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[Kernel] F1xy kernel for Poco X3 (NFC) [Android Q/R] [17th January]

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Jan 18, 2017
Xiaomi Poco X3 NFC
I got deep sleep freeze, how can I dump and submit a log?

If you are using the latest stable build of F1XY kernel (0.07), you can try beta builds which you can find on OP's Telegram group. It fixes black screen issue that some people faced + It offers great battery improvement while retaining smoothness compared to past builds. I use latest 0.08 beta 5 build.
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Oct 25, 2015
I've asked moderators to close this thread. Please join my Telegram chat for further updates. I don't have time to maintain an XDA thread.
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Apr 11, 2013
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Thread closed per [OP] request.

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    Haha warranty goes brrr. . .
    I am not responsible for your broken phones, sdcards, dreams and etc. You are on your own, kernel is provided as-is.

    1. Wireguard.
    2. Adjustable TTL.
    3. Based on latest ALS (CAF+upstream) source with Xiaomi edits applied and slightly cleaned up.
    4. Embedded dtbo - you don't need to worry about bad/leftover dtbo's, kernel uses its own and ignores dtbo partition altogether.

    Optimizations applied:
    This list most likely isn't full.
    1. Compiled with GCC 10.2, O3, LTO and crazy inlining.
    2. Performance critical kthreads/irqs API.
    3. Cpusets/Stune assists.
    4. Optimized frequent memory allocations.
    5. Greatly sped up memory regular memory allocarions.
    6. Simple LMK for better multitasking.
    7. BBR TCP algorithm.
    8. TLB invalidation, mmu_gather backported from mainline for a major performance boost. (thx Arter <3)
    9. General undebugging, reduced logging and fixes for braindead Xiaomi/CAF code.
    10. Entropy, and crypto engine optimizations.
    11. Scheduler improvements from Google.

    OS Support:
    Anything that isn't MIUI or based on it should work.

    Where to download:

    Releases on Github.

    Franco Kernel Manager integration:
    If you purchased FKM you can tap on the link below, open it with FKM and install this kernel automatically
    + check for updates every day.

    Support chat in Telegram:
    (I'm much more active there)
    My Poco X3 chat in TG

    CAF Help Desk | devloopers.
    Ferat Kesaev and Niko Schwickert for inspiration and for entertaining me in the darkest points of my life.



    paypal - my friend's paypal, please add a note "To Yaro" if you decide to donate.
    Happy 2021 everyone! A new version is here.

    Version 0.06 changelog:

    1. Fixed WPA3 wifi authorization.
    2. Fixed tweaker blocker.
    3. Merged 4.14.213 and latest CAF updates.
    4. Bumped up scheduler HZ value to 300, device should feel a little faster.
    5. Many changes to reduce power drain.
    - A bunch of IRQs removed from perf critical list.
    - Disabled cpufreq boosting completely.
    - Slightly different preset of freqs.
    - Reduced pm_qos abuse.
    6. Rebalanced cpusets.
    7. Enabled devfreq boost for smoother experience.
    8. Enabled packet injection.
    9. KCAL.
    10. Compiled with GCC LTO.

    HEAD at 85efa48da3ad9616023c951dcab70fb4e0d4aaa7

    Download: https://github.com/F1xy-kernels/SURYA_kernel/releases/download/v0.06/F1xy-Surya-0.06.zip
    Version 0.07 changelog:

    1. Scheduler and devfreq changes to improve battery life.
    2. Also reduced biasing of top-apps towards big cores.
    3. Silenced some logging.
    4. Improved gpu performance slightly.
    5. Memory allocation speed improvements.
    6. Merged 4.14.215
    7. Added back ESD screen protection for better compatibility.
    8. More efficient frequency and energy models.

    HEAD at 72618a9ed60f
    A new update is out:

    Version 0.04 changelog:
    1. Fixed IR blaster.
    2. Sped up mmap/mremap operations.
    3. Fixed a few KASAN warnings.
    4. Improved touchscreen IRQ processing.
    5. Imported optimized exfat driver from Arter97.
    6. Hopefully fixed OTG.
    7. Reduced panel's power consumption.
    8. Fixes for UFS driver.

    Download link: https://github.com/F1xy-kernels/SURYA_kernel/releases/tag/v0.04
    What is the difference between this kernel and the one below?