[KERNEL][CUSTOM] Eureka kernel for all variants of Galaxy A30s for android 10(Q) & 11(R) & 12(S) ROMs

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Jul 30, 2020
Eureka R8.0 update


→ Upstream Linux Kernel Version from 4.4.277 to 4.4.288
→ Added ondemandplus CPU governor.
→ Added BFQ and ZEN v2 I/O schedulers.
→ Added a new backlight brightness controller. [Feature can be used when new EKM app is released] [Experimental]
→ "Samsung A10 1.2A input charging current" feature has been hardcoded in kernel.
→ Nuked CPU quiet and reverted back to Exynos Hotplug. It should fix issue of cores randomly turning off.
→ Fixed GPU frequency being limited to 1100 MHz after being throttled (v2.0).
→ Some optimizations for better FS performance for EXT4 file-system.
→ Fixed non-detection of some gamepad controllers (such as chinese ones).
→ Patched kernel for android 12 (S).
→ Some other minor optimizations.


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Jan 17, 2022
i have a great performance and gaming boost but my screen always freezes randomly and i end up having to reboot my device. how do i fix this?


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Oct 26, 2021
Lenovo Phab 2
Samsung Galaxy A30s
Hi bro,
You just need to flash kernel in TWRP and reboot. If you are using magisk 20.4, then kernel will automatically upgrade it to 21.0 (latest) .
My kernel has spectrum support whereby the profiles play with the different overclocked and underclocked cpu frequencies accordingly.
I recommend using HkTweaks kernel maanger because its the best for Exynos devices and all my kernel features can be customized through it.
If you want more support and get help from other A30s members, kindly join telegram and join the support group: https://t.me/eureka_support_group
please fix the cam crashing the whole system issue only thing that is making me uninstall this kernel or else its amazing


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Oct 26, 2021
Lenovo Phab 2
Samsung Galaxy A30s
View attachment 5376009
Hi all,
this is the thread for a custom kernel i made for Samsung Galaxy A30s.
The custom kernel has been named Eureka which is a greek work which means "I have found the solution". This multi-purpose kernel is the solution for battery, gaming, performance for A30s. On creating this kernel, I believed that 1 kernel can be all of the above if properly tweaked!

Due to Samsung heavy changes in R vendor (Oneui 3), 2 kernels had to be made. One kernel is named Q/R/S and the one is called OneUI3. Q/R/S kernels can be used on ONEUI 2.x, Q/R/S GSIs, Q/R/S Eureka Roms. OneUI 3 kernels can only be used on ONEUi 3.x roms

Each of the 2 above mentioned kernels has 2 versions. One version has enforcing selinux and the other one has permissive selinux. So, please download the correct version.

* Disabled Samsung security features
* Enabled all governors + added other governors
* Overclocked CPU as follows:
BIG Cores: from 1768 MHz to 2288 MHz.​
LIL Cores: from 1586 MHz to 1794 MHz.​
* Underclocked CPU as follows:
BIG Cores: from 936 MHz to 208 MHz.​
LIL Cores: from 839 MHz to 208 MHz.​
* Added GPU thermal and voltage control
* Added latest boeffla wl blocker V 1.1.0 and disabled some wakelocks
* Network speed improvement
* Enable zram support and set default compressor as lz4.
* Switch to a lower charging voltage more quickly.
* GPU max frequency overclocked from 845 MHz to 1300 MHz
* Implemented Dynamic FSync 2.0
* Implemented a custom hotplug driver to enhance battery management
* Implemented Power Suspend driver
* High torch brightness on custom roms
* Has Spectrum support
* Automatic detection of magisk - If u are rooted, u don't need to flash magisk after kernel.
* Upstreamed kernel version from 4.4.177 to 4.4.288
* Built with Proton Clang 13 toolchain with LTO. Reason: Better performance

Please read the changelog on github for full list of changes.

* Maybe ADB cannot be used at the same time as MTP

* Set GPU power policy to "always on"
* Set min and max GPU frequency to 1200/1300 MHz
* Disable GPU thermal manager to prevent GPU frequency from dropping
* Games don't require high CPU frequency because they depend more on GPU. You can therefore decrease CPU max frequencies to reduce heating of the device.

Best kernel manager for Samsung A series devices is HkTweaks:
LINK: https://github.com/corsicanu/hKtweaks/releases/

Contact info:
Developers of Eureka Team:
* Telegram: @Chatur27, @Gabriel260BR and @roynatech

Channel for Eureka future updates:
* Telegram: https://t.me/eureka_kernel

Official discussion group for A30s:
* Telegram: https://t.me/galaxya30s

I'm grateful to KineSight for designing the logo.
* Telegram: @Kinesight

Download links for A30s (Download accordingly):
All releases of Eureka for Q/R/S ROMs/GSIs
All releases of Eureka for OneUI 3.x based ROMs
Customize Eureka with different frequencies (Flash in recovery)

Source code for my kernel:
Kernel source on GitHub

View attachment 5297503
If you love our work, thank us by donating. Your donation can help us rent a cloud sever to build kernels and roms faster :)
Link to PayPal: https://www.paypal.com/paypalme/chaturbaij
very nice but for me randomly it just freezes on a12 this is really annoying and i cant find a fix


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Jul 30, 2020
Eureka R9.0 update


→ Upstream Linux Kernel Version from 4.4.288 to 4.4.302 (latest and last update from Linux).
→ Implemented EurekaSound (ESOUND) v1.0, a basic headphone audio controller (For AOSP only).
→ Implemented Eureka Display Control (EKCAL) which is based on Samsung mDNIE driver (Not available for A20e).
→ Modified DT2W driver for A20 and A40 so as to fix DT2W issue on AOSP ROMs.
→ Fixed all remaining warnings in kernel source.
→ For permissive selinux, selinux can be switched to enforcing after boot.
→ Further improvements to SElinux code to fix some warnings in kernel log.
→ Fixed custom flashlight controller for A10.
→ Updated WireGuard VPN driver to latest version (1.0.20211208)
→ Merged 98 % audio and camera changes from R kernel source into Q/R/S (AOSP/OneUI2) kernels.
→ AROMA Installer is now used to facilitate the installation of Eureka Kernel.
→ OneUI and AOSP kernels & custom DTBs have been merged into 1 zip (kept size as small as possible).
→ Built with Vortex Clang & LTO which is based on the latest version of Clang 14 (20220201).
→ Two kernel versions with different schedulers are now available:
→ Implemented EMS (Exynos Mobile Scheduler) which is a scheduler based on EAS (Energy Aware Scheduling).​
→ The normal kernel version has the stock HMP (Heterogeneous Multi-Processing) scheduler.​
→ Eureka kernel R9.0 heavily depends on DTB (not DTBO) for the following features:
→ CPU and GPU overclock & underclock
→ SELinux state (enforcing or permissive)
→ Sound driver compatibility (AOSP, OneUI2 or OneUI3)
→ Energy model and parameters for EMS kernels
→ EMS kernel works best with schedutil based governors. The following governors were added:
→ Blu Schedutil
→ ElectroUtilX
→ PwrUtilX​

→ Updated to latest A305F kernel source (A305FDDU6CUI3).
→ Time left for full charge is now shown on OneUI ROMs.
→ Updated all DTBOs to match latest changes from R source.
→ Possible fix for issue of glitched video renderings on social media apps (E.g: Instragram) - reported by our testers.
→ DTC (Device Tree Compiler) on kernel source has been upreved to 1.6.1, latest available
→ Updated spectrum files.
→ Other minor changes.


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Jul 30, 2020
Please read the post again to better understand Eureka R9.0
Questions which already have their answers on the post will be ignored.


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Apr 11, 2022
Can someone help me.
Idk is it something to do with the kernel but my phone kept freezing when underload.
And yes I tried to set the Maximum frequency for the big cores to 2080 MHz.

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    Does this affect the GPU long-term-wise?
    Oi sabe como desinstalar esse kernel tem alguem arquivo zip para flashar no twrp?

    Translation: Hi know how to uninstall this kernel has someone zip file to flash in twrp?
    Just take boot.img from stock rom and flash in twrp as boot
    thank you very much and congratulations for your hard work

    the kernel has been working fine on my A30s except for a small problem

    the headphone output no longer works after installation, has anyone experienced this?