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[KERNEL]**Dirty_V** (Pre_Final) == [4.2][4.3][4.4][EXT4/F2FS]

Should I build with Linaro 4.7 or SaberMod 4.8 toolchain , ( for DirtyV & DirtyV-SR )

  • Linaro 4.7

    Votes: 282 67.1%
  • SaberMod 4.8

    Votes: 138 32.9%

  • Total voters
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Feb 17, 2015
I noticed this kernel is listed as "tuna " build. Can I flash with my verizon Gnex "toro" I515?
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Mar 15, 2012

Nothing wrong with posting :) Old software is still good software! In fact, I wish we had recorded what the best 4.2/4.3/4.4 builds of ROMs and kernels were, and then stickied them at the top of the forum. That way you wouldn't need to go searching.

I used to run AOKP 4.2 and it was great! :) And I run CM 12.1 now and it works great too. A lot of people are running CM 13 and say it's good. That's all I can help you with. =)
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What is difference between SR-Ak2 and Ak2. Am on maguro, which one should i choose.?

To quote @Hetalk from the second post on the first page,
What's the difference between these three kernels?

  • DirtyV versions are the ones where your 1080p recording works.
  • SR versions are the "SuperRAM" versions where a lot of RAM has been reclaimed. You get more RAM, but you need to give up 1080 recording, as a trade-off. If you plan to use this one, make sure you change your camera video recording to 720p instead of 1080p. Latest kernel versions will make this change automatic.
  • The 3rd one is @bsmitty83 's own build that he's running for his tests. You can use this and feel like a developer. :D
    This one might not have all the governors/freqs/io/settings that you can't live without, so be prepared to be surprised.
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    Hello everyone , this is my personal Android 4.4 kernel . I figured I'd share it with everbody since it seems to be working good . anyhow flash it if you want ,
    ALL credit and thanks should be directed to @styr , the Vanir Devs , and any developers who's commits I used
    ( alot )

    The Basics

    Based on Linux kernel 3.0.101
    • Forked from jimsth/vanir_tuna
    • Added some things I use ( governors and schedulers ) , some performance commits
    • Built with @Christopher83 's custom optimized- Linaro 4.9.1 toolchain -O3 optimized, graphite , link-time opt.
    • Ramdisk made by @osm0sis


    • Governors:
    • Interactive
    • Conservative
    • OndemandX
    • Ondemand
    • Wheatley
    • Performance
    • Powersave
    • Userspace
    • Hyper
    • Hotplug
    • Sakuractive
    • Dyninteractive
    • Adaptive

    • Row
    • Bfq
    • Vr
    • Sioplus
    • Cfq
    • Noop
    • Deadline
    • Fiops
    • Zen
    • TrippnDroid

    Gpu Freq:

    512Mhz max adjustable

    TCP Congestion Controllers

    • Westwood
    • Cubic,
    • Bic,
    • Westwood,
    • Htcp,
    • Hstcp,
    • Hybla,
    • Vegas,
    • Scalable,
    • Lp,
    • Veno,
    • Yeah,
    • Illinois,
    • Reno

    • Content Adaptive Brightness
    • Voltages Control (Core, Iva, Mpu and more ...)
    • Fastcharge control with storage
    • High performance audio
    • Sound Boost control
    • Temp control
    • Vibrator control
    • Color Control
    • Gamma Control
    • Trinity Contras
    • Dynamic Fsync
    • Zram
    • 3.4 wifi drivers

    My ChangeLog


    In the downloads tab

    thanks again to @wisefreakz @kezn715 @Shambola, @Nemed AND to @Nephilim for the SIG @Hetalk for the FAQ writeup

    XDA:DevDB Information
    DirtyV Kernel , Kernel for the Samsung Galaxy Nexus

    bsmitty83, osm0sis
    Source Code: https://github.com/bsmitty83/DirtyV_tuna

    Kernel Special Features:

    Version Information
    Status: Beta

    Created 2014-10-13
    Last Updated 2015-05-27
    Want to enjoy dirty on older android version? See this post. NEW
    F2FS Updates !!
    Just to avoid multiple questions on this subject, I'll add f2fs related updates here, tomorrow.
    Please point me to stuff outside this thread, as basically this is the only thread that I read everything on.
    [*]What is this "f2fs" thingy?
    Read more about this awesome file systems here
    [*]How to use this f2fs?
    Read this and this and this (nice workaround) . If you understand it all, go ahead and have fun.
    There's a small guide by @p34rp34r here.
    Another awesome guide for f2fs and our device. by @burstlam
    Again, if you don't understand what you're doing, DONT DO IT.
    [*]How to test f2fs thing?
    Read this post

    [*]Compatible ROMs?new
    @aosp and @bsmitty83 have been using vanir's commotio builds for f2fs test on this thread
    There's a SlimKat f2fs unofficial version here
    I've managed to get a paranoid f2fs version. See post here
    Here's the most beloved Liquidsmooth f2fs version by @Punkiderma
    F2FS converted OmniROM by @pianistaPL

    Our own @poo706 has ported and improved upon an awesome tool that would convert most ROMs to f2fs compatible ROMs. Jump to it's own thread for more info.
    [*]More questions?new
    Why not? Jump to the F2Fs Q&A thread by @jhonnyx .
    Feel free to read and search thru the thread. Ask questions that you still are unsure of.

    Updated 05-05-2014
    Kernel FAQ :
    1. Whythree kernels?
      More choice for different users and different user activity.

      [*]What's the difference between these three kernels?

      DirtyV versions are the ones where your 1080p recording works.
      SR versions are the "SuperRAM" versions where a lot of RAM has been reclaimed. You get more RAM, but you need to give up 1080 recording, as a trade-off. If you plan to use this one, make sure you change your camera video recording to 720p instead of 1080p. Latest kernel versions will make this change automatic.
      The 3rd one is @bsmitty83 's own build that he's running for his tests. You can use this and feel like a developer. :D
      This one might not have all the governors/freqs/io/settings that you can't live without, so be prepared to be surprised.

      [*]What are recommended kernel settings?

      Follow @Nephilim 's kernel settings. Here they are

      [*]Anyone got any nice init scripts to automate neph's settings?

      Yes. @büscher got it all covered for you here Thank him.

      [*]Can I use on x ROM?

      Sure. If it doesn't work, let people here know. There might be a workaround.

      [*]How to submit a bug?

      Post a note here with relevant information(what you were doing when x happened, screenshots, how to replicate, logs, etc)

      [*]What is this log that people talk about? How to take a useful log?

      Read this
      or use syslog app from play store.

      [*] Does Touchwake/PGM/<your favorite touchmanager> work?

      This kernel has an inbuild touchwake. You can set it using a kenel settings application (eg. TricksterMod). Sadly, not any more.
      It's also got the required modules to support <your fav tool>. You need to ask the app developer to include support for dirty kernels.
      Latest smitty version has touchwake removed, so that PGM developer can update his app to support dirty kernel.
      PGM fans, see and thank this post

      [*] What is the difference between linaro and sabermod?

      The difference is just what toolchain was used to compile them. Linaro is a highly optimized custom built toolchain, and sabermod is based off aosp toolchain but with lots of extra patches for optimization
      Presently, @bsmitty83 is using @metalspring 's custom toolchain to compile all dirty versions. And, they come with a ramdisk, specially made for all of us, by @osm0sis

      [*] Is Fast Charge broken? I can still access my files with fast charge on!

      Nope. It's not broken. With some super voodoo now you can access your files along with fast charging your battery. But, do it only if you are in a hurry. Fast charging might not be good for battery life(citation needed).

      [*] My Antutu with <insert kernel name here> is bigger/better/wider/thicker than yours.

      Wateva :D

      [*] Can I try this on my favorite 4.2/4.0/2.6/0.1.1 ROM ?

      Check this post by @osm0sis on how to accomplish this not-so-difficult task.

      [*] When will the next version be released?

      Now. Just check the last couple pages, and you'll see @bsmitty83 's got another one for you. :victory:

      [*] Latest version does not have my favorite io/gov. Why he no love me no more?

      Most likely, smitty forgot to add it in. Just put a comment about the missing item and he'll put it back. In the meantime, try out other io/gov/freq/etc. Maybe you'll find a hidden gem (like @Nephilim found illinois)

      [*] I don't like the kernel splash screen (coming soon)

      Eyelids are provided for a reason. Close them for a couple seconds after turning on your phone and you'll get rid of the bootsplash

      [*] What is this synapse thing that I hear about?

      Synapse is a kernel settings tool, that you can use to tweak kernel settings that smart people on this thread talk about. @osm0sis has been instrumental in making this tool work for our beloved kernel. Thank him for this free tool.

    And Yea " 720p works on all of the builds. ":highfive::victory::good::cool:
    My little man . 24 hrs old

    The newest dirty member lol .

    Hack The Tuna
    Some init.d script's I made for DirtyV

    Download Nephilim's settings all-in-one script (latest changes: 14.04.2014 - updated settings)

    Download büscher's settings all-in-one script (latest changes: 17.04.2014)

    Download Lowmemorykiller whitelist script -> Please have a look here for lowmemorykiller whitelist explanation.

    Link to Nephilim's Settings

    10.04.14: new minfree settings in buescher's script
    14.04.14: set OMAP gamma contrast to 0 - gets rid of sync_lost
    16.04.14: new minfree values for new SmittyV, min freq @ 190MHz, max screen off freq @ 525MHz, [email protected] as new ioscheduler, 525MHz as input_boost_frequency, 700MHz as high_speed_frequency
    17.04.14: reverted to 920MHz highspeed_freq

    Büscher's settings and differences to Nephilim's Settings (Kernel Stock where nothing mentioned):

    • CPU Max Frequency @ 1500MHz
    • Max Screen Off Frequency @ 525MHz: To avoid music glitches with Poweramp - lowered as it seems to work way better than on previous versions
    • Min Frequency @ 190MHz: works good
    • Min Screen On Frequency @ 230MHz: to avoid choppiness with screen on
    • Interactive Governor
    • Hispeed Frequency @ 920MHz: Frequency which to initially ramp when CPU load hits the value specified in go_hispeed_load
    • Above Hispeed Delay 20000: When speed is at or above hispeed_freq, wait for this long before raising speed in response to continued high load.
    • go_hispeed_load @ 85: more aggressive than stock - and not 'being mean' to the governor
    • Input Boost Frequency @ 525MHz: Frequency which to ramp when you touch the phone
    • boostpulse_duration @ 500000: min time at input_boost_freq after touching the phone - less aggressive and more battery friendly
    • min_sample_time @ 10000: The minimum amount of time to spend at the current frequency before ramping down - gives the cpu the possibility to ramp down frequencies earlier - more battery friendly
    • target_loads @ 75: the lower the target load, the more often the governor will raise CPU speeds to bring load below the target - more aggressive than stock
    • timer_rate @ 10000: sample rate to increase freq - overall snappier feeling but less battery friendly
    • timer_slack @ 60000: maximum time to allow deferring of timer_rate - just raised to a 10'000th
    • sioplus as I/O Control
    • Read Ahead Buffer 512: new measurements lead me to this - you may want to try other values as my storage seems to be borked
    • Async_Expire 2500: Deadline for asynchronous requests
    • Sync_Expire 304: Deadline for synchronous requests (Default ~10 times less than async_expire)
    • fifo_batch 0: Number of requests to issue before checking for expired requests
    • TCP Congestion Control westwood: best results in Switzerland
    • Enable Content Adaptive Brightness: Saves Battery
    • Enable Fast Charge: Lets you charge your phone faster on USB - doesn't break media transfer anymore
    • Overclock GPU to 384 MHz: Same voltages as 307MHz - more battery friendly if you don't need your phone for gaming
    • Headphone Volume Boost is set to 2: I don't use Nexus Louder and just set this to two - can cause music stutters, set it to 1 if so
    • Enable High Performance Sound
    • Dynamic FSYNC: disabled: I had data loss more than once because of this
    • Multicore Power Saving 0: I can't get anything out of this
    • Apply SmittyV 4/6 default minfree settings
    • Disable ZRAM
    • Vibrator strength 70
    • more options available

    Androbench screenshot for comparison:

    Noop @ 384 / 512


    Zen @ 384 / 512


    Quadrant Benchmark for comparison: (my settings with [email protected])


    How to Install:

    1. Download scripts and rename to no extension
    2. Put the script to system/etc/init.d
    3. Set permission to 755 ( rwxr-xr-x )

    Some important lines:

    Not all of Neph's Settings are present in my scripts (undervolt, blx, vibrator strength) as I don't use them.
    undervolting with init.d scripts is to risky for me, the rest can be added if wanted and if I find the right path to the parameters.

    Please check frequently for changes

    All benchmarks done with SmittyV-NoMeM { 2/28 }


    @Nephilim for the hard work finding the best values for our phone!
    @osm0sis for helping me out and explaining stuff the easy way ;)
    Francos Dev team for disabling sysctl.conf lines
    That would be real kick-ass of you man. :good:

    BTW, I'd like to suggest you add a donation button below your avatar, you have been doing quite alot for everyone and although I'm really not in the money lately I'd be willing to donate a few bucks and I'm sure quite a few others would as well.

    I only accept donations from the thanks button . man , this is a hobby , I do it for fun and I want to keep it like that . people on here have donated enough to me in knowledge :beer:

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