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[KERNEL] [Feb 8] ElementalX-m9-5.00 (Nougat)

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Nov 3, 2010
Gadsden Alabama
OnePlus 8 Pro
please pardon my overlooking something obvious or repeating a question, i have made attempts to find the answers without sufficient luck.
**looking for information on decreasing battery temp with the app and some database of compilation of information giving at least some description of what the various adjustable components mean, including those more advanced tweaks.

thanks in advance


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Nov 17, 2006
New Bedford, MA
Is there any chance of this ever working on T-Mobile variant? If not can anyone let me know of a good mm kernel with thermal and cpu governer/hotplug control that works on the T-Mobile variant?! Can't find one and id really like to fine tune my device.


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Nov 17, 2006
New Bedford, MA
Okay. Thanks for not answering the question. Anyone else?

---------- Post added at 07:28 PM ---------- Previous post was at 07:15 PM ----------

Thought I'd share a workaround I discovered to allow TMo users with the Dev Ed handset to use the 4.0 kernel. I'd caution that this should only be attempted with Dev Ed handsets provisioned to TMo. I doubt this workaround will work with TMo handsets and may cause a soft brick. Attempt at your own risk!

In any event, the solution is simple: take the latest TMo firmware -- 3.39.531.7 -- swap out the native TMo radio, and replace it with the Dev Ed radio from the same series -- 3.35.617.12. Flash the firmware per normal and allow the phone to boot. Once the phone boots and you've confirmed there are no conflicts, flash the EX 4.00 kernel per normal and the phone should boot w/o corrupting the wifi and/or radio. It's working for me.

As you can see from the attached screenshots, I have complete radio & wifi function, as well as the TMo features working on my phone (i.e. wifi calling & VoLTE), all with the EX 4.0 kernel.

Sorry for my double post but this is amazing stuff and confirmed still working with latest elemental . You're awesome
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Jun 11, 2012
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Wait did htc release source code for their old kernel for Marshmallow? I didn't know that, I thought they wouldn't cause they would want to hide code for some features

Yes, they released Marshmallow source. There's nothing to hide in the kernel source, there's no reason why they couldn't release it the same day as the OTA.
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Jun 11, 2012
Southwestern Ontario
I'm not a kernel expert but I think for stuff they want to "hide", they simply build outside of the kernel or as a module. They don't have to share that.

The proprietary stuff is sometimes in modules (like the texfat module), but mostly in firmware. GPU drivers, for example are mostly implemented in firmware and system libraries.


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Jan 27, 2015
@flar2 Hi again, i can't send you a message - so the only way is to write here. I need your help on one of my recent projects, pm me pls, or telegram @arssovetnikov)

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    ElementalX Kernel
    for HTC One m9

    • Easy installation with AROMA installer
    • latest CAF updates
    • optimized for performance and battery life
    • ElementalX governor
    • Headphone gain control
    • Performance modes: Performance, balance, and stock
    • Overclocking/underclocking options
    • Hexacore mode
    • USB fastcharge (optional)
    • Backlight dimmer (optional)
    • Sweep2Sleep (optional)
    • Advanced Color Control
    • Disable cover (optional)
    • i/o schedulers: SIO, FIOPS, BFQ, CFQ, noop, deadline, ROW
    • NTFS r/w support

    Google+ Community

    Please consider a donation to support ongoing development
    Many thanks to those who have donated!


    HTC Sense Android 7.0 Nougat

    HTC Sense Android 6.0 Marshmallow

    HTC Sense Android 5.1 (compatible with 2.8 and 2.10 bases)

    HTC Sense Android 5.0.2 (compatible with 1.40 base)

    HTC Sense Android 5.0.2 (not compatible with 1.40 base, only works with 1.32)

    Flash in recovery (TWRP recommended)

    Source code

    XDA:DevDB Information
    ElementalX-m9, Kernel for the HTC One (M9)

    Source Code: https://github.com/flar2/ElementalX-m9

    Kernel Special Features:

    Version Information
    Status: Stable
    Current Stable Version: 5.00
    Stable Release Date: 2017-02-08

    Created 2015-04-20
    Last Updated 2017-03-29
    It was a snow day so I got to work on this today.

    HTC source is so annoying, I've spent all day on this. Should have a release later tonight, just trying to fix the last couple monkeywrenches HTC threw in.

    After 12 grueling hours, here's the update for Marshmallow

    HTC made a lot of changes to the kernel. They actually incorporated many of the patches I used on the Lollipop version. They also changed the way the kernel is put together and added some convoluted "stability" driver that would not allow the phone to reboot to recovery when certain changes were made to the kernel. Long story short, you can't disable fsync on this version, which is no big deal. Took me a while to track that down but all seems well now.


    -update for Marshmallow
    Please take a minute to read this and understand the development process.

    There are few things I am doing here:

    1. adding the very latest patches from Qualcomm. I normally don't do this, but snapdragon 810 is a new and problematic chipset, and there is a lot of development going on trying to optimize it. Some of these patches are only days old, which means you are some of the first people to be trying them. It also means some of them might not work as intended. This stuff is aimed at reducing idle drain, improving task scheduling between the big and little cores, reducing heat, and fixing bugs.

    2. adding new features to this device. Stuff like sweep2sleep, backlight dimmer, USB fastcharge that actually works, etc. I will be working on more stuff, but this is original code and will need adjustments.

    3. developing a new governor with the aim of reducing heat, improving contextual performance and optimizing battery life. This is original code, and I'm not going to achieve all of this right away. I still have a lot to do. If you don't want to test and provide carefully measured feedback, use interactive. I have never worked on a big.LITTLE chipset before, and there are a lot of things that work differently from previous devices, so I'm learning a lot. Plus, this is new territory. The only governor that has been optimized for big.LITTLE so far is interactive.

    4. tweaking and working around HTC stuff. HTC does a lot of really hacky stuff, and it is totally undocumented. So I study how pnpmgr works and try to provide options that give you more control. The min_budget setting is an example of this. If you choose performance, for example, your device will run hotter and will use more battery because it will use the A57 cores more often. The difference is not going to be drastic though, we're talking negligible difference in general use (web browsing, email, etc) and a couple percentage points while gaming.

    I am not a developer that just tosses in a bunch of patches. Everything I do has a specific purpose and I rely on user feedback and testing.
    Remember you are flashing an *alpha* kernel. Good development takes time. This means I need users to only provide feedback if they have a nice, clean, known working system and preferably some knowledge about how android or linux works.

    Still alpha

    I'm experimenting with a bunch of different stuff here, so I'll be looking for feedback. Most of this is internal scheduler and governor stuff, it may affect responsiveness, heat and battery life. I'm defaulting to elementalx governor for the moment, but I didn't tweak it much. You can try interactive as well, I updated it to use the scheduler to evaluate loads.

    In terms of features, I added USB fastcharge and backlight dimmer. Both of these can be configured with my app.

    I am still not quite ready to push these updates to the app, you'll have to download manually for now. Before I can add these to the app, I need to finish the aroma installer.

    ElementalX-m9-0.2 alpha

    -USB fastcharge
    -backlight dimmer
    -update kcal color control
    -CAF updates to sched
    -CAF updates to interactive
    -various tweaks and optimizations