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Jan 5, 2011
Romanian-Intensitatea vibrațiilor
French-l'intensité de la vibration
Italian-intensità di vibrazione
Russian-Интенсивность вибрации

I'm using (mobile) Google translate sorry if didn't translate properly!

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I appreciate your effort, but I've already done that but I'd prefer that a native do the translation. We all know how Google translates ...


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Feb 16, 2013
4.1.5 ..changelog says speedup wake up...when put to sleep and woken right is that what that means?

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Mar 24, 2012
I'm a romanian and that translation is good. You could use "Intensitatea vibratorului" but that sounds like a sex toy :D, also if I were you I wouldnt bother with romanian translation as most of the romanians speak english perfectly.

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Jan 5, 2011
New Apolo 4.15 for Sammy Roms. Information in OP

Apolo configurator 5.6 uploaded to Google Play. It may take some time to get to you, but It will. It is necessary to control vibration intensity in Sammy and Omni roms (OK, it will work in CM too, but you can do it already through ROM settings)

Enjoy it ¡¡
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May 5, 2010
New Apolo 4.15 for Sammy Roms. Information in OP

Apolo configurator 5.6 uploaded to Google Play. It may take some time to get to you, but It will. It is necessary to control vibration intensity in Sammy and Omni roms (OK, it will work in CM too, but you can do it already through ROM settings)

Enjoy it ¡¡

you are the best:) tx vibration do superb:) Rom is CM

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Dec 18, 2012
New Apolo 4.15 for Sammy Roms. Information in OP

Apolo configurator 5.6 uploaded to Google Play. It may take some time to get to you, but It will. It is necessary to control vibration intensity in Sammy and Omni roms (OK, it will work in CM too, but you can do it already through ROM settings)

Enjoy it ¡¡
Finally i can set vibration from your kernel!! Thanks again worked good :)

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Oct 4, 2009
hi pedestre i have flashing new kernel 4.15 i have problem with intensity of vibration is bug???not working a few minutes ,please help me thanks :)


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Oct 4, 2009
works for a few minutes, then it seems that disables the vibration completely..............
I think it is a problem of apolo configurator because opening the app by setting the vibration back to work and then turn off after a few minutes again
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Feb 24, 2013
Actually, after a bit my vibration is very low without me doing anything. There is something off for sure.

By the way, given that this version has the FPBug fix, I was expecting to get an improve in the performance, but it is still very laggy... I've run AndroidBench and although some values match the ones published by Lanchon in his kernel thread, most of them are still very bad. Isn't trim working?

My info is in my signature. Before flashing the new kernel, I too used the Kernel Wipe script.


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Jan 5, 2011
works for a few minutes, then it seems that disables the vibration completely..............
I think it is a problem of apolo configurator because opening the app by setting the vibration back to work and then turn off after a few minutes again
I think is the kernel, after some time it seems to lower vibration intensity..

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    Branch 4.x only for Sammy ROMS 4.1.2 (CWM and TWRP)
    Branch 5.x only for AOSP 4.2.2 (CWM & TWRP)
    Branch 6.x only for AOSP 4.3.x (TWRP)
    Branch 7.x only for AOSP 4.4.x (TWRP)
    Branch 8.x only for AOSP 5..x (TWRP)


    Apolo Configurator -> will be available in Google Play THIS

    Apolo 8.0 Beta9

    Beta 9
    -initramfs updates
    -zRam disabled

    Beta 8:
    - initramfs updated
    - TWRP

    Beta 7/7b:
    - zRam enabled
    - initramfs updated

    - App2SD Fixed
    - Wifi Toggle issues fixed
    - Network issues fixed

    - CM wifi issue fixed
    - same initramfs for cm and omni (same kernel for all roms)
    - charging animation fixed
    - zzmoove updated to 1.0beta5

    - Recovery TWRP updated to
    - Updated initramfs to latest CM & OMNI

    - Recovery TWRP updated to
    - Governor zzmoove updated to 1.0 Beta4
    - Fuse bug fix by @zeitferne (thanks to @Lanchon too)
    - Charging Animation fixed (thanks to @Lysergic Acid)

    Download Link

    Apolo 7.3 (final version for kitkat)

    - Governor zzmoove updated 1.0 Beta5 (thanks ZaneZam)
    - TWRP Recovery ("Reboot Bootloader" button fixed)
    - SPEEDUP KEYRESUME (Faster wake up at power button and incoming call)
    - Fixed fuse bug (
    thanks to @Lanchon)

    Apolo 4.15b for SAMMY JB ROMS (Removed vibration interface compared with 4.15)
    - Governor zzmoove updated to 1.0 beta 4
    - Speedup keyresume (faster wake up)
    - Governor Neox has come back (not included in beta :confused:)
    - FPBug fix by @zeitferne & @Lanchon)

    Download links in the usual section in this OP
    Changelog old Versions in Post #2

    This kernel is mainly based in hardcore work (thank you to Hardcore :victory: for his great contributions). I have added undervolting (kind of phenomenal) and some additional features.

    - CWM and TWRP recovery in Samsung. In AOSP I will use only TWRP in the future.
    - No logs, no extra debugging
    - install su, supersu in samsung. Support init.d and cifs
    - Ondemand Tweaked by Hardcore
    - Added some governors (specially tweaked slp and zzmoove)
    - Scheduler changing enabled
    - BLN enable (Since Apolo 4.5 BLNWW too)
    - CRT-OFF enable
    - Effective Underclock (max frequency limited)
    - UV Interface for ARM (you can change voltages in ARM with external aplications)
    - Kernel Includes frandom for using with CrossBreeder (I really recomend it, Thx idcrisis)
    - No Overclock and no different CPU-GPU steps from stock (please don't ask me more about that, I won't add it)

    Update Supersu (only sammy kernel, AOSP doesn't have supersu)
    Choose normal update (not the other with CWM/TWRP). In case you chose the wrong option, you'll have a bootloop. Read the bootloop section in this OP to recover your system.

    UV cannot damage your mobile phone, but it can make your device unsteady. It is important that you choose the right version for your mobile.
    There are some Apolo versions depending on the UV used:

    - Light (stock voltages)
    - Regular (-50mV in ARM, internals)
    - Extreme (3 versions, you can try to see what versión is better for your battery life): in JB system chooses among the different steps available inside the kernel (in internal and ARM), so depending what step is chosen, final voltages applied are different.

    Regular and extreme has -50mv UV in GPU (others UV like bus, memory, video controller too). Light has stock voltages in GPU

    I recommend you try regular version first. If there are no problems in two days (reboots or frozen screens) you can try extreme V0.

    System changes voltages in some devices (new in JB). Android chooses among voltages included in kernel (8 steps in every frequency). I recommend not to change them in extrem versions.

    More information and Voltages values:

    Depending on the device, system changes voltages (in JB), choosing among voltages defined in the kernel source. It seems, system tries to choose the ideal ones for every device (taking into consideration internal and ARM voltages).

    For each frequency, there are 8 posible voltages in the code (I call them steps). In ICS, system always chose 4th step for every frequency, but in JB it doesn't sometimes.
    It happends with ARM voltages (you can see them in the configurator) and with internal voltages, so there are many possibilities

    You can see ARM and Internal voltages in this pdf (it is in Spanish but I think you can understand it) :

    So, it is not strange that configurator shows different values in two different devices with the same Apolo version. It simple, system has chosen different voltages steps. I recommend you don't pay too much attention to this, it is not important, indeed system try to be stable choosing different values.


    - TWRP and CWM Backups are not compatibles between them, so you need the suitable version to restore your backups.
    - I recommend OBackup. Great application for making backups in Android itself (it supports TWRP and CWM).
    - Not always less voltages means better battery life, it depends on your device. The only way is testing every version and please start with Regular or Light version
    - Deep Sleep problems sometimes is caused by undervolting. If your system doesn't enter in deep sleep and it is not because of any application , install regular or light version.
    - It is not the same, lower ARM voltages with an external APP (for example Apolo Configurator) and change Apolo version (V2,V1,V0 or regular) because there are more voltajes involved (not only ARM)
    - If you want to turn off the leds always (when you touch tactile buttons), you have to use Apolo Configurator, otherwise (if you use only Samsung settings) your leds will turn on when you turn on the screen.
    - If your system doesn't boot due to wrong Voltages, flash this in recovery : download zip
    - Acess to internal sd in TWRP recovery :
    (Up a level )
    then go to
    that's your internal sd

    - Recommended wipe Cache and Dalvik after changing any kernel (it is not mandatory but it is a good custom)
    - To increase sound volume use mods like Viper or appications like Alsa Mixer or Vodoo louder in play store

    Enable logs in TWRP and v7 : Create a file in "/data" named ".enable_logs" and reboot.

    ¿In kit kat, should I use CM version or Omni version?
    Just see if your ROM has superuser included (I mean if you can gain root just enabling it in developer options). In that case you should use CM version. If your ROM needs supersu to manage the root, install omni version.

    - Battery Animation doesn't work when phoes is off

    - S2W doesn't work after rebooting.
    It's because this S2W bug: "When the phone is booting, if the screen is off in the exactly moment the script is changing the S2W setting, the screen will not respond any longer and you have to reboot."
    To avoid it, increase the screen timeout. Another solution is to keep the screen on, while the phone is starting until android had started completely and you can be sure that the script has been applied (more than a minute because the script has 60 seconds of delay).

    - If BLN y/o WIFI doesn't work in kit kat ROMS (maybe it can help in other bases too)

    If test button works in Apolo Configurator check if in your Android Settings- Display there's something related to notifications led or Notifications light
    or review
    Rom settings (name depends on the ROM) - Active display must be disabled, otherwise BLN won´t work

    If BLN test or wifi doesn't work, try this:
    - Remove Apolo folder in /system (if folder exists)
    - Go to Recovery
    - Wipe Cache
    - Flash Apolo
    - Wipe cache again
    - Reboot

    - Avast doesn't work with Apolo, if you can't live without it, use other kernel, sorry

    - Bootloops: it doesn't happend very often but it can happend in JB if there is something corrupt in partitions. Posible solutions:
    1) Try to enter to recovery. Press vol up, Home button and Power button at the same time until the device enters into recovery (system can restart 2 or 3 times, but don't release buttons). Then wipe cache and dalvik and reboot.
    2a) if 1) didn't work, enter into download mode and flash light TWRP version if you had CWM. Wipe cache and Dalvik and reinstall CWM if you wish.
    2b) if TWRP didn't work or you had TWRP version already, flash last PhilZ kernel (thx to Phil3759), enter into Philz recovery and wipe cache and Dalvik. Then reinstall Apolo.
    3) if nothing worked, try to reinstall your ROM without wipe data and wipe cache and Dalvik
    4) wipe data (you will loose all your application and configurations)
    5) reinstall with odin stock ROM WITH repartition (pit file). Then install Apolo and reinstall your custom ROM.​
    - Sometimes when you reboot your device, your battery seems to drop a lot (it is not real).
    To recover your old battery percentage, plug in your device and reboot into recovery. Check your battery level in the recovery, if it is correct, reboot (solved).
    If it is not, reboot into recovery again (in CWM advanced - reboot into recovery, in TWRP reboot - recovery). It should be solved.
    This issue never happens if you reboot your device while is charging, so I recommend you plug in your device before rebooting (if you can do it)
    If you can't plug in your device, don't reboot if you can avoid it

    - AOSP: Recommended installation procedure for 4.3 ROMS (stuck in the second boot) Read post 3

    - AOSP: Restoring backups changing ROM base (stuck in the second reboot), Read post 3

    Download Kernel


    Installation (you can install Apolo through CWM or TWRP recovery, it doesn't matter)
    - Use a kernel cleaning script before installing (for instance Gs2KernelWipe thanks to hawkerpaul, but you can use other)
    - .zip : install in custom recovery
    - .tar : install in PC with odin (windows) or heimdall (linux)

    Apolo Configurator (Available in Google Play again HERE)

    I've developed a multilanguage application (Spanish, English, Italian, Catalan, Gallego, Russian and Turkish).You can change governor and scheduler, set ARM undervolting, configure BLN, BLNWW and S2W and set brightness curve:

    I extremely recommend you read the Apolo Configurator Manual : Apolo Configurator Manual

    My recommendation about scheduler/governor (it's only my opinion, maybe yours can be different)
    - You can find 3 defined profiles in Apolo Configurator (performance, balanced and battery saving) based in noop/slp. I have changed parameters to achive the profile goals.
    - Another good combination is noop/zzmoove

    - Hardcore for his fabulous kernel speedmod
    - Thx to great :good:phil3759 (he helped me to build the CWM recovery and let me use his recovery in the new Apolo versions) Please, visit his great job here
    - Thx to jeboo for his great kernel and for let me use his TWRP recovery :good:
    - Thx gokhanmoral , great master. Most advanced features come from him
    - Thx dorimanx for his great kernel and sources
    - fenomeno83 for his idea and help when I started
    - Thx mialwe for his great "smoove" governor (base of zzmoove) and ZaneZam for keeping it alive with the zzmoove.
    - Chainfire for CF-Root, CWM Manager, etc, etc
    - Thx sk8erwitskil, myfluxi, Talustus for recovery sources
    - Thx to Devil_1210 for his help building the ICS kernel
    - Thx to my betas for their help and ideas and much more: Broquen, Garrapatero123, Palleiro, Doomper, partisano, 666roi666 , Gordon320, nrg86
    - Many thanks to @daga69 for giving me a S2 and keep this kernel alive
    - Thanks to @rrgrrg for the Configurator icon.
    (for sure I forgot more people, I hope they forgive me)

    Donors: :laugh:
    Axel 11, manuelmagix, K-a-M-u-Z-u, elbanzai,Zytrel, bkraptor,Shadowrun1,rogers11,LarsX,Andreas75k,espirito-livre, dsp26, gumsle, karpfenhai,
    Andreas75k (Yes again :) ), metalgearhathaway

    Thanksssss a lot ¡¡ :highfive::victory::good:;)

    If you see something that you cannot understand or it is not correct (my English is far away from perfect ) please let me know
    If you want to translate the Apolo Configurator to other lenguages, please tell me

    Thanks to @lejarton, @Maxximo88, @stelistcristi,@Gordon320, @nrg86, @Palleiro, @Partisano, @Broquen and @nhmanasfor their translations

    Enjoy ¡¡

    Apolo source code

    Apolo 7.1 (for kitkat ROMS, 4.4.x)
    - Recovery TWRP updated to
    - Mali drivers updated
    - zzmoove updated to 0.9beta3 (thanks to ZaneZam)
    - rebuilt cypress (maybe helps with BLN errors in some devices)
    Apolo 7.0b for kit kat, 6.3 for 4.3.x ROMS (TWRP recoverys) and Apolo 4.14 for stock ROMS (CWM & TWRP recoverys)
    Changelog All bases (7.0b & 4.14 & 6.3):
    - New zzmoove 0.8 (thx ZaneZam Link )
    For kitkat (Apolo 7.0b & 6.3 TWRP):
    - Fixed second core bug that affected some governors
    - Pac-Rom support
    - TWRP updated to (it doesn't work fine in stock roms 4.1.2 (bootloops issue), so if you want to go back to sammy roms from kitkat, install first 4.14 and reboot in recovery and install from Apolo 4.14 recovery)
    Remember that 6.3 comes with new mali drivers. If you see your screen off when you start your system, you must flash this through recovery.
    Apolo 4.13 (SAMMY) & 6.2b (AOSP 4.3.1)
    Both (SAMMY and AOSP):
    - Linux updated to 3.0.101
    - Updated row scheduler
    - Added bfq scheduler
    - Removed MDNIE Sharpness by Hardcore (no mor problems with mdnie scenarios)
    - Initramfs improved
    6.2b ONLY:
    - GPU an Screen drivers updated (r3p2+s3cfb)
    - Wifi drivers updated to 1.61.58
    WARNING: 6.2b version only with mali r3p2+s3cfb.
    If your ROM is mali v2 (old drivers) you have to update some libs (otherwise, black screen). You can do it with this zip (flash in recovery):
    The zip will change some libs in ROM, so if you want to go back, you'll have to flash the ROM again without wipes
    Apolo beta kitkat (Android 4.4 CM and OMNI-SlimKat)
    - Beta 3 ONLY for OMNI ROMs: Solves the issue installing some application in latest nightlies
    - Beta 2/2b for CM ROMs:
    Only with mali v3. Works with new CM bases (4.4.2) .Thanks Karpfenhai for your help testing it
    - Fixed battery settings
    - CWM stock recovery (restores fine)
    - Last changes (like 6.2)
    If you suffer issues with the battery indicator, please change to beta2 or beta2b (depending on what kernel had the issue)
    - For Omni ROMS there is a beta2 (same changelog) with TWRP recovery

    For SLIMKAT 4.4.2 ROMs you should use Apolo beta2b for CM.
    If you use omni version in CM ROMS (don't recommended because you will loose root) don't forget to download supersu and update binary BEFORE flashing Apolo kernel (otherwise you'll have a bootloop).Thanks to @Shahan_mik3 and @EricCartmanez for the information.
    Apolo Beta 3 FOR CM KITKAT (4.4.2) ROMS
    - Solves the issue in (FC in phone) in latests nightlies
    - Fix the bug moving big files to external sd (CREDITS TO GUSTAVO)
    It was a lot of work, headaches, and semibricksssss so ENJOY IT¡¡
    Apolo versions 4.12, 5.1, 6.1
    For all bases:
    - Reverted the stupid android_secure change I did in last kernel
    - Added new governor Neox
    - Added MyFluxi sound interface (to control it you'll need to use the new Apolo configurator 5.0)
    - Fixed mdnie in the camera with mdnie sharpness disabled
    Only For 5.1:
    - Fixed vibration control
    Only For 6.1:
    - Added support for framework-2.jar
    - Fixed com.android.phone FC in latest releases
    Apolo 5.0 & 6.0 (AOSP ROMS)
    5.0 (AOSP ROMS 4.2.2):
    - TWRP version fixed (bluetooth) and updated to 2.6.3
    6.0 (AOSP ROMS 4.3 and 4.3.1):
    - Initramfs improved
    - Fixed booting for latest Pacman ROMS (4.3.1)
    - TWRP version fixed (bluetooth) and updated to 2.6.3
    - Vibration Control enabled
    ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Apolo 4.11 (Sammy only)
    - zzmoove updated to 0.7d
    - Backup and restore Android_secure fixed
    Apolo 5.0 & 6.0 (AOSPs Version)
    - Base: smdk4412 by cyanogenmod
    - Same tweaks as Apolo JB 4.x
    - zzmoove updated to 0.7d
    - Backup and Restore of Android_secure solved (thx dorimanx)
    - Fully compatible with Apolo Configurator
    Apolo 4.10 (Sammy ROMS)
    - Added brightness curve interface (credits to gokhanmoral) It will be necessary to use new Apolo Configurator 4.0 to configure the brightness curve (available in Google Play).
    - Exfat support in kernel and recoverys (CWM and TWRP)
    - TWRP recovery updated to 2.6.1 (thx to the TWRP team)
    - zzmoove updated to version 0.7c.(thx ZaneZam)
    - su and supersu updated (thx chainfire)
    Apolo JB 4.9
    - Slightly change in brightness levels (automatic brightness higher than 4.8)
    - Wifi drivers updated (latest S4) thx dorimanx
    - Pegasusq , sampling time set to 50000, instead 100000 (improvement listening music with bluetooth)
    - Try to solve issue of charging animation with phone off (will see if it works)
    - zzmoove updated to 0.6 and tweaked thx ZaneZam
    - sio scheduler updated
    - su, supersu updated
    - Revert USB charging values to 450 mA by default (safety measure). Added charging interface, so since Apolo configurator 3.8b you will be able to change it.
    Apolo JB 4.8
    - Bilingual CWM recovery(Spanish-English). Default: English (you can change language in Extras Apolo)
    - Fixed toggle ctr-off in CWM recovery
    - Default backup format set to tar in CWM
    - Updated TWRP recovery to version 2.5 (Thx Jeboo for sources). Added Preload support.
    - Two new minimum brightness levels in manual mode (lower than stock)
    - Fixed init.d. Now kernel considers all scripts in /system/etc/init.d
    - Fixed BLN test in Configurator
    - Current for USB charging to 650 mA (same as wall charger)
    Apolo JB 4.7
    - New Wifi Drivers from S4 (Thx dorimanx and codeworks)
    - Added I/O Scheduler row (Thx Jeboo)
    Apolo JB 4.6
    - Revert Linaro toolchain compiler to GCC 4.6.3
    - New governor interactivex (thx dorimanx)
    - New governor zzmoove tweaked by pedestre (I recommend this governor, it's great)
    - Fixed bug flashing from recovery updates with Assert instruction (for instance modem zips)
    - Updated su and supersu
    - Fix Touchscreen Choppy using MXT224E chip(thx kgp700)
    - New Apolo Configurator 3.2 (useful for activating and scheduling BLN and BLNWW, selecting governors and schedulers and much more ...). You can find it free in Google Play
    Apolo JB 4.5
    - New interface with BLNWW, leds timeout and brightness and Slide to Wake (All the credits for gokhanmoral)
    - New governor Intellidemand (thx dorimanx)
    - New Apolo Configurator 3.0 (useful for activating BLN and BLNWW and much more ...). You can find it in Google Play free
    Sorry guys, but I must tell you that Apolo development has finished. My S2 has died and now it doesn't turn on, so I won't be able to update the kernel any more.
    Configurator, links and xda therad will remain as usual for older android versions and information, so you can keep using Apolo if you wish, but you should know that it won't work in latest LP ROMS.

    Good luck and thanks for everything ¡¡
    New beta 5 for lollipop.
    - Wifi issue fixed
    - Charging animation fixed
    - zzmoove updated

    Now, you can use the same kernel for all roms. I've tested it in omni and cm. I suppose it will boot in any other rom.

    Enjoy it ¡¡
    New Apolo 4.7 :good:


    - New Wifi Drivers from S4 (Thx dorimanx and codeworks)
    - Added I/O Scheduler row (Thx Jeboo)

    I hope you enjoy it