[KERNEL] CM Specific Basic Kernel - BroadcomCM[TOTORO][v4.0 - 07/3/2014]


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Jun 12, 2012
CyanogenMod 7.2 Specific BASIC Kernel - Totoro

We are planning to release a kernel that con work on both devices, a BCM21553-common kernel, but that is hard work, as we must compare all the files from kernel, and test everychange.


Due to the kernel is pretty advanced, we are not talking of a TO-DO list, we are talking about a FEATURES list, so the FEATURES are:
  • Kernel just compatible with CM
  • Specific Basic - Samsung official not-modded sources
  • EXT4 support
  • CWM Inclluded on kernel with EXT4 support too
  • Images of CWM patched to show good colors
  • Bluetooth and Wifi configs added to work with CM7
  • Common ramdisk used based on kissingmylove and PsychoGame
  • Ramdisk optimized for CM7 and EXT4
  • Compressed through LZMA
  • IMEI working on CM7
  • Offline charging working on EXT4 CM7
  • Added fully working temp. CWM by our team


KERNEL SOURCE (GPL) is the official samsung kernel, as it is a specific BASIC kernel:
I needed to modify the configs to get a BT, Wifi, and EXT4 working, this is not included on Samsung stock kernel, so I leave here the config source:
Ramdisk has been also modd to create a bcm21553-common ramdisk that all users could use. SOurces to ramdisk can be found extracting from my kernel (LZMA) or also on github.

If other kernel developers want to contribute on this, shot me a PM, and I'll talk with you.

XDA:DevDB Information
[KERNEL] CM Specific Basic Kernel - BroadcomCM[TOTORO][v4.0 - 07/3/2014], a Kernel for the Samsung Galaxy Y GT-S5360

Kernel Special Features:

Version Information
Status: Stable
Current Stable Version: 4.0

Created 2014-03-07
Last Updated 2014-03-07


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Jun 12, 2012

Version 4.0
  • Same build as version 3.0 , #7
  • Bigger cleanup ever made on ramdisk, to match CM7 and CM9 requiriments.
  • Added new BroadcomCM temp. CWM, with colors fixed.
  • Reduced booting time
  • Built with first 100% BCM21553 common ramdisk working based on AOSP ROMs.

Version 3.0
  • Clean Ramdisk as always :)
  • Included EXT4 and RFS (for not causing bricks) mounts on init.charge.rc
  • Start EXT4-fix in init.charge to mount syste, data, cache on inir.charge.rc and solve offline charging.

Version 2.1
  • Cleaned Ramdisk
  • Added permissions to camfash - for CM7
  • New built from same source and config

Version 2.0
  • Re-built ramdisk based on kissingmylove ramdisk
  • Delete all tweaks he added - BASIC KERNEL
  • EXT4 file system support for CM7
  • Hacked CWM Images to have a good color (no blues anymore)
  • Added some bootscripts to have better compatiblity with EXT4
  • Recovery has been updated to CWM
  • Mount USB mass storage is now working
  • CWM "HD" Edition, much more clear and tiny
  • Much more faster recovery

Version 1.0
  • First release of this kernel builded from source
  • First kernel with my name on it
  • Added new modify it ramdisk
  • Compressed throug LZMA using Lopicl.00 kitchen
  • Added all the configs necessary to use Bluetooth on CM
  • Bluetooth working on new CM7 release, which should be RC1
  • Fixed CM7 bootanimation - thanks Prototype-U

Version 0.1
  • First release of this kernel
  • Not builded from source
  • Using Hell-lock kernel (Prototype-U) as zImage base
  • Modify lopicl.00 ramdisk and ad it to this kernel
  • Used LZMA to compress ramdisk
  • Fixed WIFI and torch on the ramdisk CM7.2
  • Not compatible with STOCK!


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Aug 2, 2013
Frequent is normal, is it a basic kernel, read features. Proximity weird... Did u use my CM rom?

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No, like this

Uhm,the proximity is gone, it doesn't turn off the screen when I make calls as normal
Yep, I've just flashed your new rom

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