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Sep 20, 2008
There is no magic option to make device snappier, other than fast lane. You can choose the performance governor for both CPU and gpu, which will run all cores at max freq always, but you won't see much of a difference in speed, but will lose power. Not worth it. Go for default with fast lane

The performance governor is one of the worst. Having the phone run at max speed doesn't equal max performance. So from what I read here, I cannot do anything else. :p I could play with the values of the blu_spark governor but that's a pain in the behind.

Thanks a lot everyone for your replies.


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Mar 23, 2015
Google Nexus 5
Huawei Nexus 6P
Good afternoon everyone. I am running latest r118 on F2FS @ PureNexus. Battery is not a problem to me so I'm looking into making the Nexus 5 kind of snappier/faster.

I have played with Kernel Adiutor(latest version) but I believe I can do much more so I am asking for suggestions on what to add or even remove from my kernel setup:

2)GPU Governor: ondemand
3)Scheduler: ROW or FIOPS(I'm not sure which one to choose for speed as those two are my favourite ones xD)
4)Read-ahead: 1024kB (maybe I should increase the value to 2048?)
5)Entropy - Read: 1024 and Write: 2048 (Increasing the R/W values from 64 and 128(which are pretty low) I now have 70-80% available entropy)

These are my settings. Any recommendations? (like laptop mode=1 instead 0? But I don't know what those settings do.)

Thanks a lot for your time.

I have found that setting the scheduler to Deadline at 128 gives me the best performance. Pretty much everything else I leave at default except for GPU governor, which I also switch to ondemand. I leave Fastlane at 0 just to save a little battery but if I want a little more snappiness I'll set it to 1.


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Dec 30, 2011
Itching to install r118.. but there's a problem :( I'll bring this back to life for blu_kernel and LOS soon.


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Jul 29, 2013
Any profile for the last versión? (Battery life) I have DU 11.1

You can enable USB fastcharge and change vibration, but otherwise, just use the stock settings (i.e. don't change anything). I believe that you can just flash-and-forget with custom kernels and devs aren't trying to ruin your battery on purpose :victory:

I run this kernel with all four cores online at all times (even with screen off) and get decent battery life (only have to charge this phone once per day; SOT depends on what I am using my phone for on a certain day). Franco kernel works almost the same way.


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Jul 29, 2013
Yeah, both are flashable through recovery and both boot up just fine on the device.
Apart from that the diferences are pretty obvious.
You should not make this kind of a statement on a kernel thread.
Not true and not polite.

Yeah, my fault. I should have been more specific and wasn't trying to suggest using one kernel over the other. But rather suggesting even trying setting all four cores online in a kernel app. And that this isn't a crazy idea

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    Kernel features:
    • Build with custom toolchain blu_naro-7.2 (cortex-a15 neon-vfpv4 hard-float targeted, build with latest Crosstool-NG from developer snapshot Linaro GCC 7.2-2017.10)
    • Full -O3 support with device and target flags enhanced, linaro build improvements, etc
    • Less is more: stockish builds based on android-msm-hammerhead-3.4-marshmallow-mr3
    • Kernel compressed with XZ, custom tweaked RAMdisk with GZIP (faster boot times)
    • Removed some debug and logging options
    • Enhanced performance and battery patches
    • Several CPU Governors (blu_active own governor is default- fastlane mode available!)
    • Voltage Control UV_mV_table (UV down to 700mV possible)
    • Enhanced TCP methods (westwood is default), Network and Wifi tweaks
    • Several I/O control (added FIOPS and ZEN is default), tweaked filesystems (F2FS, ExFAT, NTFS & CIFS available)
    • Disabled stock mpdecision and thermald
    • blu_plug: Dynamic hotplug for hammerhead
    • msm_thermal simple driver (default 65º C threshold)
    • Optimized RWSEM, AES and SHA1 routines (with neon support)
    • Vibrator Strength tunable (60% default)
    • KGSL fixes and reworked GPU driver (removed doubled freqs, goes to idle @ 27MHz), Simple GPU Governor by default
    • Gamma Control and KCAL - Advanced color control for Qualcomm MDSS (RGB calibration and post-processing features)
    • Backlight dimmer ready (disabled by default, tuned min manual brightness - level 3)
    • Wakelock blockers available
    • USB automount (ROM must support it, otherwise use stickmount)
    • CDROM emulation added to mass_storage (Drive Droid compatible)
    • Kexec (multirom) full support
    • doubletap2wake available (0:disabled, 1:enabled, 2:enabled fullscreen), option to disable with power button or after wake_timeout
    • USB Fast Charge (USB mode up to 900mA with MTP, Increase battery charging current to use higher input current on AC mode, proprietary charger detection
    • init.d support (put your scripts in /system/su.d or /su.su.d [systemless SuperSU], /magisk/.core/post-fs-data.d [Magisk])
    • Compatible with Kernel Adiutor, Universal Kernel Manager and others

    DOWNLOAD KERNEL ZIP (no mirrors please)

    Warning: If you come from other kernel, you should dirty flash your ROM before flashing blu_sp★rk zip to avoid problems.
    Also uninstall or clean data of any kernel control app you're using.

    About bugs and troubleshoots: don't bother to post if a log isn't ready or without steps so the behavior can be replicated. Also, I only actively support stock ROM with NO mods whatsoever (apart from root).
    No support will be given to custom ROM including N stuff, so don't clutter the thread with it (specially):
    • No talking about WiFi and N issues.
    • No talking about ROM related and misc N issues.
    Save the SOT and battery stats/screenshots for general threads, here we deal with development, not personal tastes and results.
    Also no OT about OTAs, apps, ROM bugs and other userspace stuff. There's threads for it, use them.

    This kernel installer modifies your filesystem, backup your boot.img with TWRP if you want to go back to full stock (or you can fastboot boot.img or dirty flash your ROM also)

    If you want to use F2FS, do the following (backup your data before attempt this, it will erase all your Data)
    • Flash TWRP with f2fs support and flash latest blu_sp★rk zip
    • Go to Wipe -> Advanced Wipe -> Select only Data -> Repair/Format File system -> Change partition type to F2FS
    • Go to Wipe -> Advanced Wipe -> Select only Cache -> Repair/Format File system -> Change partition type to F2FS
    • Reboot and profit


    If you like my work, donations are always welcome (but not mandatory).
    Don't forget to hit thanks, it's free ;)

    XDA:DevDB Information
    blu_spark hammerhead, Kernel for the Google Nexus 5

    Source Code: https://github.com/engstk/hammerhead

    Kernel Special Features: powered by sparky

    Version Information
    Status: Stable
    Current Stable Version: r152
    Stable Release Date: 2017-11-23
    Current Beta Version: r141
    Beta Release Date: 2017-09-13

    Created 2015-08-10
    Last Updated 2019-11-29
    blu_spark r40

    All right crew!
    New build is up, enjoy :)

    • audit: Mute userspace and kernel audit logs (goodbye nasty task exit spam)
    • net: fix iterating over hashtable in tcp_nuke_addr()
    • Input: optimize events_per_packet count calculation
    • tcp_cubic: fix the range of delayed_ack
    • tcp: fix timing issue in CUBIC slope calculation
    • Reverted moto LMK merges

    Don't forget to hit thanks ;)
    blu_spark r35

    All right crew!

    New build is up, enjoy :)

    • lowmemorykiller: squash task adj rbtree optimization from Motorola
    • input: Don't reset keys pressed at suspend time from Atlantis
    • tcp_cubic: do not set epoch_start in the future, better follow cubic curve after idle period
    • Improvements on RAMdisk and install routines

    Don't forget to hit thanks ;)
    blu_sp★rk r51

    All right crew!

    New update is up, some nice goodies inside, go get it.

    • makefile: use blu_naro cortex-a15 neon-vfpv4 hard-float toolchain (build with latest Crosstool-NG from developer snapshot Linaro GCC 5.3-2015.12)
    • sched/rt: Reduce rq lock contention by eliminating locking of non-feasible target
    • sched/core: Fix an SMP ordering race in try_to_wake_up() vs. schedule()
    • sched: Fix RLIMIT_RTTIME when PI-boosting to RT, Queue RT tasks to head when prio drops, Fix race in idle_balance()
    • sched/fair: Stop searching for tasks in newidle balance if there are runnable tasks
    • msm: camera: sensor: Change wait func to wait_for_completion_timeout
    • proc: actually make proc_fd_permission() thread-friendly, make proc_fd_permission() thread-friendly
    • futexes: Increase hash table size for better performance
    • mm/slub: don't wait for high-order page allocation
    • fs/buffer.c: increase the buffer-head per-CPU LRU size
    • ASoC: pcm: If pmdown_time is zero then shut down DAPM immediately
    • net: wireless: bcmhd: Serialize wl_notify_escan_complete
    • ARM: msm: hammerhead: Check completion status on vote for resume, Ignore watchdog init if device is interactive
    • net: wireless: bcmdhd: Do not process partial resume on bus reset, Fix suspend failure due to wakelock/wakeunlock mismatch, Ensure watchdog thread isnt called on bus reset, fix for watch dog issue in wifi connect test
    • cpufreq: ondemand: even if it's not being used it spawns uninterruptible threads equal to the num
    • wakeup: Add the guard condition for len in pm_get_active_wakeup_sources
    • timer: Prevent overflow in apply_slack
    • bluetooth: Validate socket address length in sco_sock_bind().
    • net: add validation for the socket syscall protocol argument
    • md: use kzalloc() when bitmap is disabled
    • ipv6: addrconf: validate new MTU before applying it
    • pagemap: do not leak physical addresses to non-privileged userspace

    If you like my work, don't forget to hit thanks :good:
    Code_Blue r923

    All right crew!

    Back to the heavyweight jam :angel:
    I decided to reopen the thread after some thinking and some nice talks I had with several people.
    I do this for fun, so behave and don't make me regret it.

    This is for Lollipop 5.1 ROMs only.

    The zip uses anykernel installer, this means it uses previously installed ROM kernel Ramdisk.
    If already have Code_Blue or ROM default kernel installed just flash over.
    If you come from other kernel dirty flash you ROM and flash Code_Blue after.

    Changelog: http://goo.gl/tyW8lf

    Keep it real, keep it true, keep it #Code_Blue
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