[KERNEL][AT&T][AOSP/TW][4.1/4.2/4.3/4.4][07/11/2014] KT747 - ND8 - KTweaker

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Nov 3, 2011
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Ktoonsez presents:

KT747 Jellybean kernel features
Must have a AT&T, TMO, Bell, Rogers or Telus Samsung ROM to use the Sammy Kernel
Must have a AT&T, TMO, Bell, Rogers or Telus AOSP ROM to use the AOSP Kernel
Must have custom recovery installed: (Here is one suggestion: http://www.epiccm.org/2012/06/team-epics-root-from-recovery.html)
•Linux kernel 3.0.69 + 3.4.95
•Samsung open source
•Optimized kernel configuration
•Updated USB driver
•Updated wifi driver
•custom bootanimation
•unsecure root adb
•init.d support
•Voltage interface
•CPU Overclocking
•CPU Underclocking
•Boots on stock table (USE KTweaker app to enable OC steps all the way to 2106mhz)
•Fastcharging for USB/Car Charger (you must be unplugged before turn fast charge on or off, also Fast Charge DISABLES USB connection to your PC)
KTweaker app for kernel control
KTweaker Widget


******* END OF LIFE *******
***** IMPORTANT *****
If you are using my ktoonservative governor with the Touchwiz JELLYBEAN version, you should rename /system/bin/qosmgr to /system/bin/qosmgr.bak to prevent battery drain

Always do the following AFTER installing the kernel:
1. Clear cache
2. Clear dalvik
3. Fix Permissions

Ktoonsez Boot Animation zip file :D, thanks danesusername

BUG Reports
To get better help I need to know what ROM you are on (Name and whether it is Sammy or AOSP and Jellybean or ICS).

Post #2 will be reserved for change logs

Post #3 will be reserved for MY SETTINGS, Extras and FAQ's

Link to a list of previous builds

AOSP VERSION: Download CWM flashable zip kernel

Touchwiz Version: Download CWM flashable zip kernel
AOSP JELLYBEAN: Download CWM flashable zip kernel
Sources can be found here:
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Nov 3, 2011
Change Log 07.03.2014
1. Linux 3.4.90
2. Linux 3.4.91
3. Linux 3.4.92
4. Linux 3.4.93
5. Linux 3.4.94
6. Linux 3.4.95
7. Ramdisk sync with CM from 7/3/2014
8. All caught up to CM latest commits (June 28th)

Change Log 06.01.2014
1. 100+ commits from CM
2. Ramdisk update
3. THIS VERSION IS ONLY MEANT FOR CM 11 DATED 06.02 OR NEWER!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you are on any other ROM, it may not work until they have updated to latest.

Touchwiz - Change Log 05.12.2014
1. Merged in all the good KT stuff (should be 100%) into 4.4.2 for Touchwiz including:
2. OC/UC/UV, governors, schedulers, screen off stuff.....
3. Included my newest KTweaker from S4 and seems to be working just fine for the testers so I will keep it in there. If you have problems, remove it and reboot and then put the old one in its place from previous release from AOSP zip.
4. Updated GPU driver/governor code to my S4 standards so you should notice the GPU idle speed stay nice and low instead of Samsung code keeping it at 320 all the time.
5. Thats all I can think of.

AOSP - Change Log 05.12.2014
1. Upgrade GPU driver/governors to my S4 version
2. Included my newest KTweaker from the S4, people have said that it is running just fine and love the updated interface. You will have to start over on your settings so be aware of that before flashing.
3. 99% of the data is now stored in /internal sdcard/KTweaker/ now instead of /data/data..... So when you need to clear out KTweaker, you need to do the normal "Force Stop" and "Clear Data" plus deleting the /internal sdcard/KTweaker/ folder

Change Log 05.07.2014
1. Kernel sync with CM
2. Ramdisk sync with CM
3. Linux 3.4.86
4. Linux 3.4.87
5. Linux 3.4.88
6. Linux 3.4.89

Change Log 3.28.2014
1. Linux 3.4.83
2. Linux 3.4.84
3. CM sync
4. Ramdisk sync with CM

Change Log 03.09.2014
1. Update Ramdisk for CMs new framework file to fix phone FC
2. A bunch of interactive governor updates
3. A bunch of ondemand governor updates
4. Lots of zcache updates/patches
5. remove extraneous loop in apexq camera driver

Change Log 1.28.2014
1. CM commit sync
2. A couple Ramdisk updates
4. Compass patch for Canadian variant from lambgx02 :good:

Change Log 1.24.2014
1. CM sync
2. exFAT upgrade
3. CAF updates from codeaurora
4. Ramdisk updates

Change Log 01.18.2014
1. Linux 3.4.77
2. Linux 3.4.76
3. Linux 3.4.75
4. KTweaker: Point KTweaker Shop to S3 section now that @Perseus71 has kindly made some S3 versions of the Profiles :D
5. 103 merges from CM as of 10:25 PM west coast time 1/18.
6. Fast charge should be fixed for TW 4.3 for the few people it wasnt working for.

Change Log 01.15.2014
1. KTweaker: New feature to set a password to get into the UI (Under Extras - > UI Password). Feature is disabled by default leaving password blank.
2. KT Logo is back :D
3. Added BIC TCP Congestion control
4. Added HSTCP TCP Congestion control
5. Added HYBLA TCP Congestion control
6. Added HTCP TCP Congestion control
7. Added VEGAS TCP Congestion control
8. Added RENO TCP Congestion control
9. Added SCALABLE TCP Congestion control
10. Added LP TCP Congestion control
11. Added YEAH TCP Congestion control
12. Added ILLINOIS TCP Congestion control

Change Log 01.14.2014
1. bcmdhd: update to latest d2 source drop (i535's ML1)
2. Added BIC TCP Congestion control
3. Added HSTCP TCP Congestion control
4. Added HYBLA TCP Congestion control
5. Added HTCP TCP Congestion control
6. Added VEGAS TCP Congestion control
7. Added RENO TCP Congestion control
8. Added SCALABLE TCP Congestion control
9. Added LP TCP Congestion control
10. Added YEAH TCP Congestion control
11. Added ILLINOIS TCP Congestion control
12. Updated ramdisk

Change Log 12.20.2013
1. ramdisk: Added wpa/wifi supplicant fix
2. ramdisk: Update healthd binary (I.E. battery fix)
3. fsa9485: sync with 4.3 source drop
4. Enable Smartdock support
5. Update defconfig

Change Log 12.03.2013
1. Add westwood tcp congestion option
2. Add faux Simple GPU gov
3. Linux 3.4.70
4. Linux 3.4.71
5. 8 million updates from CM

Change Log 11.23.2013
1. Merge "Fix Framebuffer console Oops" into cm-11.0
2. memcg: add memory.pressure_level events
3. add extra free kbytes tunable
4. msm: vidc: Check validity of userspace address
5. Merge "msm: vidc: Check validity of userspace address" into cm-11.0
6. msm: vidc: Validate userspace buffer count before using it
7. msm: vidc: Validate userspace buffer count
8. fs: Add exFAT file system

Change Log 11.17.2013
1. Sync with CM 11
2. Updated ramdisk

Changelog 11.13.2013
1. Added Kitkat version :D

Change Log 10.27
1. CM Sync
2. apexq: move if to support logo on certain panel revs
3. Prima
4. msm: pil-riva: allow forcing of insecure mode"
5. KTweaker update for GPU voltage steps limited to 25mV instead of 5 which caused issues for some people

Change Log 10.20
1. 100% caught up with CM
2. LOTS of Linux and video/gpu updates
3. Too many to list, if u want full list, Go here and its page 1-6 (October 3- 19)

Change Log 8.31.2013
1. GPU Voltage Control - Stock voltages are 945 1050 1150 from LOW to HIGH. Be sure to go to Voltage screen for GPU and set them up and click Apply or Wipe data for KTweaker and set the voltages for GPU.
2. CM Catchup.

Change Log 8.23.2013
1. You must be running newest AOSP ROM for thisUpdated with CM latest
2. Fix KTweaker issue for setting Trinity Colors

Change Log 8.21
1. CM sync
2. Fix ramdisk issues for AOSP
3. Upgrade Linaro toolchain
4. Added exFat official Samsung support files!!!!!!!!!

Change Log 7.18.2013
1. Linux 3.4.49 thru 52
2. Catchup with CM

Change Log 6.8.2013
1. Linux 3.4.48
2. Bluetooth patch from CM for people that cant get bluetooth to work
3. Updated wifi driver to version 1.61.47 from the GT-9505 source
4. Changed Trinity Colors to use CM's interface witht the 5 options. Still need to cycle screen off then on to take effect.
5. KTweaker: Trinity colors 5 options
6. KTweaker: TCP Options under "Extras" screen to tweak wifi driver. Experiment on your own to find best results :good:

Change Log 5.17.2013
1. Couple little Linux patches
2. Fixed Bluetooth issue, where certain people could NOT connect to there device
3. Thats it..........

Change Log 5.14.2013
1. Merged in AU_LINUX_ANDROID_JB_2. from codeaurora.org
2. Merged in AU_LINUX_ANDROID_JB_2. from codeaurora.org
3. Merged in AU_LINUX_ANDROID_JB_2. from codeaurora.org
4. Merged in AU_LINUX_ANDROID_JB_2. from codeaurora.org
5. Merged in AU_LINUX_ANDROID_JB_2. from codeaurora.org
6. Merged in AU_LINUX_ANDROID_JB_2. from codeaurora.org
7. Linux 3.4.45
8. A few patches to get completely sync'd with CM

Change Log 5.9.2013
1. Merged in AU_LINUX_ANDROID_JB_2. from codeaurora.org
2. ARM: 7467/1: mutex: use generic xchg-based implementation for ARMv6
3. Revert "ASoC: msm: Support independent left-right channel volume cont
4. Revert "arm: mm: Add VM_ARM_EMPTY_MAPPING flag to mark the PMD gaps
5. Merged in AU_LINUX_ANDROID_JB_2. from codeaurora.org
6. Couple patches for schedulers main code
7. Raise MDP bandwidth requirements (this should get rid of the screen flicker that some were getting)
8. Compiled with latest Linaro
9. Linux 3.4.44
10. Completely sync'd with CM

Change Log 5.5.2013
1. JB_2. from codeaurora.org
2. Couple of USB patches
3. Couple of display driver updates
4. Totally sync'd with CM

Change Log 5/3/2013
1. Added GPS Scheduler and Governor option in "Extras" screen for TW USERS (used to automatically change sched and gov when GPS is IN USE
2. Patches from CM and google
3. Revert "msm_fb: display: allow backlight update after first update"
4. Linux 3.4.43
5. ARM: fault: assume no context when IRQs are disabled during data abort.
6. lowmemorykiller: make default lowmemorykiller debug message useful
7. Updated FAUX Sound
8. Renamed zip files a little to be shorter and easier to read

Change Log 4/30/2013
1. Added GPS Scheduler and Governor option in "Extras" screen
2. A few patches from CM from last night and today
3. A few patches from codeaurora

Change Log 4.29.2013
MD4 update that includes:
1. Camera
2. Display drivers for UI
3. Memory functions
4. Wireless
5. USB
6. Video drivers for video playback
7. mmc/block/ssd
8. Sound drivers

Change Log 4.27.2013
2. Linux 3.4.42
3. A few updates from CM so its up to date
4. Fixed issue with KTweaker not setting lower temps on KThermal screen
5. Fixed asswax thanks for implementation DecimalMan
6. Fixed smartassH3
7. Thats about it.........

Change Log 4.19.2013
1. Linux 3.4.40
2. Linux 3.4.41
3. ROW scheduler updates
4. Update to date with CM and code aurora
5. Lots of Linux patches for SMP and some optimizations
6. More but no time........

Change Log 4.11.2013
1. Optimizations for ROW scheduler
2. Optimizations for CFQ scheduler
3. Optimizations for DEADLINE scheduler
4. Some backgound scheduler optimizations and entropy stuff
5. Merge in codeaurora JB_2.
6. Fix composition issues when framework rebooted in suspend
7. REVERT regulator fix up that was causing high power drain and instability
8. Merge in codeaurora JB_2.
9. 100% synced with CM

Change Log 3.27.2013
1. ICS is NOW removed from build
2. Linux 3.4.37
4. Auto-hotplug from thalamus modded to work with KT747, you can check this box in "General" screen to enable hotplugging for governors that dont do it there own.
5. Fix up freq tables math errors from cobraboy85
6. New steps in lower range, they are now 81, 135, 189, 378 instead of 96, 144, 196, 384
7. Toggle for Trinity colors from Morfic. Its under "Extras", when you change the option, you must turn screen off and on once to take effect
8. Added restore Stock Voltage Table to "Voltage" screen
9. Many other patches and tweaks I cant remember, lol....



1. Go to the normal place to "Clear Data" and click "Force Stop" 1ST(usually on "Settings-> Apps")
2. Click "Clear Data"
3. Boot to recovery and flash
4. When u open KTweaker for the first time it should NOT ask you any questions, if it does, go back to step #1

Change Log 3.14.2013
1. Added sampling_rate_screen_off variable to ktoonservative to control sampling rate while screen is OFF. Im using 90,000 for this new tunable.
2. cpufreq: intellidemand: stop crash when changing sampling_rate
3. Sound Control: Sound control from Faux for all versions
4. Patches from faux on his Sound Control
5. Couple adreno (GPU) updates from CM
6. Added asswax governor: LOL
7. Linux 3.0.69
8. Battery level Mhz control: Added battery_ctrl_disable_chrg option to disable battery control while plugged in and charging
9. Remove some debug that is spamming dmesg
10. Ktoonservative: Add ability to disable hotplugging while connected to bluetooth (ONLY WORKING ON TW, HAVING ISSUES ON AOSP).

Change Log 3.6.2013
1. Touchwiz 4.1 ONLY update
2. Remove power button from boost buttons (all other buttons are still active)
3. Fix issue with setting "read_idle" in row scheduler
4. UKSM memory management (If you want to read up on it, check this out: http://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=news_item&px=MTEzMTI)

Change Log 3.5.2013
1. Linux 3.0.67
2. Linux 3.0.68
3. Updates from CM
4. Pulled in some MA6 updates from Sprint official JB 4.1.2
5. Added FIFO scheduler for all versions
6. ktoonservative: Ignore disable_hotpluging while screen is off
7. Fix bug in Battery level Mhz control when only low or only high is set
8. ktoonservative: Add boost_2nd_core_on_button that turns on 2nd core on power button, back button, home button and menu button
9. Hold 2nd core on for 1 second when boost 2nd options are being used

Change Log 2.19.2013
1. Linux 3.0.63
2. Linux 3.0.64
3. Linux 3.0.65
4. frandom added to JB versions
5. Trinity/morfic colors
6. Several Linux fixes/patches/updates
7. Added Screen OFF scheduler profile
8. New version of KTweaker (Version 2.4)
9. Added battery level MAX MHZ setting to ktoonservative
10. Updated ramdisk to 4.2.2 standards for AOSP
11. Added ASIX network support

Change Log 2.8.2013
1. WIFI TETHERING IS BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2. acpuclock-8960: Change HFPLL_NOMINAL_VDD to 700 to allow more than 125mV UVage for steps higher than 1080 MHz

Change Log 2.7.2013
1. Linux 3.0.61
2. Linux 3.0.62
3. Updates to ROW scheduler
5. Sync with CM patches
6. Updates to ktoonservative. 3 new tunables.
7. ktoonservative: boost_turn_on_2nd_core: a 1 turns on 2nd core on touch, 0 does not
8. ktoonservative: no_2nd_cpu_screen_off: a 1 enusres 2nd core stays off while screen is off, 0 does not
9. ktoonservative: disable_hotpluging: a 1 keeps 2nd core on FULL time, 0 keeps hotplugging normal.
10. Add ASIX LAN Support
11. Couple of wireless: bcmdhd updates
12. Upgrade to Linaro 4.7-2013.01-1-2013
13. Update to old conservative gov.

Change Log 1.26.2013
1. Linux 3.0.58
2. Linux 3.0.59
3. Linux 3.0.60
4. Updates to ROW scheduler
5. Lots of updates from CM (with CM ROM updates lag should be gone after exiting games
6. Couple updates to ktoonservative to help battery and speed things up :D

Change Log 1.9
1. Built with newest Linaro compiler so its EVEN FASTER (about 25 billion times faster)
2. Added Row scheduler to all other versions
3. Added Zen scheduler to all other versions
4. CM patches for AOSP guys
5. Thats all I can remember

Change Log 1.8.2013
1. Added Yoyo mode to ktoonservative (mimics the test from 1/5) and is DISABLED by default
2. To enable yoyo mode, set "use_yoyo_cpuload" to a 1, I recommend setting "cpu_down_block_cycles" to a 22 or 44.
3. You can enable yoyo if you feel ktoonservative is lagy since moving to 4.2. It does jump around the Mhz range and hotplugs the 2nd cpu alot more than normal mode but is very responsive!.

Change Log 12.29
1. Fully synced with CM 10.1 code
2. Data is BACK on CM 10.1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
3. Fix some issues with smartassV2
4. BFQ v5r1
5. Newest KTweaker 2.3 included
6. Video is working
7. Im sick as hell with the flu so thats the end...

Change Log 12.20
1. Linux 3.0.57
2. Improve modem stability across all D2 devices from CM
3. Couple of Linux updates

Change Log 12.11
1. Linux 3.0.52
2. Linux 3.0.53
3. Linux 3.0.54
4. Linux 3.0.55
5. Linux 3.0.56
6. Tweaks to lulzactive
7. Quite down the vibration driver which speeds up typing and capacitive buttons
8. Changes to Bluetooth Mhz setting logic (its nearly perfect now, only issue where it might revert is ending a call)
9. More TCP filter code from madmack
10. Merged in TMO and ATT official TW-JB code
11. Black screen code from the test kernel is in here to reduce black screen wake issue
12. Thats all I can think of and ENJOY!.... :good:

Change Log 11.13
1. Linux 3.0.50
2. Linux 3.0.51
3. Ktoonservative tweaks and added tunable "down_threshold_hotplug" for more control.
4. Screen OFF profile for Mhz will be ignored while on the phone now, since it was causing some lag when triggering prox sensor
5. Sync with CM10 display code updates
6. Sync with CM ramdisk changes
7. Tethering is back but kept some LJ7 stuff plus block some TCP multicast crap to save battery
8. Fix issue with Bluetooth Minimum Mhz profile while screen was off (should be working now)
9. Fixed issues with governor applying when not needed during screen ON/OFF
10. OFF TO OAKLAND NOW!!!!! :(

Change Log 10.31
1. Linux 3.0.49
2. Intellidemand Governor
3. SLP Governor
4. Many fixes for KTweaker
5. Updated wifi driver to LJ7 for AOSP JB kernel
6. Some other stuff I cant remember, got a plane to catch early tomorrow...

Changelog 10.28
1. Linux 3.0.47
2. Linux 3.0.48
3. Fixed screen off profile issue
4. Added Screen OFF Profile governor selection
5. Added Bluetooth Profile Connection Minimum Mhz
6. Modified Swipe2wake to be 3 selections (OFF, On always, On when plugged in). KT-Widget will show S2WP with a check mark when Plugged in option is selected.
7. Something else I cant remember
8. The Touchwiz jellybean version here is the same as the one I released yesterday.

Change Log 10.14 thru 10.22
1. Linux 3.0.45
2. Linux 3.0.46
3. New Wheatley Governor
4. New Sleepy Governor
5. Swipe2Wake (this option DOES hold a wakelock so I would only use it while plugged in, it eats about 3-4% per hour on battery)
6. Added Swipe2Wake checkbox on KT-Widget
7. -O3 and other compiler optimization flags from the super crazy fast editions
8. Made from real panther, so u know its good :good: :p :cyclops:
9. Super optimized SQL driver (300% faster on database access, you will see bit speed gains in MMS and Settings apps)
10. Some other stuff I can remember

Change Log 10.9
1. Linux 3.0.44
2. Linux 3.0.45
3. Some usb patches
4. UHS SD3.0 patches
5. Compiled with Linaro 4.7 September
6. More error checking in KTweaker and KT-Widget

Change Log 10.3
1. CM10 sync
2. Added KTweaker option to name your backup and restore with a list of ones you created
3. Added KTweaker Widget (Widgets name is KTweakerW in you widget list)
4. Added KTweaker option to disable Toast messages
5. Updated wifi driver, increases speed and may help the people that were having connectivity issues
6. Added KTweaker option to adjust Scheduler Options

Change Log 9.23
1. Synced up with all CM10 commits
2. Added way to disable Touch Booster (its under First Touch Booster to disable both) (Doesnt work for ondemand for AOSP version since CM has there own version of Touch Booster)
3. Added Yes/No question to Backup option
4. Several Linux Commits and reverts to help stability
5. A few patches that seem to have fixed the flash AOSP and my kernel together in the same recovery session. Give it a try
6. Changed Screen off Mhz to match rest of the app without extra Zeros
It is recommended to wipe app data for KTweaker before flashing this kernel since a few options got resized and text is different in Sccreen Off

Change log 9.18
1. Added CM10/AOKP CRT patch
2. Linux 3.0.43
3. Lots of patches for speed and battery
4. Updated KTweaker (trying to make it ask the Min/Max question less)
5. Many, many more..........

Change Log 9.13
1. Added vibration interface, its under Extras in KTweaker
3. A ton of Linux patches
4. Some more CM patches
5. There is a lot of improvement in speed and stability here.....

Change Log 9/10
1. Added "Fast Charge" (It has been recommend to only use it for DC charging and not for USB but can be used for USB but in VERY rare cases can cause damage to your USB port)
2. Brand new code to try and keep OCing locked and not revert
3. Updates to ondemand and pegasusq gov
4. Lots of CM10 commits
5. Linux patches.....

Change Log 9-5
1. Reverted some memory management stuff to see if I can kill the super lag
2. KTweaker, changed boot option to lots of choices for delaying the set on boot (If you have issues with the update to the app, clear data, I tried my best to update the settings based on old data)
3. CM10 sync for AOSP-JB guys
4. A few other I dont remember

Change Log 8-31
1. CM10 pathces for AOSP kernels
2. Added +-25 and +-5 volts in Voltage Screen in KTweaker (press menu button to use them)
3. Tweaks to ktoonservative governor
4. Memory management fixes
5. MSM patches
6. A whole bunch of stuff ....... :good:

Change Log 8-30
1. Reverted compiler and changed opto flags
2. Updated KTweaker, Screen off Profile Mhz setting is working now.
3. Updated KTweaker, boot setting should apply now, added 5 second delay.
4. CM update for the Jellybean kernel
5. Ktoonservative Governor
6. Many, many more.....

Change Log 8-27
1. Jellybean only update
2. Compiled with newer version of Linaro so it is 100,000,000,000,000 times faster
3. Updated KTweaker, added Screen off Profile Mhz setting, backup settings to sdcard, restore setting from sdcard, Governor Adjustments Screen.
4. Lots of audio patches from the CM guys

5. etc...........

Change Log 8.24
1. Boot on stock table
2. KTweaker app included in flash
3. Overclock to 2106mhz
4. Underclock to 96mhz
5. 8,000,000 changes, too long to list :D

Change Log 8.15
1. Updated to latest patches from CM team
2. Linux 3.0.41
3. Lots of tweaks to the Normal and OC'd mhz ranges
4. Upped bus frequencys on a few steps for better performance
5. Lowered minimum voltage to 700
6. Upped maximum voltage to 1400
7. Added govs: abyssplug, badass, lagfree, scary, superbad
8. Removed GPU OC since it was slowing down the phone
9. So much other underwear..........

Change Log 8.11
1. Linux 3.0.40
2. GPU overclock interface
3. arm/crypto: Add optimized AES and SHA1 routines
4. block/deadline: tweaked for better performance on android
5. sched: task_times() explosion avoidance for tasks with > 2^32 acrued
6. Various msm: iommu patches
7. arm: Don't disable interrupts during WFE fixup
8. etc............

Change Log 8.10
1. Fix camera issue from lockscreen
2. Re-enabled DVFS
3. patch camera to stop reboots

Change Log 8.9
1. All CM10 code merged in including
2. msm:video upgrades
3. gpu: ion
4. usb tweaks
5. Tweaked pegasusq gov from Gokhan
6. and a million more......

Change Log 8.3
1. Major update merging in LG8 code from CM
2. bcmdhd 1.15.15
3. arm: show present cpu instead of online cpu in /proc/cpuinfo

Change Log 8-1
1. Linux 3.0.39
2. sched/nohz cleanup
4. Video: msm tweaks (video should be much smoother)
5. USB: gadget: Fix crash in ci13xxx_udc.c
6. Fixes for capacitive buttons lights
7. Many many more......

Change Log 7-28
1. Fixed gyro sensor
2. msm: rotator: Add secure session flag to rotator start data
3. Added kexec support
4. d2att: Move ramconsole to lower memory
5. dhd wakelock helper
6. Fixed charge while phone powered down
7. Compiler opto's

Change Log 7-25
1. Added BFQ v3r4 scheduler
2. Added more wake_lock debug
3. Opto's for wake_lock routine
4. optimize checksum routines
5. net: wireless: bcmdhd: Reduce priority for dhd_dpc and watchdog
6. Battery and speed improvements
7. Countless others..........

Change Log 7-22
1. Made a change to see if Foreign phones will show 192mhz
2. Linux 3.0.38
3. Reduced logging from chatty drivers
4. Lots of iosched treaks
5. 50,000 lines of code merge in from my other kernels...

Change Log 7-21
1. Started from scratch rebasing from Jellybean source for both ICS & JB versions
2. Put voltages back to stock'ish, so people can undervolt on there own (to get back to what my older kernels were, remove 75mhz from all steps except 192mhz and the 4 OC steps.)
3. Added init.d script to get try to get those stuborn phone to set 1512 as default max.
4. JB version now has all my good stuff in it from previous versions :D
FYI: CM10 does not want to cooperate with the max Mhz settings from my scripts, since it is a beta ROM, so you will have to set it manually with "Voltage Control" or run the script I put in "/system/etc/init.d/00post-init"

Change Log for 7/19c
•more tweaks to the the voltage interface
•added more stuff for cpufreq to try and keep the max freq to 1512

Change Log for 7/19b
•Added missing govs/scheds to AOSP version
•Made change for adb remount on Sammy version
•Change volt table to support SetCPU

Change Log for 7/19
The long awaited Voltage Interface
Underclock step at 192mhz
•Pegasusq tweeks
•smartass2:tweaking for responsiveness and battery life
•deadline-iosched.c: tweak deadline for flash devices
•arm: Allow CPU-supported unaligned accesses
•mm.h: increase readahead value from 128kb to 1024kb
•compiler optimizations
•sched: clock wrap bug in 2.6.35-stable kills scheduling
•sched/fair: Improve the ->group_imb logic
•mm, oom: fix potential killing of thread that is disabled from oom killing
•fifo: Do not restart open() if it already found a partner
•block: fix infinite loop in __getblk_slow
•cpufreq: Import latest cpufreq_interactive driver from Google
•wakelock: (tungstwenty's implementation) plus lots of other additions
•bcmdhd: Change packet filter settings to block multicast

Change Log for 7/18
•Linux 3.0.37
•Lots of other patches from CM/AOKP

Change Log for 7/10/2012b
1. Set 1512mhz as default (you will 6-10 seconds of it in CPUSpy, this is only at pre-boot before init's set it back to 1512)
2. Couple more tweaks to UV

Change Log for 7/9/2012
•OC is back in and is default:D (1.9ghz) - Use SetCPU or Voltage Control to set back to 1512mhz as max if you dont want the OC
•Used setting from roman for some UV
•TOUCH_BOOSTER adjustments (this should save some battery on any governor except performance since it is static)
•other cpufreq mods

Change Log for 7/8/2012
•modified initramfs to get rid of battery drainer
•Rebased cpufreq
•Removed OC until I can get it set to stock on boot

Change Log for 7/7/2012b
•ondemand tweaks
•Added 3 steps for OC'ing (still some issues getting to actually reach the steps)

Change Log for 7/7/2012
•Made ondemand and noop defaults
•Some tweaks to ondemand for smoothing
•New Schedulers (CFQ, BFQ, VR)
•ADB remount support
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Nov 3, 2011

My settings

General Screen
governor = ktoonservative
scheduler = row

Voltage Screen
UV'd 25mv across the board (use menu button for hidden menu option to globally add/subtract)

Extras Screen
Screen OFF Profile Mhz = 486
Disable Screen Off Mhz Call = Checked
Screen OFF Profile Sched = noop

General -> Governor Adjustments Screen
boost_cpu = 1134
sampling_rate_screen_off = 90000


ktoonservative Governor
This governor is based on conservative, but added some tunable vars and made it a hotplugging governor unlike conservative. With the settings I included stock it is probably the most responsive gov and is pretty good at saving battery as well. Especially with my screen off option to limit the CPU top Mhz. Hope that answers all ur questions.

Governors and schedulers explained:

Here is a link for people having issues with 64GB sd card. Follow the link below:


Stock___________________Undervolt startoff point___________________jerrygooch
Mhz - mV___________________Mhz - mV___________________________Mhz - mV
1890 - 1300___________________1890 - 1300____________________________1890 - 1200
1809 - 1275___________________1809 - 1250____________________________1809 - 1150
1728 - 1250___________________1728 - 1200____________________________1728 - 1100
1674 - 1200___________________1674 - 1175 ____________________________1674 - 1075
1512 - 1200___________________1512 - 1200 ____________________________1512 - 1075
1458 - 1187___________________1458 - 1187 ____________________________1458 - 1050
1404 - 1187___________________1404 - 1187 ____________________________1404 - 1050
1350 - 1175___________________1350 - 1175 ____________________________1350 - 1025
1296 - 1175___________________1296 - 1175 ____________________________1296 - 1025
1242 - 1150___________________1242 - 1150 ____________________________1242 - 1000
1188 - 1150___________________1188 - 1150 ____________________________1188 - 1000
1134 - 1125___________________1134 - 1125 ____________________________1134 - 975
1080 - 1125___________________1080 - 1125 ____________________________1080 - 975
1026 - 1075___________________1026 - 1075 ____________________________1026 - 925
972 - 1075____________________972 - 1075 _____________________________972 - 925
918 - 1050____________________918 - 1050 _____________________________918 - 900
864 - 1050____________________864 - 1050 _____________________________864 - 900
810 - 1025____________________810 - 1025 _____________________________810 - 875
756 - 1025____________________756 - 1025 _____________________________756 - 875
702 - 975_____________________702 - 925 ______________________________702 - 825
648 - 975_____________________648 - 925 ______________________________648 - 825
594 - 950_____________________594 - 850 ______________________________594 - 800
540 - 950_____________________540 - 850 ______________________________540 - 800
486 - 925_____________________486 - 850 ______________________________486 - 800
384 - 925_____________________384 - 825 ______________________________384 - 800
192 - 900_____________________192 - 825 ______________________________192 - 800

Link to discuss your settings for KTweaker (really any app to set parameters)

KTweaker New User Guide & Settings (Thanks Perseus71)
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Oct 28, 2010
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Wow.... amazing. Can't wait to install ktoonez. Straight from your kernel on my s2 to your kernel on the s3. How you like your s3 so far?

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Aug 1, 2011
This is way faster real usage...not in benchmarks which I personally don't care about. I am using powersave lowest clock to 1000mhz and is have no lag...stock kernel with same settings was unusable. Thanks a ton for your quick work!!!!

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