[KERNEL] CleanSlate R2.7.13/S3.9.3 |S2S|Gamma|KCal|AdBlock|VIB|WrGrd [Jun 8]

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Happy to announce the fourth major release of CleanSlate kernel for Pixel 4/4 XL for Android 13 :)

- Major Update Android TP1A A13 - 4.9.0 -
August Android 13 update
- August update - google sources
- adblock hosts file updated

CleanSlate T 4.9.0 Downloads:
Rooted installer zip:
CleanSlate T 4.9.0: https://www.androidfilehost.com/?fid=15664248565197205571

Non rooted, Android T image (tp1a 2022-0624)
Pixel4/xl floral TP1A boot image CS 4.9.0: https://www.androidfilehost.com/?fid=15664248565197205572

Read first post in thread for installation details.


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May 31, 2018
Nexus 6
Google Pixel 4 XL
With official support for the Pixel 4 XL (sadly) winding down and upstream kernel changes coming to end, would it be worthwhile getting in touch with the LineageOS maintainers for the floral branches to see if just the "degreenify" tweaks from CleanSlate could be included with LineageOS itself?

That way, it'd be possible to keep up-to-date with kernel security patches via new LineageOS builds without having to regress to the terribly green-tinted display. For simplicity, it might involve exposing new kernel sysfs parameters instead of porting the current CleanSlate configuration means.

I recall the Nexus 6 getting kernel tweaks on LineageOS to enable hardware PWM brightness control for the hidden notification LED once support from Google ended and the shamu kernel didn't change as much.

I've made a post on the LineageOS 19.1 thread, too:

I'd understand if this is too much effort to implement and discuss with the floral maintainers. And regardless, thank you for your effort spent on CleanSlate for stock!


Sep 1, 2022
I've just noticed that my pixel 4xl has motion sense though my region is not supported. Is it a feature from the Cleanslate kernel?


Jul 6, 2018
I'm on September update with 4.9.1 and no reboots or system hangs. The only thing that FaceUnlock sometimes says clean the top of your screen, and even leave no chance to draw the pattern, sliding down immediately. Could it be the Kernel wrong behavior?

Should I bother for October update?

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