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Aug 7, 2013
How the Despair Kernel bar looks as the kernel progresses.
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    The purpose of this project is to increase efficiency of the Pixel 6 series devices by merging functional patches with minimal bloat.

    If you submit bug reports without a log, you may be prosecuted...or executed.

    If your device fails to comply with your standards of what you consider functioning, I am not liable. This is provided free of charge and does not come with a warranty. Although, if you provide a log, I can provide some sort of assurance that I will look into your issue.

    To install kernel on a rooted device with EXKM/FKM

    - Download ZIP and flash using the manual flasher in the app

    To manually flash kernel updates

    -Download ZIP for kernel and the current boot.img
    -Use the below commands to flash from bootloader/fastboot
    -fastboot reboot fastboot
    -fastboot flash vendor_dlkm vendor_dlkm.img
    -fastboot reboot bootloader
    -fastboot flash dtbo dtbo.img
    -fastboot flash boot boot.img
    -fastboot flash vendor_boot vendor_boot.img





    V1.17 is being built and uploaded to support February patch
    1.21 is out for A12 and 2.01 is out for A12L, I am done updating for the day
    Can this be flashed over top of Kirisakura kernel, or does factory boot image need to be restored first?
    I'd take the safest approach and just flash back the stock images, and then flash the new kernel to avoid any potential mishaps. can if you want..
    No need to restore stock images
    It works, because it will overwrite the same files which comes with Kiri. I went back to Kiri from despair without restoring stock files.

    actually @RetroTech07 is right here. You should restore stock images via fastboot/fastbootd to avoid issues.

    In the case of boot.img, dtbo.img and vendor_boot.img you probably can flash the kernel.zips over the other without running into any issue.

    But since vendor_dlkm.img gets flashed on this device as well and sits on the super partition, you want to flash back the stock vendor_dlkm.img via fastbootd (not via any kernel manager while the phone is running!). The reason for that: While flashing vendor_dlkm in fastbootd, the vendor_dlkm partition actually gets resized to their original size inside the super partition.
    While the device is running and either a containing a vendor_dlkm.img is flashed or a vendor_dlkm.img is restored via the option in EXKM/FKM app, vendor_dlkm.img is only dd´ed to the partition, essentially cutting a bit of the original size off, as the resizing part that´s happening when flashing via fastbootd is not happening there.

    It´s not a problem in itself, as all vendor_dlkm.img´s shipped by the custom kernels available are smaller than the vendor_dlkm from stock firmware is.
    However when hopping between kernels, I´d always restore the stock images via fastboot/fastbootd.
    Upon a bit of testing, I have decided to re-release 1.12 but based on January source. I am seeing a lot smoother/faster UX/UI on this build than 1.14 and 1.15