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Mar 4, 2016
Downloaded it again but still getting the corrupt zip error. @ezzony, can you reupload US996Santa_1.1 _exfat_-PIE-ezV2020.zip?

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    This is a stock based kernel with basic fixes only, i.e static screen fix and added color controls. A pure stock experience without any further enhancements. It is a one-off release, although I may fork it and add some minor features later in a new version. This version will stay fully stock with fixes only.

    Why this? In my case custom kernels caused some negative issues. For example I like to connect my second device to my TV using a usbc hdmi dock. This would not work on custom kernels without problems, but does on stock, so I decided to fix this. Others have also reported performance issues I wasn't aware of. Hopefully these are fixed also.


    Stock kernel based on US996 Oreo sources (20f)
    Dirty Santa fixs applied - Static screen on boot fixed & dual sim issue.
    RCTD/Triton - disabled
    KCAL added - color controls to fix image retention issue
    DYNAMIC FSYNC - faster write speeds due to less error checking thus increasing performance. Toggle on/off in kernel manager.
    Boeffla Wakelock Blocker - This does nothing in itself - it just shows a list of wakelocks in your kernel manager that you can now disable.
    USB Mass Storage Enabled for DriveDroid.


    Back up your current boot in TWRP if you wish to easily go back to your current boot.img.
    Flash *.zip in TWRP.
    No need now to flash magisk as was the case with the beta version.




    *sources will be made available when any bugs are ironed out and all variant's are done

    @AndDiSa and @nathanchance , for helping me get started with compiling.
    @askermk2000 - for providing the source code for the fixes. I would not be able to provide this without his work.
    H990DS is now up.

    I have added boeffla wakelock blocker and Dynamic Fsync to the H990DS as a couple of enhancements. Only for H990DS as of today. edit: US996Santa now as well.

    Could someone test all aspects of the network functionality as that's where the DS differs from all other varients.

    I am thinking to add some governors as a final addition and then I'll upload all variants all going well.
    All up now including F800x
    Version 1.0 stable is up for all variants except F800x which is coming soon.

    *No need to flash Magisk again now after flashing. Updated to anykernel3 in the zip which fixed that issue.
    hi for the h990 I just flash the us996 version?
    cause thats what I did with my h990ss & Its stuck on lg logo

    No, you must restore your origional boot partition now.

    Please read the OP in full. The thread title states it is for US996 only for the moment.