[KERNEL][CUSTOM] Eureka kernel for all variants of Galaxy A20/A20e for android 10(Q) & 11(R) & 12(S) ROMs

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Aug 2, 2022
i am using samsung default rom with android 10 version, and ONE UI 2.0 ,version which kernel version should i use sir?


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Jan 1, 2022
Good, I have detected a small error, it is in the navigation bar, it turns out that sometimes the back button does not respond correctly, and you have to press several times for it to respond, this bothers, and installed other versions of the kernel and in they are all the same, the most stable version was 9.2, although it still has the same bug, since there are other bugs in the other versions.
I would like to know if there is a solution for this?

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    EK A20&A20e XDA.jpg

    Hi all,
    this is the thread for a custom kernel i made for Samsung Galaxy A20 and A20e
    The custom kernel has been named Eureka which is a greek work which means "I have found the solution". This multi-purpose kernel is the solution for battery, gaming, performance for A20 and A20e. On creating this kernel, I believed that 1 kernel can be all of the above if properly tweaked!

    As from Eureka R9.0, four kernel variants are available inside 1 same zip. This has been made possible using AROMA Installer.

    This kernel is compatible with AOSP GSIs/ROMs, OneUI2 and OneUI3. As from R9.0, there is only 2 variants of zip to download. One is called EMS and the other one is called HMP. Continue reading to learn more about them.

    * Disabled Samsung security features
    * Enabled all governors + added other governors
    * Overclocked CPU as follows:
    BIG Cores: from 1560 MHz to 2288 MHz.​
    LIL Cores: from 1352 MHz to 1794 MHz.​
    * Underclocked CPU as follows:
    BIG Cores: from 936 MHz to 208 MHz.​
    LIL Cores: from 839 MHz to 208 MHz.​
    * Added GPU thermal and voltage control
    * Added latest boeffla wl blocker V 1.1.0 and disabled some wakelocks
    * Network speed improvement
    * Enable zram support and set default compressor as zstd.
    * Switch to a lower charging voltage more quickly.
    * GPU max frequency overclocked from 676 MHz to 1300 MHz
    * Implemented Dynamic FSync 2.0
    * Implemented a custom hotplug driver to enhance battery management
    * Implemented Power Suspend driver
    * High torch brightness on custom roms/gsis
    * Has Spectrum support
    * Automatic detection of magisk - If u are rooted, u don't need to flash magisk after kernel.
    * Upstreamed kernel version from 4.4.177 to 4.4.302
    * Built with Vortex Clang 14 toolchain with LTO. Reason: Better performance
    * Support for EMS (Exynos Mobile Scheduler) added

    Please read the changelog on github for full list of changes.

    * Maybe ADB cannot be used at the same time as MTP

    * Set GPU power policy to "always on"
    * Set min and max GPU frequency to 1200/1300 MHz
    * Disable GPU thermal manager to prevent GPU frequency from dropping
    * Games don't require high CPU frequency because they depend more on GPU. You can therefore decrease CPU max frequencies to reduce heating of the device.

    We have developed our own kernel manager called EKManager which is a fork of HkTweaks. It is compatible only with Eureka Kernels. You can download it from here:
    LINK: Download EKManager app

    Contact info:
    Developers of Eureka Team:
    * Telegram: @Chatur27, @Gabriel260BR and @roynatech

    Channel for Eureka future updates:
    * Telegram: https://t.me/eureka_kernel

    Official discussion group for A20/A20e:
    * Telegram: https://t.me/Galaxy_A20_official

    I'm grateful to KineSight for designing the logo.
    * Telegram: @Kinesight

    Reference about EMS kernel:
    Energy Aware Scheduling (EAS) gives the scheduler the ability to predict the impact of its decisions on the energy consumed by CPUs. EAS relies on an Energy Model (EM) of the CPUs to select an energy efficient CPU for each task. Allowing to save up battery even further. EMS aka Exynos Mobile Scheduler, is a fork of EAS for Exynos. We ported to our 4.4.y kernel. As written above, EMS kernel is good for battery saving. Some words from kernel official docs: - EAS operates only on heterogeneous CPU topologies (such as Arm big.LITTLE) because this is where the potential for saving energy through scheduling is the highest.
    EMS kernel + pwrutilx governor is very good at battery saving according to our test.

    Reference about HMP kernel:
    It's just the stock scheduler that comes with stock kernel. Basically it's the normal kernel.

    What kernel variant to flash once inside AROMA installer?
    1) AOSP Legacy Q/R/S - If you are using an old Eureka ROM which was released before February 2022, choose this.
    2) AOSP Q/R/S (New) - If you are using an Eureka ROM built as from February 2022, choose this.
    3) OneUI 2 - For any OneUI 2 roms (stock/ports).
    4) OneUI 3 - For any OneUI 3 roms (stock/ports).

    Download link for A20/A20e (Read above to know which version to download for your OS):
    All releases of Eureka for Q/R/S ROMs/GSIs (including OneUI)

    Source code for my kernel:
    Kernel source on GitHub


    If you love our work, thank us by donating. Your donation can help us rent a cloud sever to build kernels and roms faster :)
    Link to PayPal: https://www.paypal.com/paypalme/chaturbaij
    Eureka R7.5 update


    → Upstream Linux Kernel Version from 4.4.270 to 4.4.277
    → Enabled back 208 MHz frequency for big and little cores.
    → DTB is now used to customize Eureka features such as CPU and GPU frequencies.
    → DTBO is only used to disable dm-verity as from now.
    → Added a new flashlight control driver which will be used on AOSP/LOS based ROMs. It will also fix low flashlight issue on GSIs. This new driver does not interfere with camera (which was causing dark photos for some A20 users) Footej camera app is recommended for custom roms.
    → Imported latest Samsung updates from A305F R kernel source.
    → "Samsung A10 1.2A input charging current" feature still depends on Eureka dtbo. Will fix it on next update
    → Further overclocked BIG cores from 2184 MHz to 2288 MHz and LITTLE cores from 1690 MHz to 1794 MHz.
    → Fixed wrongly set GPU throttling frequencies.
    → Updated WireGuard vpn driver to latest version - v1.0.20210606
    → Some other minor optimizations.
    The GSI link is broken, also I would like to know, why is SELinux set to permissive in this kernel?
    Ik. Use this temporary one:

    I also made a gsi kernel with enforcing SElinux. Usually, it's only available for those who use telegram :)

    So, I made SELinux permissive because many GSIs boot only with permissive SElinux. Gsi permissive will boot any GSIs but enforcing has 50% chance not to boot. That's why I shared only permissive here because I don't want newbies to get stuck in bootloop and complain that kernel is not working
    I'm keen to give this kernel a go. What version do I use if I am using the Ultimate Q S20 ROM?
    Ultimate Q is debloated ONE UI
    So use the ONE UI version.
    LINK: https://github.com/Chatur27/Eureka-...ownload/rev3.9/Eureka.Rev3.7_A205.ONEUI.Q.zip
    😭😭😭 @Chatur27 Is the A20 going to get a bit of v6.1 loving like the A10?
    Thanks for your interest in Eureka 😊
    The thing is that there is an issue(Bluetooth not working) with R6.1 on arm64 ROMs. That's why I haven't released it yet. Sorry for the wait :(

    If you don't use Bluetooth, I can send u the kernel to use (only on telegram, not here!)