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Feb 7, 2011
Dallas, TX
So when i click on the link i only see 2 choices. Brmdh-fw-patch.zip and camera-s5k2p-oreo.zip. Which one is the oreo kernel ?.
Thanks in advance
I think it's gone. I used it. It was 9.0 and there was a 9.0.2 I think. But the kernel in the 15.1 unofficial is working really good so I've been sticking with it unless Omar starts back again. I still have it just in case I want to use it but I've been really happy with the stock kernel.


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Dec 31, 2013
I think it's gone. I used it. It was 9.0 and there was a 9.0.2 I think. But the kernel in the 15.1 unofficial is working really good so I've been sticking with it unless Omar starts back again. I still have it just in case I want to use it but I've been really happy with the stock kernel.
Ahh alright. Is there any way you can post it. Send telegram gmail. If not its all good.

Edit: nvm rainbow provided a link.
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Dec 13, 2011
Is the source on github up-to-date? I've compiled from it and am getting issues similar to what is described in the changelog of v32 (green video in twitter, and no video in instagram). No such issue when I flash your zip. h910 running LOS14.1
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Feb 3, 2013
Is the source on github up-to-date? I've compiled from it and am getting issues similar to what is described in the changelog of v32 (green video in twitter, and no video in instagram). h910 running LOS14.1

The sources are for 15.1, I am not keeping a branch for 14.1, just a quick automated patch that for me is:

# Patching 15.1 source to work on 14.1


git checkout ${commit} drivers/media/platform/msm/vidc/*
git checkout ${commit} drivers/staging/android/

# Patch the defconfigs
for filename in arch/arm64/configs/lineageos_*_oxavelar_defconfig ; do
cat >> "$filename" << EOF

Feel free to use that one yourself. But I am supporting the latest builds just because we have the goodies regarding wakelocks for 14.1, but I will be giving EOL on 14.1 builds soon and will only do 15.1 :)
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Aug 27, 2010
Is it still recommended to flash the optional hotfixes for 14.1?

Also, does the kernel pass Safety Net? Using Magisk v16 and it doesn't seem to want to pass at the moment.

EDIT: Resolved the Safety Net issue after a full clean reinstall of LOS 14.1 with Gamma Kernel and hotfixes. H910 btw.
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    Hey guys, I have started a custom Kernel based on LineageOS sources with 98% CAF. So I would like to share my own performance and usability improvements with minimal feature and enhancements on top. The intention is to have a minimal light-weight kernel that is very fine tuned for the device.


    • Minimal Kernel with a stripped defconfig base to be more streamlined and have less memory footprint
    • User space display color calibration (KCAL) with screen calibrated against iPhone 8 Plus, also helps reducing screen retention
    • Schedutil governor making use of EAS features with updates from Linux 4.4 and 4.12
    • Up to date with LineageOS sources for maximum compatibility and security bugfixes
    • Memory and cache subsystem optimizations, you will feel it
    • Adaptive LMK enabled by default
    • Transparent Hugepages are enabled
    • ZRAM/Swap partition is disabled by default
    • BFQ IO scheduler set by default to avoid slow-downs on task intensive scenarios
    • No overclocking was chosen to avoid unnecessary heat, optimizations were focused on other different areas
    • Kernel Samepage Sharing enabled with deferred timer by default to gain some memory usage optimizations, the process sleeps on regular basis and I've profiled it so that there's no battery drains due to it
    • Simple temperature controls for msm_thermals exposed
    • Compiled with GCC 6.x optimized toolchain and -O3 plus other hardware specific flags
    • Undervolted the Adreno 530 GPU voltage rail to keep things cooler
    • CAF Rebase on major portions of the Kernel has helped lower the memory footprint a lot
    • ES9218 Quad DAC automatic toggling working inside the kernel for headphone HIFI playback, please read here for details


    AnyKernel: Click Here (Or check top of the post, download tab)

    (Optional) LineageOS 14.1 Netflix Black Screen Fix : Click Here

    (Optional) Updated Adreno Drivers by @BlackSoulxxx : Click Here


    • Here is a GeekbenchV4 result example : http://browser.geekbench.com/v4/cpu/7618872
    • These is intended to be used primarily with LineageOS, I have not tested other ROM's
    • Since LineageOS uses a way newer Bluetooth stack, this Kernel will most likely not work on old ROM's such as ResurrectionRemix
    • This will not work with LineageOS 15.1, please see the other thread

    • When using v1.0.0 will fail to boot if you had Magisk previously installed. Please install something newer if using Magisk.
    • When using v13.0.0 - v15.x.x infrared remote control will not work.

    I would also like to thanks to various people who contribute tremendously such as:

    and many others! :)

    << If you like my work here is my hat, please donate! >>

    XDA:DevDB Information
    Gamma Kernel, Kernel for the LG V20

    Source Code: https://github.com/oxavelar/V20-Kernel-Gamma

    Kernel Special Features:

    Version Information
    Status: No Longer Updated
    Current Stable Version: 46.0.0
    Stable Release Date: 2018-07-11

    Created 2017-12-10
    Last Updated 2018-10-22
    I've got a working Kernel for LineageOS 15.1, thanks to @x86cpu, @Phoenix591 and @emdroidle for their recent development:

    Download: https://www.androidfilehost.com/?w=files&flid=266788

    Right now it is missing partial panel update (would help lower battery consumption and tearing in the long run if we get it working again) and for this initial build I've skipped exFAT SD Card support. Posting this experimental builds now as I just switched to the unofficial LineageOS 15.1 by @x86cpu today (just had time to do so today... :))

    It has everything listed in the OP, and it is Linux 4.4 EAS based, LineageOS 15.1 right now lacks the perfd binary but performance is ok from what I can tell. It will get better, just give it time ;)

    No optional zip flash from the OP download sections is recommended at the moment, since LineageOS 15.1 changed some things around to the vendor partition... once I get this more stable and optimized I will fork this thread to a new one...

    UPDATE: I've now added exFAT support based on LIneageOS in v0.9.1...

    • 46.0.0 - Started msm_irqbalance by default on boot, disabled lp11 and enabled allow mdss phy powerdown during idle screen.
    • 45.0.0 - Smoother memlat ramp and tuned the schedTune DVR cpusets a bit for better performance overall.
    • 44.0.0 - More deep sleep enhancements.
    • 43.0.0 - Update to Oreo TouchScreen firmware and more MDSS PLL merge fixes that help deep sleep.
    • 42.0.0 - Missing MDSS Oreo merges are now in place.
    • 41.0.0 - Added IPA_WS as a default in the wakelock blocker, as well as enabling CONFIG_PM_SLEEP which if missing would in turn cause some ueventd wakeups.
    • 40.0.0 - Disabled CONFIG_RMNET_DATA_DEBUG_PKT. Full fix for USB OTG and added missing slimport drivers. Tweaked the random wakeup values, added some extra cpusets based on Marlin's android-cts-8.0_r8/init.common.rc and fixed some BFQ IO possible hang.
    • 39.0.0 - Disabled CONFIG_RMNET_DATA_DEBUG_PKT. Full fix for USB OTG and added missing slimport drivers.
    • 38.2.0 - Removed LGE's battery manager alarms.
    • 38.1.0 - Fixed potential wireless packet loss.
    • 38.0.0 - Further tweaked the wlan_rx_wake wakelock, migrated the audio and thermal workers to power efficient queues, and added an arm64 prefetching optimization for memcpy.
    • 37.0.0 - Better deep sleep enhancements with the charger infrastructure borrowed from the V30 Kernel Oreo sources.
    • 36.0.0 - Full fix for 6a00000.ssusb wakelocks while keeping fast charging enabled.
    • 34.0.0 - Added boeffla_wl_blocker to tame NETLINK wakelock, this wakelock is caused by IPC between the wireless driver in the Kernel and Android. This was the reason why when on wireless the battery would drain more compared than radio. Also disabled OTG as this keeps the phone from deep-sleeping for now.
    • 33.0.0 - Enabled OTG.
    • 32.0.0 - Fixed a bug from Oreo merge that causes video to go green and crash sometimes. Disabled ZRAM from the compilation rather than AnyKernel patch.
    • 31.0.0 - Merged some V20 Oreo Kernel changes in, as well as some DAC enhancements to prevent popping, better USB PD and QC 2.0/3.0 charging code.
    • 30.0.0 - Oreo Kernel changes in, trying to unify the Kernel to keep support for a little while on 14.1.
    • 29.0.0 - Merged msm idle from Linux 4.4 as well as full EAS 1.4 support from Linux 4.4, reduced the memory subsystem timer ramp values for speedier operation.
    • 27.0.0 - Enabled wifi.supplicant_scan_interval on boot, and disabled IPv4 TCP Timestamps and ICMP responses as well as CCKM fast secure roaming.
    • 26.0.0 - Full EAS 1.4 from Wahoo (Pixel 2XL) backported.
    • 25.0.0 - Updated EAS (schedutil, walt, fair scheduler) to be in sync with Wahoo (Pixel 2XL) latest changes.
    • 24.0.0 - Fixed another performance regression in multi-core scores within schedutil.
    • 23.0.0 - Screen brightness is 50% while booting to reduce heat when it is regenerating cache on boot. v22.1.0 was 25% but this was barely visible if you were rebooting under direct sunlight. So went for the safe value.
    • 22.1.0 - Reduced the screen brightness while booting to reduce the heat of the device during cache wipes.
    • 22.0.0 - WALT and schedutil cpufreq commit fixes backported from RenderBroken.
    • 21.0.0 - The GPU Voltage rail undrervolt is now ~60 mV, do not see any problem and games run way cooler.
    • 20.0.0 - After feedback on frequency utilization/distribution I've put 3 WELT commits that should help alleviate this. And enabled some extra configurations from our wireless driver for better power savings.
    • 19.0.0 - Trimmed around ~40 mV from the GPU voltage rails, and updating the wireless stack to DHD 1.80.13 - 2017.06.22, from us997 V16a.
    • 17.0.0 - Increased the multi-core benchmark scores.
    • 16.1.0 - Reverted the binder to be Nougat only, since Oreo support will be on a separate Kernel anyway. Fixed the Infrared Remote Control support that I had broken, and tuned the memory scaling to be more responsive.
    • 15.0.0 - More audio fixes. This audio CAF merging has fixed the speaker-phone that suddenly stops recording or suddenly stops recieving audio from the phone call in LineageOS. Also have increased the schedutil timer values to be similar to the Pixel 2 XL (Wahoo). And finally have fixed a CONFIG_LGE_PM_LGE_POWER_CLASS_CHARGER_SLEEP problem, so that the charger module now sleeps better and uses less power in idle.
    • 14.0.0 - Updated WALT (Window Assisted Load Tracking) fixes aggregated by RenderBroken. Fixed an audio bug introduced in 13.0.0 where headphone insertion could change the sampling rate of other audio sessions. Changed again the schedutil timer values to favor benchmarks a tiny bit and increased the external SD read-ahead and minimum number of requests so that there is better merging when using slow SD cards while keeping the internal storage device in a low-latency configuration.
    • 13.0.0 - Merged CAF audio upstream changes and enabled transparent hugepages.
    • 12.0.0 - Tuned the memory subsystem frequency scaling parameters further down to focus on batter savings as well as the EAS timers.
    • 11.0.0 - Added cpuidle optimizations to idle more, bumped up the memlatency trigger.
    • 10.2.0 - Reintroduced back QuickCharge 2.0 and QuickCharge 3.0 fast charging support into the Kernel.
    • 10.0.0 - Bumped up the Kernel to version 3.18.71.
    • 9.0.0 - Full arm64 arch CAF update done to the Kernel based on CAF LA.UM.6.5.r1-05300-8x96.0. Added support for H918 variant too.
    • 8.2.0 - Partial update to get the Kernel in a big percent that of CAF LA.UM.6.5.r1-05300-8x96.0, no bugs introduced and using a CAF / LineageOS kernel base. Using the binder interface that works both for Android Oreo and Nougat to be prepared for Lineage15. Also fixed a bug that I had introduced in previous versions related to wireless access point, hence why I had pulled versions 7.x from the server.
    • 4.1.0 - Reintroduced into the LineageOS kernel the partial-update in the panel, to gain some power savings and overall performance feeling when refreshing the panel and screen elements.
    • 4.0.0 - Raised the EAS schedutil timers and the memlat governor threshold to kick in faster. This will bring up the responsiveness to similar levels to HMP even when still using EAS. Brought back KSM after profiling on battery utilization, it doesn't hurt as long as a the timer value is between 4000.
    • 3.0.x - Bugfixes and testing with Magisk compatibility, I think there are no more compatibility problems with Magisk after this, had to remove KSM for testing.
    • 1.0.0 - Initial version, with KCAL, and streamlined defconfig based on cm-14.1 kernel sources and minor commits on top.
    Seeing the same message on H918. Regardless, thank you for supporting Lineage 15.1. Your kernels tend to deliver Pixel-like performance which is certainly quite the accomplishment! Many thanks and great work!

    Thank you, yeah I will see if I can fix the vendor warning (which seems harmless for now).

    A note on performance on this builds with LineageOS 15.1 (since the Kernel is EAS based) this will get better once perfd gets implemented in the builds :), due to lack of perfd right now we dont have input boost nor application launch boost hints.
    I've added another optional but heavily recommended zip to flash under the OP downloads section.

    (Optional) LineageOS 14.1 Hotfixes (GPS Stability and Wireless Battery Drain)

    This has a patch to get GPS 100% rocks stable under LineageOS 14.1 as well as the idle Wireless Battery drain which you will see in "Battery" as "Android OS" consumption being a heavy offender. I've root caused the problem to be in LineageOS 14.1's com.qualcomm.qti.tetherservice.apk. So by flashing that optional fix it will remove that and now we're back into amazing idle consumption and extra juice for day to day activities! :)...

    You MUST wipe cache and Dalvik/ART cache as that Qualcomm service might be cached and continue to run if you don't wipe cache after applying the workaround.

    EDIT: @x86cpu has helped me and I've put an updated zip in here #162