[KERNEL][F2FS/EXT4][Gproj-e975/e970][LOLLIPOP] jolla-kernel_AIO_Gen3-v5.0 (24/10/15)


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Aug 19, 2014
South Korea
 * Your warranty is now void!
 * I am not responsible for your any bricked devices.

- All-In-One Aroma Inastaller with multirom support.
- jolla-kernel Updater included.
- e970 device support
- touchscreen: Introduce Screen Off Volume Control
- touchscreen: Introduce Screen Off Track Control
- Dynamic Thermal Control: Re-setting thermal settings based on user changed maximum CPU clock.
- You can use your device as USB Keyboard/Mouse (See the link below.)
- Noise sound fixed.
- Lollipop multirom support!
- User changeable doubletap2wake(Knock On) touch counts.
- Built with latest UBER gcc 5.2.1 toolchain (Improve performance)
- Linux 3.4.110
- Applied kernel patches separately from Linux 3.4.1 to 3.4.110.
- f2fs: Applied latest Linux patches.
- wlan: Applied Codeaurora's prima v3.2.3.23
- Applied latest Google patches.
- msm-sleeper: Limit max clock when screen turned off.
- msm-sleeper: Do not limit max frequency when mtp opened (Fix mtp's speed slower when screen turned off)
- Improved mpdecision cpu hotplugging.
- random: Applied latest Linux patches
- Use battery, performance balanced default settings. So you can use your device normally without change kernel settings.
- XZ compressed
- Kexec Hardboot multirom support.
- Double Tap 2 Wake (Knock On)
- Fast charge
- Dynamic FSYNC
- Advanced Sound Control (Faux Sound Control)
- Faux Gamma Control
- Voltage control
- CPU underclock/overclock (Changeable : 162~1890MHz)
- GPU overclock (Support clocks : 607.5/533/450/400/320/200/128MHz)
- Default MIN/MAX CPU clocks : 162MHz / 1350MHz (Save battery)
- Use smartmax as default governer and optimized for battery and performance.
- Use fiops as default io-sched. (Improve read/write speed and save battery)
- Available to use simple GPU governor.
- Use westwood as default TCP Congestion control.
- Available TCP Congestion controls: westwood, reno, bic, cubic, highspeed, hybla, htcp, vegas, veno, scalable, lp. yeah, illinois
- Available CPU governers: dancedance, pegasusq, uberdemand, lulzactive, abyssplugv2, lazy, smartassV2, wheatly, asswax, intellidemand, interactive, conservative, ondemand, userspace, powersave, lionheart, smartmax, performance
- Available IO schedulers : noop, deadline, row, fiops, sio, fifo, vr, zen, cfq, bfq

[Gen3-v5.0 Change Logs]

== Kernel ==
- Applied new jolla-kernel logo!
- Linux 3.4.110
- f2fs: Applied latest f2fs patches from linux-3.10 branch

== Recovery ==
- jolla-kernel_Gen3-v5.0 applied

====Dynamic Thermal Control====
- This function automatically adjust throttling settings when CPU clock changed.
So when you want to change thermal settings directly, you should turn off this function.
You can turn off this function by patching 'Dynamic_thermal_Off' in my server folder. (Not recommended.)

==== Configurable Knock On Touch Counts ====

0 : Off
1~9 : Wake by n+1 taps. (n = Your setting)

0 : Doubletap2wake will not working.
1 : Wake by double taps.
2 : Wake by triple taps.
9 : Wake by 10 taps.

Recognizing Time : 200ms per 1 tap

==== Screen Off Volume Control ====

You can control your device's volume while screen turned off.
If you sweep touchscreen from down to up, volume will increase.
Otherwise if you sweep from up to down, volume will decrease.

If you sweep touchscreen in SOVC_TIME_GAP (ms) time
and detach your finger, volume will increase/decrease
just one time.

Otherwise if you sweep touchscreen and hold your
finger on touchscreen, volume will increase/decrease
continuously based on SOVC_REEXEC_DELAY (ms) time.

#define SOVC_TIME_GAP 250

See the working vedio

==== Screen Off Track Control ====

You can control your device's track while screen turned off.
If you sweep touchscreen from right to left, you can play next track.
Otherwise if you sweep from left to right, you can play previous track.

All of Screen Off Control features only working when playing music.
They are automatically disabled and not working when music stopped.

[All Change Logs]
English: https://github.com/jollaman999/joll...INF/com/google/android/aroma/changelog/en.txt
Korean: https://github.com/jollaman999/joll...INF/com/google/android/aroma/changelog/ko.txt

[USB Keyboard/Mouse Working Video]

[Download Link]

[Kernel source]

[Thanks to..]
The Linux Kernel Archives : https://www.kernel.org/
cm-12.1 : https://github.com/CyanogenMod
Developers : jaegeuk, xboxfanj, Loller79, faust93, Docker-J, faux123, MikeEx, flar2, justin0406, Tasssadar, pushistiky, myfluxi, motley, ThatKawaiiGuy, CallMeAldy, anarkia1976, mrg666 and all of commited in their sources & all of xda developers
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Jan 24, 2009
So, which gproj roms are more stable and updated so i could try your kernel?

I tried your cm but it stays forever on boot image.

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Aug 19, 2014
South Korea
are those the same as official cm's with ONLY the RIL fix?
=== jolla-fix ROM Features ===
- Official cm-12.1 e975 based
- jolla-kernel_Gen3
- Slim Pie
- Gesture Anywhere
- OmniSwitch
- App circle bar
- Battery bar
- Network traffic
- Ad blocker
- Camera shutter sound On/Off (Included in sound settings)
- Re-sizeable Navbar

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