thread updated and please read changelogs...
    Yea deep sleep issue is fixed :cool: If you are getting app not installed error just uninstall app then re-install!

    As I put a lot of time and effort into this project, I now accept donations feel free to help me a little :cool:
    Good news! AGK 3.1 released with App. Thread updated.
    3.4.1 Build:
    • Revert latest LPM changes to fix a blackscreen issue

    NoGravity Kernel App v3.4.2:
    • Updated Profiles
    • New App & Kernel Update checker
    • Small fixes

    OnePlus 2:
    • Nothing specific to OP2 added

    • Modified NGK Thermals to fit NGK thermal locking mecanism
    • DT2W Toggle added to Kernel Page (mainly for OOS)
    • Updated Backlight Dimmer
    • New NGK stats page
      -Shows last session average FPS
      -NGK overlay service toggle to show FPS,CPU & GPU stats in real time on screen

    Previous Changelogs:

    3.4 Build:
    • Faster app opening
    • Added Memfd call for new Android 10 ROMs
    • Various CPU, GPU, devreq & cpubw optimisations
    • Proper DDR bus boost when rendering frames to the display (to fit our old kernel)
    • And more under the hood changes

    Kernel EAS:
    • Updated to latest NGK changes

    *Notes :
    -I would recommend turning off No Gravity app toast notifications from Magisk Manager app.

    3.3 Build:
    NoGravity Kernel App v3.3:
    • Updated Profiles
    • Lowered Magisk Toast Messages*
    • Max GPU Freq Selector
    • Added an option to refresh GPU Stats
    • Updated descriptions

    OnePlus 2:
    • DDR Input Boost Toggle

    • New GPU Page:
      -GPU Stats
      -KLapse (Brightness and Daytime modes)
      -Backlight Dimmer

    • Faster app opening
    • DDR Bus boost on input now disabled by default (use my app to enable it again)
    • Backported,cleaned up some GPU stuffs
    • Removed some bloat
    • Lowered heat and battery drain
    • Many optimisations
    • And more under the hood changes

    Kernel EAS:
    • Updated to latest NGK changes
    • Fixed a notification/call sound distortion

    *Notes :
    -I would recommend turning off No Gravity app toast notifications from Magisk Manager app.

    3.2 Build:
    NoGravity Kernel App v3.2:
    • Updated Profiles
    • Auto-dismiss Apply on boot notification
    • Updated descriptions

    OnePlus 2:
    • Fixed App opening on AGK
    • Fixed EAS Dynamic Schedtune Bug

    • New Kernel Page to let you control:
      Stock one || Evaluation (NGK’s default)
      -Thermal Suspend API:
      OFF || ON (NGK's default)
      -Battery Thermal Throttling Removal:
      OFF || ON (NGK’s default)
      -SELinux Switch:
      Enforcing (NGK’s default) || Permissive
    • New DTS Eagle (Sound) Page

    • Faster app opening
    • DDR Bus boost on input (Q Gestures, Animations are much better)
    • Various changes to make the UI smoother
    • Backported some small changes from the Pocophone F1 kernel (gpu, cpuidle)
    • Better Dynamic FSync
    • Removed some bloat
    • Many optimisations
    • Blackscreen fix (Device screen not turning on issue)
    • And more under the hood changes

    *Notes :
    -Make sure you flash Magisk after flashing the kernel
    -As always when you wipe cache and dalvik, make sure you charge atleast once overnight so ART Optimisation does its job while charging at 100%.

    3.1 Build:
    NoGravity 3.1 App:
    • Pocophone support added (Profiles and cluster temps only for now)
    • Small fixes/optimisations
    *Notes :
    -You may need to uninstall previous app for it to install
    -I recommend using my app over others to tweak EAS kernel since its made for the specific OnePlus 2 implementation

    • Debloated the kernel leading to smaller kernel
    • Compiling Optimisations
    • Removed Simple Low Memory killer (Yea algorithm is better but too aggressive even if its made for 4GB devices) This also fixes some black screen issues.
    • Improved latency
    • And more under the hood changes
    • Updated to latest LineageOS changes

    *Notes :
    -Make sure you flash Magisk after flashing the kernel

    3.0 Build:
    NoGravity 3.0 App:
    • Fixes for Android 10
    • New EAS page to change Load tracker, governor and enable dynamic schedtune boost!
    • Added 60FPS app download link since NGK now supports 60FPS
    • Boot delay removed
    • No more annoying persistent notification!
    • Thermals and codecs switching should now work for everyone
    • DTS Eagle page updated
    • Adapted profiles for EAS
    • Small fixes/optimisations
    *Notes :
    -You may need to uninstall previous app for it to install
    -I recommend using my app over others to tweak EAS kernel since its made for the specific OnePlus 2 implementation

    • 60FPS Video Recording support added ((This app is needed))
    • New more efficient Simple Low Memory Killer
    • CPU-Boosting, Fingerprint, Cache, MMC & Sched optimisations
    • Improved F2FS (700 commits+) averaging about 10% better write speeds over EXT4 in my tests
    • Battery improvements (mostly to screen off drain)
    • And more under the hood changes
    • Adapted to Android 10
    • Updated to latest LineageOS changes

    2.7 Build:
    NoGravity 2.7 App:
    • New Backlight Dimmer feature added to GPU page
    *Notes :
    -You may need to uninstall previous app for it to install

    • Fixed stucked on 1+ logo while charging issue
    • While at it, improved that charging screen with battery percentage and colors
    • Fixed big cores turning off randomly or when gaming resulting in same/constant performance for every sessions or benchmark
    • Updated to latest LineageOS changes

    2.6 Build:
    NoGravity 2.6 App:
    • New App Settings Page
    • Fast NGK App opening after boot toggle added to app settings*
    • New Camera Page
    • New video recording codecs switches added => H.264(Default), H.265(Lower file size) and H.265+(Better Quality)*
    • DeepSleep issue is fixed!
    • Reworked Battery profile to make it usable and quite smooth
    • Battery optimisations
    • AdrenoBoost modifications to fit NGK’s GPU Overclock and help battery
    • BCL modifications
    • Little faster app opening speeds
    • UI optimisations
    • Updated to latest LineageOS changes..
    • [/STRIKE]Placed some performance-critical IRQs and kthreads onto the performance CPU cluster in order to improve performance[/STRIKE] (2.5.1 feature removed in 2.6 to fix deep sleep issues)
    • And more under the hood changes
    *Notes :
    -Possibility to remove the delay before opening the app after boot. This works on new ROMs. Old ROMs like Shreesha’s Pixel Experience will need the delay to be enabled.
    -H.264 is default OnePlus 2 codecs. H.265 (lowered bitrates) will give you same quality but much lower file sizes. H.265+ may give you slightly better quality with same(stock) bitrates (same file sizes). Best file size reduction will be seen in 4K.

    2.5.1 Build:
    NoGravity 2.5 App:
    • Same app just updated Android File Host link because of the "no mirrors found" issue...
    • Smoothness improvements
    • GPU maximum frequency is now 650MHz on balance profile instead of 450MHz since not everyone uses profiles and some people like to game on balance too. This will give better gaming experience on default profile.
      [*]Random phone not waking up after going in DeepSleep issue should be fixed not fixed will be in next build go 2.4.2 instead if you encounter this issue
    • Updated to latest LineageOS changes.. Video recording fixed!

    2.5 Build:
    NoGravity 2.5 App:
    • K-Lapse Night & Brightness modes toggles added to GPU page
    • Max overclock toggles states after reboot fixed
    • No Gravity EAS support
    • Updated with NGK's latest changes
    • Missing Underclock frequencies fixed

      2.4.2 Build:
      NoGravity 2.5 App*:
      • AGK Kernel support
      • First Release see features list in OP for full list of features.. AGK has same features as NGK but without Overclocking, Custom Thermals and Profiles.. AGK will continue to follow NGK's features for futur updates
      • AntiGravity Kernel is now Official CrDroid's integrated kernel! Get the ROM HERE
      *Notes : No need to download again support was added way before

    ROMS with inbuilt AntiGravity Kernel: